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Every Family Room Must Have These Essentials

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Sectionals are great for a family room

There is something magical about a family room. The room that brings family and friends together, it is a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcomed. It is also the room where you will be in entertaining guests for most of their visit; thus, it is vital that you create the perfect look for your family room. But where do you start? 

With our tips.

Follow our simple-yet-effective tips below, and create a family room that you will be complimented on for years to come.

Find the focal point of the room


Television Cabinet

This cabinet raise snd lowers your television. Great way to save space.

Creating the perfect family room begins with finding the focal point of the room. If you have a television in the room, it is almost a certainty that this is the room’s focal point. Alternatively, you may solely have a fireplace or even an aquarium in the room with the television in the living room.

Whatever your case may be, place your largest piece of furniture opposite the room’s focal point (about 8-12 feet away). This will allow you to appropriately entertain guests while in the room. If you have smaller furniture (i.e. a recliner, smaller chairs) that have always acted as ‘extensions’ to your largest piece of furniture, consider facing those opposite of the focal point as well (more on those in a moment).

Make conversations happen


Electronic Fireplace

This fireplace is a full entertainment unit. It is a bar and bluetooth compatible for all your music needs.

Great conversations occur in family rooms as well. When you decide to turn off the television or you want to get lost in a conversation with the glow of your fireplace and/or aquarium lighting the room, your room will need an area designed solely for maximizing conversation. If you already have smaller furniture that acts as extensions to your sofa as mentioned in the above, simply arrange the smaller furniture in a horseshoe shape near the sofa. It’s a perfect addition for those that want to have a separate conversation in the family room.

If you don’t have enough furniture to work with, consider purchasing 2-3 smaller chairs; just be sure the upholstery allows the furniture to blend in with the rest the family room.  

Bookshelves are a must



These are two bookcase by our supplier Hooker Furniture

Nothing says ‘family room’ quite like bookshelves. Consider placing a few bookshelves along one of the walls of the room. If you do not have enough books to fill up more than one bookshelf – that’s okay! Bookshelves are perfect for storing games, family heirlooms and photos, films, or anything else that is decorative and offers entertainment. Bookshelves are a funny thing: they can make a house feel like ‘home,’ and allow your guests to feel comfortable and welcomed. 

With these tips, we guarantee you will also make your family room feel like ‘home.’ Follow our tips to bring out the best in your family room, and ensure that you create moments with your friends and family that will last a lifetime.


Spring Cleaning: The Best Furniture To Add Extra Storage Space

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Accent Cabinets

Accents cabinets are a great way to create more storage in your house. 

“Hey! How did we get so much stuff?!”

Sound familiar? With spring cleaning just around the corner, it’s a given that you are going to mutter this phrase at least once during this mandatory ritual. Without knowing it, we collect an abundance of stuff that ends up cluttering our spaces and making our homes feel cramped. Your home is your castle – so consider updating rooms with furniture that doubles as storage space. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, so check out our list below of furniture updates to give yourself more room than ever for your belongings.


Accent Cabinet

Lovely Cabinet that is in-store and waiting for a good home.


Here at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we have amazing cabinets that doubles as storage space. In fact, you may even want to use our cabinets primarily as storage! Swing into our store at your convenience, inquire about our large-space cabinets, and finally have an appropriate space to store your clutter!


Tiered Coffee Tables


Tiered coffee table

Have you noticed that your coffee table is getting cluttered? If you have been considering replacing it, you may want to consider purchasing a tiered occasional table. Especially if you love showing off your coffee table books and other knickknacks, a tiered coffee table is ideal. If you want even more space? Consider placing small baskets on the bottom tier of the table to store small items such as television remotes, controllers for your video game consoles, and more. 

Storage Ottoman by Palliser

This storage ottoman by Palliser is perfect place to hide your blankets, CDs, Books, and other odds and ends.


Have you noticed that you never have quite enough seating for your guests? Don’t make that unfortunate guest sit in the uncomfortable, wooden kitchen chair again: instead, purchase an ottoman (or a few) so you always have enough seating for your guests. Not only are ottomans comfortable and attractive, but they also double as serious storage space or coffee table for your home. Whether you want suitable storage space for those new blankets you purchased throughout the year or something else entirely, ottomans are a convenient way to store a variety of items both mid-sized and small.

This two tiered console table by Hooker features silver embellishments.

Console table

The idea behind a console table is a lot like the tiered coffee table – except on a much larger scale. Console tables have a bottom tier just like a coffee table – except the table stands tall like a regular table. What this means for your spaces is simple: you can store larger items underneath the bottom tier of the table; so really, you have two tiers in one! If you want to maximize the space, purchase a few tall baskets to sit side-by-side underneath the table. If you have extra, open space behind your sofa, consider this type of table!

Storage Bench

Functional and Stylish

Storage bench

If you have a few rooms with a lot of clutter but space to spare, consider a storage bench. Perfect for bedrooms, a storage bench is complete with a cushion on top with cubbies below it that are ideal for storing all sorts of items: craft supplies, children’s stories, board games, – if it’s a small-to-midsized item, you can store it. If you really want to get serious about spring cleaning and like the idea of having attractive seating in multiple rooms, a storage bench is ideal.

Spring cleaning is all about disposing of what you do not want while finding storage for the items you want to keep. It sounds like a solid plan until you discover that you do not have room to properly store the items you want to hang onto. With our furniture recommendations above that also double as storage spaces, you are going to have plenty of room to store everything that you want to keep and then some! Happy Spring cleaning!