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Beautify Your Spaces With Patterned Walls

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Do you want to bring out the best in your walls? One of the best ways to achieve this is by decorating your spaces with large, beautiful prints and bold patterns. Creating a focal point for the entire room, it’s one of the best finishing touches for adding beauty and elegance to your home. Below are a few ideas you can incorporate into your own spaces today. Need some help or have any questions? Visit our showroom and let us provide you with the helping hand that you need. 

Striped patterns from nature 

Colours inspired by nature are trendy.

We’ve mentioned that colours seemingly ripped straight from nature are all the rage – but what if you don’t want your walls to be busier? It’s simple: hang patterned wallpaper that uses colours inspired by nature! Soft greens and blues complete with various shapes and patterns are all fair game. Remember: if the colours seem as if they belong in nature and the pattern is pleasing to the eye, it’s worth considering! 

Cool colours, beautiful imagery 

Try cooler colours to add whimsy.

Speaking of nature, if you want to cool your spaces while keeping it beautiful, consider implementing cool colours (such as dark blues) complete with imagery one would find in nature. For example, consider decorating your spaces with wallpaper that tactfully incorporates soft colours and nature-inspired images such as tree branches, flowers, and so on. Have an artistic side? Consider painting your spaces with a cooler colour and painting said images onto the walls of your home! 


Decorate your walls to compliment a focal point in the room.

Do you want a certain decorative item to be the centerpiece of one of your spaces? Then decorate your walls around it! For example, if you have a white China cabinet with gold handles, knobs, etc., consider decorating your walls with patterns that utilize the white and the gold. What this will achieve is amazingly beautiful: the walls of your home will actually bring out the best in said China cabinet, giving it an ‘eye-popping’ look and leaving zero doubt that the cabinet is the focal point of the room. 

The best part of all? You can do this with anything that you wish to be the focal point of the room. Do you have an antique bookshelf that has a brown/cherry tone to it complete with unique, engraved shapes and patterns? Consider decorating your walls with a tone that is similar to the bookshelf yet lighter, complete with unique patterns. It will make guests feel that the bookshelf is an extension to the wall itself upon first glance!


The Perfect Décor Ideas For Summer

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Summer is a time in which magic seems to happen. The children are out of school and making the most of their time away from school, families come together to go on family vacations they will remember for a lifetime, and people simply seem more conversational and ready to get out and do something. It’s also the perfect season to entertain guests in your home as well. If you are ready to make the most of summer, follow our tips below to perfectly decorate your home’s spaces just in time for this magical season. 

Add colour to your tabletops

A colourful centrepiece will give your table a “summer feel”. 

One of the best ways to add a summer feel to your home is by redecorating your tabletops. Implement different layers of vibrant colours to give it a ‘summer feel’ that your guests will love. Consider setting bright fruits into fruit bowls (one or multi-layer fruit bowls – they’re all fair game) such as oranges, green apples, grapes, and other colourful fruits. For added effect, display them on a windowsill for a sunny look that is always beautiful. 

Outdoor furniture is a must

Wicker furniture is the perfect outdoor summer furniture.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor furniture. As we’ve said in the past, wicker furniture is perfect for using outdoors, as it’s durable, goes well with any outside décor, and just looks great. Whether you have an outside patio or you simply want to arrange your furniture outside on your lawn, it’s the perfect way to entertain your guests. Feel free to arrange your furniture around a fire pit, your swimming pool – wherever it makes sense to include outdoor furniture! Just know that without outdoor furniture, the summer simply isn’t complete. 

Add a mirror outdoors

Hang a mirror in the center of your space to make it feel complete.

This trick will ensure that the outside area of the home where you have placed the outdoor furniture makes the entire space feel like a legitimate room. If you are tired of having your patio not feel like an actual room, then hang a mirror in the center of your space to make it feel complete. For example, if your patio furniture is arranged in such a way that it is facing away from the exterior of the home, hang the mirror in the center of the exterior to make it feel like your guests are in a sun room. The bigger and more vibrant, the better! 

Light up the night 

Decorate your space by arranging solar panel lighting around it.

Want to make the most out of summer? Bring lighting to your outdoor spaces long after the sun has set for the evening. Decorate your space by arranging solar panel lighting around it – or if you have a few extra lamps lying around, strategically place them around your outdoor space to brighten them. When the sun has gone down and your guests still want to mingle outside, this trick will keep the party going outside long into the night.

Grey Is The New Neutral

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When we think about the colour grey, we typically think about cloudy days and stormy weather. It seems like a colour that isn’t ideal for decorating, but in 2015 nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, grey is the new neutral for the modern home; essentially, it has become the new black.

The colour grey is also very flexible when it comes to nailing that perfect look for your home. Take a look at a few of our tips below to aid you in updating your home. By utilizing this hip new tone, you’re on your way to becoming the envy of every homeowner in your neighbourhood!

Grey walls, warm neutral furniture

Grey is the new neutral.

The beauty of using a grey neutral is that you can use the tone to counter-balance the look of a space with other warm neutrals. This gives the space a cool feeling that is truly the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect way to implement the bright, cheery decorations you haven’t found a place for yet. Plus, if you want to redecorate your dining room? Know that a grey neutral is perfect for decorating with a warm, brown dining room table complete with fruit bowls to complete that bright, colourful look.

Perfect for metal and rustic décor

Rustic metals add to the neutrality of the room.

We’ve mentioned before that metal décor and the overall rustic look is now considered chic – and a grey neutral is one of the best ways to bring out the pure beauty of this new trend. No matter the colour of your metal/rustic décor – whether you want to decorate using an antique mirror with gold trim or simply a black, metal wall piece – it doesn’t matter: a grey, neutral tone is perfect for whatever type of decoration you may have. By hanging the décor on a grey wall, the tone will perfectly reflect the tone and colour of your décor. Want to bring out the best in your décor? Layer it with grey furniture – such as an end table or cabinet – to create a gorgeous look you can be proud of.

Be colourful or be dark

You can colour your room warm or cool when grey is your neutral.

The choice is entirely yours! The great thing about using grey neutral tones for your home is that no matter what kind of look you are going for – from a warm look to a cool, comfortable vibe – grey tones bring out the best in your colour of choice. Do you want to decorate your family room with bright, vibrant furniture? Consider painting your walls and ceiling in the room with a grey tone in order to bring out the best in your furniture.

Would you rather make your bedroom feel cooler? Again, ensure the walls and ceiling is grey in tone. Complete the look with white linens, a soft brown headboard, and even a grey rug! Would you rather decorate a room with multiple layers of grey? Not a problem! Grey is such a flexible, neutral colour that no matter what type of decorating ideas you may have, it’s certain to look charming and beautiful for years to come!

Do you need help with decorating your home with neutral greys? Need some advice? Visit our showroom and let us provide you with a helping hand!