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Spare Bedroom

What To Do With The Spare Bedroom

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The spare room always gets short shrift when it comes to home design and décor. But when you consider the high cost of real estate — and the shrinking square footage of new homes and condos — that spare room is a valuable asset.

Here are some suggestions we at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture have come up with for what to do with that room so you will want to spend time in it!



Having a home office separate from the rest of the home is a real luxury. The separation allows you to close the door, have privacy, do business calls without distraction. As more and more people work at least part-time from home, it’s increasingly important to have your own space to do this.

Every room needs a focal point and in the home office that would be the desk. Pick one that is the right size for the room, and for the kind and amount of work it must accommodate. If your job involves multiple monitors or lots of paperwork, you will need more surface space as opposed to simply needing room for a laptop. If you use a lot of reference materials, you will need shelving – built-ins save space and pack in a lot of storage. If you have clients come to your home, it will need to be decorated accordingly.


Dressing and Make-up Room

In many of today’s condos, the bedrooms are big enough for a bed and side table or two. There’s not really the space for extra clothes and a make-up table. But if you have a spare room, you can take yourself there to get ready for your day.

Also having this extra closet space will save on family feuds – keeping clothes separate is a good tool for peace!


Music Room

Are you an accomplished or aspiring musician? The spare room could be the answer to space and privacy issues – you can safely store your instruments and you can close the space off for better soundproofing. There are multiple ways to sound proof a room to keep your rehearsing out of earshot of others, and can restrict outside noises if you’re setting up your own recording studio.


Guest Bedroom

This can also be used as a spare bedroom! There are a couple of options – designed properly it can accommodate guest sleeping quarters as well as a home office or a music room. It just takes the right kind of furniture – a murphy bed, for example, or a pull out sofa bed. Opt for high quality on the sofa bed so that the mattress is comfortable.

Keep the décor neutral, but in keeping with the rest of your home in terms of colour and texture.


These are just a few ideas for your spare room. But our experts at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture have tons more ideas. Stop by today!

Dinner Party 800X320

Dinner Party Tips

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With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about dinner parties. Whether it’s for family, close friends or the neighbours – having dinner together is a great way to connect. If you’ve never hosted a dinner party, you may feel intimidated — but we’re here to help! At Guaranteed A Fine Furniture we don’t just offer high-quality furniture we also help with your whole home lifestyle. The following tips are a start – the rest is up to your gracious hosting.



Make sure to leave lots of space for your dinner guests to move around, so go easy on the extra décor for the occasion. Otherwise, the spaces feel crowded and guests won’t feel free to mingle. And that totally defeats the purpose.


Extra Chairs and Settings

Even if you have an estimate of how many people are coming to dinner, it’s always wise to have extra chairs and table settings ready in case those who didn’t RSVP, do show up. Keep them out of the way in one of the bedrooms so they don’t crowd the main entertaining space.


Keep things Active

It’s nice to enhance the dinner party with activities, but gear them to your guests. If they’re avid football fans, bring out the big screen not a deck of cards. If they’re into games, then Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples or a deck of cards will work. Create a schedule with plenty of activities, but don’t expect to adhere rigidly to it. Maybe your guests just want to talk, so if your activity suggestions aren’t picked up on, don’t force it.


Plan Ahead

If this is your first dinner party, you’re bound to be nervous and want things perfect. As with anything else, practice makes perfect, so do a test run. If the menu is new to you practice making the dishes several days ahead so you’re familiar with the recipes (these are not the dishes you will serve!) You can also prep some things the day before, dips that go with crackers or marinating the ribs. Arrange the furniture to promote conversation, clean and tidy the house. This kind of planning ahead will give you peace of mind and let you enjoy your guests.


Pick The Right Guests

Invite guests you think will mesh and invite the right number – no more than six for this first dinner party. Invite people who have some things in common, although sometimes serendipity is the best party guide! And most of all make sure none of the guests has a romantic history. Otherwise, you’re in for an evening of awkward silences and grumpy moods.


And if you’re wanting a little something special, like furniture to wow your guests, stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture today! We are located at 4735 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor Ontario.


Wooden Furniture 825X350

How to Properly Take Care of Wooden Furniture

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Wooden furniture can instantly spruce up a home and give both an antique and unique feel to any room. Whether it’s cabinets, chairs or tables – wooden furniture can fit into any home. However, when it comes to maintaining wooden furniture, many people aren’t taking proper care. Not taking proper care of your wooden furniture can not only make its shine go away, but can also reduce its durability. That’s why in today’s blog, Guaranteed A Fine Furniture wants to give you tips on how to properly take care of your wooden furniture!


Get Rid of Old Polish

One step that many people tend to skip when it comes to taking care of wooden furniture – especially if they’ve had said furniture for years – is to leave layers of old polish on the furniture. By leaving that build-up on, you are keeping the wood from having its natural look. In order to revitalize your wooden furniture, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to remove its old polish.

It’s very simple to do this. Simply boil a few tea bags, grab a cloth and wring the tea out from the bags until it’s only damp. After that, you can scrub off the furniture’s old polish. The tannic acid from the tea is the key ingredient – it’ll easily remove the build-up and get your wooden furniture looking like new!

Use Coasters

Nothing is more heart-breaking than seeing a beautiful wooden coffee table covered in stains from drinks being put on it without a coaster. These stains can be difficult can erase, and the fix is to simply not let it happen in the first place by using coasters. No matter how careful you are, you are going to find cup stains on your table eventually – so be proactive and use coasters!

If this advice came too late, there is an efficient way of removing water stains. Simply grab a tube of non-gel toothpaste, apply it to the stain and run gently with a cloth. After the stain has disappeared, wipe away the toothpaste with a damp cloth. This trick may not work on tougher stains but should work well enough for simple water stains.


Be Vigilant About Dust

In order to keep your wooden furniture in prime condition, you need to stay vigilant about dust. Dust can make your furniture lose its shine – not to mention you don’t want guests seeing your house in a dusty condition. Dusting is quick and easy, and should be done weekly at the very least!


Use Proper Cleaning Materials

Lastly, it’s incredibly important that you are using the proper cleaning materials when taking care of your wooden furniture. If there is no plastic or glass covering the furniture, it’s important that you do not use universal cleaning sprays as it can damage the wood. Only use materials that are specifically designed for wooden furniture!


It’s important to remember that your wooden furniture needs love and care. Keeping the furniture clean will extend its life and ensure that it will stay free of stains, scratches and stay shiny. Do you love wooden furniture? Stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture and view our beautiful selection of wooden cabinets, coffee tables and more!