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How To Shop For A Bedroom

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Whether you are moving into a new home or merely want to redecorate your bedroom, shopping for a bedroom can be a stressful endeavour. There’s a lot of items that are mandatory for any bedroom – from the actual bed to the linens and so on – so it can be confusing to know exactly where to start. Luckily, we are here to the rescue! Below are a few of our own tips for shopping for a bedroom. Heed our advice, and you will find that shopping for a bedroom can actually be fun! 

Know the area/layout of your bedroom before shopping. 

Know the area you are working with.

It’s time to pull out your trusty measuring tape and measure the actual area of your bedroom. It has probably been a while since you learned how to measure the area of a room, so watch this 5-minute video from Lowe’s Canada to get a refresher on how to measure the area of any room. Afterward, snap a few pictures of your bedroom to get a better idea of the overall layout of the room. Bring this information with you when shopping for your bedroom, and we will definitely be able to help you out! 

Know the size you will need 

“The bigger the better” isn’t the best philosophy when it comes to the size of the bed.

When it comes to our bed, many of us believe that the bigger the bed, the better. There is no greater feeling during the wee hours of the evening when you are lying in bed and you know that you have more than enough room to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Yet, a lot of that space is wasted – and if you want to maximize your bedroom’s space as much as possible, you need to compromise. If you sleep alone and want to have more than enough room, a full-to-queen-size bed will do the trick. For those that share a bed with their spouse, a queen size bed is usually suitable as well.

If you need an even bigger bed, you have you have to have king size bed. Keep in mind that if you already have a mattress that you do not want to replace, measure it before shopping for your new bed. After all, you do not want to come home only to find that your mattress will not fit your new, luxurious bed!

How many pieces will your bedroom have? 

The full bedroom set isn’t a necessity. Pick and choose wisely.

The amount of pieces your bedroom will have depends on two things: whether or not you want a ‘complete bedroom set’ (a bedroom set usually consists of a bed, a dresser with a mirror, a chest of drawers, and a nightstand) and the size of the bedroom. If you want to take a minimalist approach to your bedroom, consider doubling your dresser as a nightstand and excluding your mirror altogether. If you have a small bedroom, consider purchasing only three pieces.

Invest in your bedroom

Will you be happy with your choices in 5 years?

Whichever bedroom items you opt to purchase, ensure that you are ‘investing’ in them. Most people keep their bedroom furniture for years – and you do not want to be stuck with better furniture that is of poor quality. Thus, ensure that you are purchasing for quality and not quantity. Before you purchase any item, think to yourself: 

Will I be happy with my purchase five years from now? 10 years from now? 

If the answer is yes, purchase it! As always, if you need any help whatsoever with purchasing any items for your bedroom set, stroll on in to our showroom today and take a look at our bedroom furniture and more. Without a doubt, we have something for everyone!


Renovate, Redecorate, And Rejuvenate Your Family Room

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Spring is in the air! A time of rejuvenation, there is no better time to bring new life to your family room than now. Especially if you have noticed that your family room has become drab, boring, and generally lifeless, the following tips below will allow you to renovate and redecorate your family room in such a way that it will become the envy of every guest that visits!

Combine modern with classic


If you want to give your family a sense of sophistication, one of the best ways to do this is to combine classic and modern elements together to create a one-of-a-kind look that is sure to impress every guest. For example, consider replacing your old coffee table with a trunk that has that old, weathered antique look to it. Place it in the middle of your family room surrounded by modern sofas (bold, leather furniture is always a solid choice), and you will have a look that clashes the old world with the modern era.

Photo courtesy of Hooker Furniture

This also works the other way around. If you love your modern-looking coffee table – but feel indifferent to your furniture – purchase retro looking furniture throws (colours from the 1960s are in-style currently so this shouldn’t be difficult) to make your furniture look as if it has stepped back in time. Either way you choose to spin it, clashing the old with the modern is always worth considering!

Mix and match with bright colours, patterns

Ready to add some colour to your family room? Then stop staring at that bland, lifeless furniture and add some colourful throws to your sofas, chairs, and any other furniture that you want to spruce up. Consider also including throws that have different patterns – and complete the look with a colourful rug that has a different pattern from anything else in the room.

Add some colour to liven up the space.

Mixing and matching bright colours and patterns will make your family room look exciting, cutting-edge, and lively. Who knows? Your guests may actually believe that you hired an interior decorator to redecorate your family room for you!

Hang artwork all on one wall

If you want to add sophistication to your family room by way of artwork, then move all of the artwork to one wall. This will give your family room a gallery look that will instantly make the artwork more interesting. For an extra touch of class, consider hanging a circular mirror in the middle of the artwork to make it the focal point of the wall. The artwork will look as if it is drawn to the mirror – a cool look that will bring out the best in your space.

Hang some artwork to add sophistication

Light up the room!

There is arguably no better, inexpensive way to transform a room from looking gloomy to lively than by using lighting. Place standing lamps in the dark corners of your family room and be sure to place colourful lamps on the end tables of the room. Consider placing mirrors on opposite ends of the room (facing the lamps) to add even more lighting to your room. Mirrors and lamps are the perfect combination for enlightening your family room – and we have plenty to choose from!

Lamps will brighten up a dark room.

The Art Of Entertaining

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Some of the greatest moments of our lives happen when we are entertaining our loved ones in the comfort of our own homes. Even so, there are some spaces that simply do not work well for entertaining. At face value, it can be difficult to understand why some spaces seem tailor-made for entertaining guests – but we want you to know that there are certain things you can do to bring out the best in your spaces and ensure that you can entertain your guests as best as possible. Below is everything that you need to know regarding the art of entertaining.

Rearrange your furniture

Photo courtesy of Hooker Furniture

If you have noticed that some spaces seem to minimize conversation rather than maximizing it, it could be that your furniture needs to be re-arranged. Take a look at the walking path at the space in question: does the path force guests to awkwardly walk in front of and around your other guests? What path do guests have to take if they want to grab a seat and talk to someone?

Photo courtesy of Hooker Furniture

It is essential that the entryway to the room acts as a bridge to the rest of the room. When a guest enters the room, they need to be able to walk to any seat in the room without breaking up any conversation. Once they sit down, they need to be able to have a comfortable conversation everyone else in the room. Eliminate segregation from every room of your home, and be sure that no matter where someone is standing or sitting in the room, they are able to have a comfortable conversation with someone in their proximity.

New entertainment center

Photo Courtesy of Hooker Furniture

Sometimes, the difference between having one of the most entertaining evenings in recent memory and having a regular, entertaining night is the entertainment center. No, we are not saying that you need to purchase a bigger entertainment center: rather, be sure that your entertainment center acts more like an ‘entertainment center’ and less like a glorified television stand. Especially if your entertainment center is using only a fraction of its shelf space, you need to take full advantage of the space and make it a little more interesting.

Photo Courtesy of Hooker Furniture

For example, record players are hip once again. A great conversation starter would be to purchase a brand-new record player (fairly inexpensive at your local home entertainment store), buy a few records (new or used at a local flea market), and display them on your entertainment center. After a nice dinner, you can liven the mood even further by putting on a record and enjoy a nice, nostalgic evening.

Alternatively, store board games, video games, card games, photos of your family – essentially, anything that will invoke conversation. If you need a new or larger entertainment center to pull this off, we have exactly what you need.

Regular nightcaps? You need a cocktail bar

Photo Courtesy of Chateau Imports

If you want to bring out the best in your nightcaps, then a cocktail bar is essential. Complete it with attractive stools that will allow your guests to sit around, enjoy their beverages, and have delightful conversations with one another that may or may not last until the wee hours of the morning. Place the bar in a room that is reserved mainly for entertaining your guests, and we guarantee that your guests will be entertained in your home more than ever before.



The Benefits of Purchasing a New Mattress

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Benefits Of Purchasing A New Mattress

Spring is right around the corner – and if you are like most people, you are probably planning to do a little spring cleaning to kick off the season. While we go out of our way to clean our garage, attic, closets, and the little nooks-and-by throwing away unwanted clutter accrued throughout the year, one of the things we never think about throwing out is our mattress. It may sound unnecessary, but there is an assortment of benefits to purchasing a brand-new mattress for your bedroom. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Restful night’s sleep


A restful night’s sleep is beneficial

The most obvious benefit of purchasing a new mattress is that it will provide you with one of the best, most restful sleeps you have had in years. While you may think that your older mattress will suffice, the reality is that it may be causing you to sleep restlessly; and a mattress that is properly supported will fix this. We offer a variety of mattresses – from extremely soft to firm – that you can try out in our store today. Believe us: when you lie down on one of them, you are going to feel the difference right away!

Morning headaches/pains?


A properly supported mattress helps with aches and pains

Most of us have come to the conclusion that waking up with a headache or some other type of bodily ache is normal. We chock it up to aging, staying up too late, or another excuse that seems logical. Yet, the problem could be that your mattress does not have the support that your body requires. Properly supported mattresses barely have any solid surfaces (if any at all) inside the mattress. This reduces various stress points in your body which could be the culprit of the aches and pains you experience the morning after.

Healthier life


A new mattress supports a healthier life

A brand-new mattress will also improve the overall quality of your health. Older mattresses tend to breed nasty pests that often trigger allergies (such as mold). Especially if you suffer from indoor allergies, replacing your mattress could eliminate the bulk of your problems. Moreover, a new mattress will also help you to maintain your weight. You see, when you consistently sleep restlessly due to your older mattress, this can cause you gain weight while losing muscle mass; a cocktail combination that could present additional health issues.

Replacing your mattress will also boost your immune system. Research states that the absence of consistent, well-rested sleep causes the immune system to take a nosedive. Thus, it makes those affected much more prone to sickness.

You will feel amazing!


A new mattress is like sleeping on a cloud

That in itself is enough of a reason to purchase a new mattress. Take it from us: the first night you sleep on a new mattress, you are going to wish you had made the switch years ago! You will healthier, sleep better, eliminate those aches and pains, and your quality of life will increase dramatically.


If you have any questions regarding which mattress is right  for you, stop by our store today and let us help you to find the perfect mattress for your needs!




Use Mirrors To Bring Out The Best In Your Home

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No matter how the rooms of your home are laid out, no matter the type of furniture that encompasses each room, know that a mirror (or in some cases, mirrors) can bring out the absolute best in your room. We often think of mirrors as nothing more than a tool for touching up your looks before you walk out the door or to admire your newest piece of clothing; but they are so much more than that. They can used for decoration, improving lighting in room, transforming the vibe of a room, and… 

We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Mirrors have a multitude of uses. Discover a few of our favorites by checking out our tips below. 

Mirrors make spaces seem larger

A mirror can make spaces appear larger

Do you hate how small one (or more) of your rooms feel? If so, know that one mirror propped against the wall (at least 75% as tall as your wall) can make the room feel larger and more inviting. In fact, this optical illusion will make the room feel as if it has actually doubled in size; ridiculously cheaper than hiring a contractor to physically expand the room. Hang a mirror in front of a window for the same effect.

They also bring brightness to a room

A mirror can add brightness to a room 

Don’t you hate rooms that never seem to be able to get enough lighting? They feel dark, a bit depressing, and simply uninviting. Eliminate this moody vibe immediately by hanging a mirror on the room’s wall, hanging another mirror directly across from it, then shining a light source on one of the mirrors. Essentially, this will bounce the lighting from the surface of the mirror to the other, creating an extra light source that makes the room feel brighter than ever. 

Mirrors as artistic pieces 

A mirror as an artistic piece

If you have multiple mirrors of different shapes and sizes, consider creating a collage out of them to create an artistic piece. If you only have a few, angle the mirrors to reflect a favorite painting or photo hanging in your home. You can even place a mirror in the entrance to a fireplace while lighting candles in front of it; perfect for those spring and summer months when the fireplace is no longer in use! 

Place them in entryways 

There is something elegant and beautiful about placing a large mirror in an entryway. If you have an open space next to a doorway, feel free to hang/sit a mirror next to the entryway to give the space a sense of ambience and reflection. Placing mirrors in this spot is also ideal for the front door of your home, as it will allow you to check to ensure you have not left anything behind (such as your wallet or purse) or have powered everything off (like a coffeemaker) before heading out into the world.

Easter Dining Room Table Decorating Ideas

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With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to begin thinking about how you are going to decorate your dining room table for one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. 

But first: what if your dining room table is currently too small for all of the guests you are expecting this year? You want to have enough room for loved ones to ‘take in’ the beauty of your decorative table, so you need to do something fast. Moreover, what if your dining room table has seen ‘better days,’ and you know that it’s time for an update? Don’t fret: we have plenty of beautiful dining room tables – no matter if you want a casual or formal look. 

No matter if you are happy with your current dining room table or you need a new one (just hop on by and we will find the perfect one for you), it’s time to make this Easter one of the most memorable of all time. With our decorative dining room table ideas below, your loved ones will be talking about your beautiful decorations for years to come! 

Colours inspired by nature

Colours inspired by nature






Easter and Spring go hand-in-hand – so why not display items on your dining room table that represent the beauty of this amazing season. Utilizing bright greens that look right at home on a freshly cut lawn, baby blues that look like a beautiful, Spring afternoon, and bright yellows, pinks, etc. that look as if they belong on one of the many Springtime flowers. Get creative, and your guests will be blown away by the beauty of your table.

Bring the table outside

Bringing the table outside






If the weather during Easter Sunday is beautiful, it would be a waste to keep everyone indoors for the day. What can you do? Take your dining room table outside! If you have a place to sit your dining room table – such as a deck or a concrete slab around your backyard – you can still have a decorative look while enjoying the outside air. Plus, there’s no better way to bring the beauty of Spring to your Easter Sunday!

Paint eggs for your centerpiece

Painted egg centerpiece












It wouldn’t be Easter Sunday without colourful, painted eggs; make them the centerpiece of your Easter dinner with only a few items. With only a footed bowl, Easter grass, and painted eggs, you can have a stunning dining room table display that your guests won’t be able to stop admiring. If you want to make it even better? Consider placing candy eggs in the dish as well.

Plenty of flowers

Flower Centerpiece








Easter dinner wouldn’t be the same without plenty of flowers. Place a few vases of flowers on and around your dining room table (use our first tip if you need help choosing colours) to brighten up the room and give your dining room table that colourful, seasonal look you desire. Feel free to mix and match or stick to a certain type of flower – either way, you can’t go wrong!


Black and White Décor Style Trends For 2015

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The elegant simplicity of black and white décor has been a mainstay since the dawn of modern society. Though its popularity fluctuates annually, it’s a colour scheme you can always count on to be ‘in season.’ 2015 is no different. Without further ado, here are some of the most popular black and white décor style trends to watch for in 2015.

Black and White Wall Piece

Black and White Graphic Pattern Wall Piece

Black and White Graphic Pattern Wall Piece 2

Black and White Graphic Patterns

Graphic patterns are popular in 2015 (as evident by the recent popularity of wallpaper), and the most popular colour scheme of these patterns? You guessed it: black and white. We’ve all seen large black and white prints when browsing our favorite furniture stores, and these prints are thankfully still in style. If you want to add a few graphics to your home, consider hanging large black and white photos from a bygone era. If you want to a more abstract look, consider hanging blurred black and white images. For an extra shot of creativity, consider getting these images printed on fabric!

Also consider purchasing black and white floor covers (but we’re getting ahead of ourselves – more on that in a moment).

Black and White in the Bedroom

Black and White in the Bedroom 

If you want to incorporate a black and white style into the bedroom, consider purchasing a black, elegant comforter to drape atop new, white sheets. For an extra layer of black and white, consider purchase gray pillowcases. If you typically fold your comforter and flat sheet to the middle of your bed every morning, you should also consider purchasing black pillowcases, to create a ‘black-to-white-to-black’ appearance. Simple yet sophisticated, it’s a timeless look you won’t grow tired of anytime soon.

Black and White Living Room Set

Black and White in the Living Room 

The same principle can be applied to the living room as well. Especially if it is time to purchase a new coffee table, now is the time to incorporate this timeless look into your living room and/or family room. The easiest way to achieve this look is to purchase a black coffee table and rug (or a gray rug if you want an extra layer) combined with the white upholstery of your furniture  – or vice-versa! 

Therein lies the evidence as to why the black-and-white colour scheme is so popular: regardless of how you decide to mix-and-match, the look is going to be elegant and classy every single time. If you want to decorate even further, consider draping your flooring with a black and/or white floor cover in various areas of your spaces.

Black and White Furnishings with Sharp Edges

Black and White furnishings with sharp shapes 

Finally, if you want to decorate your home with black and white furnishings – lamps, end tables, etc. – know that black and white furniture with sharp shapes are definitely in-style. Furnishings that seem to twist, curve, sink in, and expand out are all fair game; like everything else black and white in this list, it’s sure to add a level of sophistication that will bring out the best in your spaces. 

Black and White Lamp

Black Chest

However you decide to decorate with black and white décor, be sure to get creative with it. You cannot go wrong with decorating with black and white anything (after all, that’s one of this colour scheme’s biggest positives), so mix-and-match to your heart’s content. After it’s all said and done, you’re bound to be proud of what your new, stylish décor!

Colour Trends For 2015

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wing Chairs

Gold is Back


If there is one thing that we can say about the furniture colour trends of 2015, it is this: if it was once old, it is new again. Moreover, if the colour seems stripped from nature, it is in season once more. 2015 is going to be a year of decorating change. It’s time to rethink colour and transition into the latter part of the ‘10s with these hot, new furniture colours.

Gold is in

As a whole, the look of the Renaissance is in style. Both bold and soft gold colours are one of the coolest new looks for 2015. From strong, gold trimming around the upholstery of a family chair to soft shades of gold accenting the armrests of a sofa, that classical look of elegance and sophistication is one of the signature looks of the year.


Accent Chairs

Bold Navy

Blue accents 

Blue is most certainly the new black of 2015. Greek blue, sour green with blue, glossy blue – it’s all fair game! If you want to give your furniture a beautiful dash of blue, consider placing any type of furniture throw with a blue accent atop the furniture. Feel free to use this tip every year as well, as it is a cheap and easy way to update your furniture with the year’s trendiest colour.



Olive Green Pillows Add Some Punch To Any Sofa

Olive green

As we mentioned a moment ago, colours that feel as if they belong in nature is one of the most in style trends of the year – and olive green is at the top. If you are tired of dark, bold furniture and you want to brighten up your room, you should seriously consider all of green; and who knows? The next time you fall asleep on your olive green sofa, you may literally feel as if you are falling asleep in a relaxing, calm forest.

Retro 60’s Furniture and Accents are hot this season

A look of the ‘60s

Thanks to hit television shows such as Mad Men, the look of the ‘60s is new again. Because colours of the 1960s used colours borrow from nature, this is one of the reasons why olive green is in such high demand. Other colours such as yellow, antique red, Tiger Lily, and so on are all stylish once more. If you want furniture that is as much of a throwback as it is a fashion statement, 60s-esque furniture is worthy of consideration.

Gray Is the New Neutral

Neutral gray

2015 is not just about bright, shiny colours; neutral gray is also a hot commodity. If you want furniture that blends in with anything but you are not keen on blue, the perfect substitute is neutral gray. Arguably, this could also be considered the ‘new black’ of 2015; it really depends on whom you ask. A surefire tone that is certain to blend in with the rest of your furniture, neutral gray is sophisticated while still subtle: the best of both worlds!

These Furniture Pieces Are Always A Hit At Our Bridal Parties!

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Here at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we regularly have bridal parties for soon-to-be brides. Couples simply register at our store, and from there family and friends pool their money together and purchase furniture pieces for the couple’s room. In many cases, attendees actually pool enough money together to finish an entire room! It’s one of the many things that makes our furniture store unique – and we want to share with you a few of the more popular furniture pieces. If you and your partner are thinking about getting married (or you know of a couple that is about to get married) and a bridal party is just around the corner, consider the following items below.

End Table

End Tables give character to any room.


End table

An end table is a great way to bring a room together. Often, couples are usually gifted a bunch of knickknacks for their first home that they would normally not have enough room for. Candy dishes, candleholders, etc. are the types of items that are perfect for an end table. Plus, end tables truly do bring a sense of beauty to a room!



A floor lamp is a great way to add lighting to any room.


Speaking of end tables, we left off possibly the most popular item for end tables: lamps! In fact, all types of lighting items are incredibly popular at our bridal parties. Not only can extra lighting give a couple’s first home that warm and cozy feeling that makes home feel like home, but it can also make a small space look much larger. Whether you cannot think of another item to add to your wedding registry or you are having difficulties thinking of that perfect gift for your favourite couple, lamps and other type of lighting items are always appreciated!


Dinettes are a lovely wedding gift.

Dinette set

It is said that one can never have too many dishes – and this is certainly true for newlyweds. As a couple makes the transition from living a bachelor/bachelorette lifestyle to living as a married couple, it can be easy for them to forget that they probably do not have enough dishes between the two of them. Even then, the dishes they own are probably already worse for wear.

Thus, a dinette set is always welcomed. There is nothing better for a married couple than being gifted fine silverware, plates, glasses, coffee cups, and more. Besides, the couple is probably going to want to show off their first home anyway – so what better way to celebrate than with a new dinette set?

Coffee table

We carry both traditional and modern coffee tables.

Coffee table

If you want to purchase a big-ticket item for your favourite newlyweds, consider purchasing a coffee table. While the couple may already own a coffee table apiece, it may not be in the best shape. We have an assortment of beautiful coffee tables just begging to live in a happy couple’s home – so give us a visit and see what we have to offer!



From pillows to duvets, bedding is a great a gift.

Anything bedding-related

If you want to blow the socks off of the soon to be bride, one of the best ways to do this is to purchase bedding essentials. New pillowcases, comforters, sheets, etc. are all great choices. If you really want to make her day (before the big day)? Make sure the material is silk!

Have a great day,


Every Family Room Must Have These Essentials

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Sectionals are great for a family room

There is something magical about a family room. The room that brings family and friends together, it is a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcomed. It is also the room where you will be in entertaining guests for most of their visit; thus, it is vital that you create the perfect look for your family room. But where do you start? 

With our tips.

Follow our simple-yet-effective tips below, and create a family room that you will be complimented on for years to come.

Find the focal point of the room


Television Cabinet

This cabinet raise snd lowers your television. Great way to save space.

Creating the perfect family room begins with finding the focal point of the room. If you have a television in the room, it is almost a certainty that this is the room’s focal point. Alternatively, you may solely have a fireplace or even an aquarium in the room with the television in the living room.

Whatever your case may be, place your largest piece of furniture opposite the room’s focal point (about 8-12 feet away). This will allow you to appropriately entertain guests while in the room. If you have smaller furniture (i.e. a recliner, smaller chairs) that have always acted as ‘extensions’ to your largest piece of furniture, consider facing those opposite of the focal point as well (more on those in a moment).

Make conversations happen


Electronic Fireplace

This fireplace is a full entertainment unit. It is a bar and bluetooth compatible for all your music needs.

Great conversations occur in family rooms as well. When you decide to turn off the television or you want to get lost in a conversation with the glow of your fireplace and/or aquarium lighting the room, your room will need an area designed solely for maximizing conversation. If you already have smaller furniture that acts as extensions to your sofa as mentioned in the above, simply arrange the smaller furniture in a horseshoe shape near the sofa. It’s a perfect addition for those that want to have a separate conversation in the family room.

If you don’t have enough furniture to work with, consider purchasing 2-3 smaller chairs; just be sure the upholstery allows the furniture to blend in with the rest the family room.  

Bookshelves are a must



These are two bookcase by our supplier Hooker Furniture

Nothing says ‘family room’ quite like bookshelves. Consider placing a few bookshelves along one of the walls of the room. If you do not have enough books to fill up more than one bookshelf – that’s okay! Bookshelves are perfect for storing games, family heirlooms and photos, films, or anything else that is decorative and offers entertainment. Bookshelves are a funny thing: they can make a house feel like ‘home,’ and allow your guests to feel comfortable and welcomed. 

With these tips, we guarantee you will also make your family room feel like ‘home.’ Follow our tips to bring out the best in your family room, and ensure that you create moments with your friends and family that will last a lifetime.