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Leather sofas can get old quickly if you don't look after them properly.

Getting it Right with Leather Sofas

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Leather sofas add beauty and sophistication to a living room, but few people know how to take care of them. Although expensive and designed to last for a long time, don’t be fooled by the toughness of the material. Leather sofas can get old quickly if you don’t look after them properly. Here are four easy steps for doing so.

Leather sofas can get old quickly if you don't look after them properly

  1. Buy the best quality

Get it right from the start: full-grain leather is tough but still comfortable, and split-grain leather sofas are more prone to wear and tear. Pay attention to the frame as well. Don’t get carried away by appearance and overlook a frame that will bend or break after a few months.

If you have small children likely to spill liquids on the sofa, go for a darker colour that is less likely to stain. Consider choosing a surface-protected sofa too.

  1. Clean regularly

Cleaning your sofa regularly helps stop the accumulation of dust and pests. Use a clean, dry, soft cloth to wipe dust off the surface. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out hidden crumbs and debris. Wipe any spill immediately before it soaks in and stains. If you do get a stain, clean the area with a slightly damp cloth and let it air dry. Don’t use too much water, soap or cleaner, as they will discolour and crack the leather over time.

  1. Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures

Scorching sunlight makes leather fade, dry and crack. Excess heat within the house will also cause the leather to slacken, while extremely low temperatures encourage mold. Keep your home at normal temperatures and well-aired.

  1. Use a conditioner

Apply leather conditioner to your sofa once every six months, or eight months to a year if your living room is low-traffic. Conditioning cream restores leather, keeping it supple, maintaining its colour and reducing the likelihood of cracking.

Sofa-care creams are available in many furniture and vehicle accessories stores. You can make your own at home by following instructions available online. Always try any cream on a small, hidden portion of the sofa, and check for a reaction before applying to the whole seat.

Leather sofas are an elegant addition to any home, but you must be ready to go the extra mile to keep them in tip-top condition. Good care ensures your sofa stays beautiful and comfortable for as long as possible. Always remember the four basic care factors: buy quality, clean regularly, keep away from extreme conditions and condition occasionally.

Top 10 Home Trends for 2017

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Keeping on top of the hottest home trends is key for maintaining a fresh, interesting home. From preparing for a major renovation to getting ready to put your home on the market to simply breathing new life into your décor, the following ideas will get you started.

Earthy Pastel Hues

The 2016 Pantone shades were Serenity and Rose Quartz, which was right on the mark for the upswing in earthy pastel hues. Pastel hues depict the soft side of spring, with an organic, feminine palette featuring muted tones. Think about using curves and softer silhouettes to create a soft aesthetic, particularly in a living room, study, or bedroom. Choose one or two primarily pastels and use one or two more pastels as accent colours to keep the room from overwhelming the eye.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals

Brass and gold are as trendy as ever in the home décor industry. Silver and polished nickel are both making a comeback, and we’re also seeing white plaster finishes in furnishings and light fixtures. With such a wide range of metals available, it’s not hard to finish out a room with accent pieces in mixed metals, such as a bronze light fixture, copper accent table, and silver picture frames. You’ll create a fresh aesthetic, avoiding an overly matching scheme.

Rich Wall Colours

A bold wall colour makes a vivid statement in a room for a very low price tag. In 2017, navy, coral, pink, teal, and emerald green will be among the most popular wall colours. Choose a bold colour for a single wall, especially in a smaller space, and make the room pop by painting the rest of the walls white. If you want to paint several walls with a deep shade, choose furniture or art pieces in lighter contrasting shades to provide a balance.

Stain-resistant Fabrics

Sunbrella stain-resistant fabric

Many modern families desire elegant, stunning living spaces that are also comfortable and practical. Selecting furnishings with stain-resistant fabrics makes your home more functional so you don’t have to live in constant fear of your young children or pets ruining your belongings. For example, a sofa with a velvet-like fabric that’s actually 40% polyester will withstand a much higher level of wear and tear than a genuine velvet coach. If you’re set on natural upholstery, go with leather furnishings.

Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards have been commonplace in luxury hotels and celebrity homes for quite some time. In recent years, the trend has become more widespread. It’s expected to reach a whole new level in 2017. A new bedhead is a simple, affordable way to update your bedroom and add an instant touch of glamour. Headboards range in style significantly with everything from simple, classic models in neutral shades to high-end, plush models in velvet and other luxury fabrics.

Bar Carts

Bar carts are the new staple furniture piece in living rooms and other entertaining areas. There are so many beautiful bar carts and consoles on the market today. Consider your existing space, current style, and booze preferences to select a cart or console that fits the space accordingly. A simple industrial bar cart is perfect for a rustic country home while a tall gold-trimmed console with built-in wine storage may be more fitting for a modern, elegant home. There are endless bar accessories to style your cart, such as coasters, drink labels, and ice buckets.

Repurposed Furniture

A repurposed furniture piece is the perfect way to save an old piece from the dump while bringing some new style into it to make it truly your own. For example, you may be able to save the original wood frame for a chair but add a contemporary fabric to take it into the current century. Keep an eye out for potential pieces at second-hand shops and estate sales or watch the Craigslist postings in your area for furniture deals.

Art-inspired Wallpaper

The luxury accent wall craze has been on the rise for several years. In 2016, gilded metallic wallpaper was all the rage. For 2017, the trend has shifted to art-inspired wallpaper. Every time you go on Instagram, you’ll see a stunning new large-format floral design. It’s amazing to see such gorgeous artwork reproduced in this large scale. Using wallpaper instead of a traditional painting or print creates a prominent, distinctive statement in a living room, dining room, entryway, or bedroom.

Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware adds character to any room

Decorative hardware adds character to any room without the investment of new furniture. Swap out your plain wood or basic round silver knobs for more expressive pieces. For example, if you have a star motif in a kitchen or bedroom, complete the theme with star-shaped drawer pulls. You can also refresh old hardware for just a few dollars with a coat of spray paint.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers add a pop of colour to a kitchen, living room, or entryway. Retire your worn out silk flowers, and pick up a fresh bouquet at the grocery store or during your weekly trip to the farmer’s market. A large clear vase displays the flowers beautifully, letting their beautiful colours fill the room. If you want a more delicate aesthetic, split up a large bouquet into a handful of small vases that you spread throughout the kitchen or even multiple rooms in the house.

As you weigh popular home trends, consider which concepts will fit most naturally in your current home while also appealing to your personal tastes. Even though upholstered headboards are all the rage this year, they may not look so great in your ultramodern urban home. Don’t be afraid to mix multiple patterns, colours, and other style elements until you achieve home designs you truly love.

Laying The Perfect Holiday Table

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The dinner table should be the focus of your room.

Are you hosting the holiday meal this year? Take a break from menu planning to think about your dining room. This is one of the biggest chances we get all year to have fun with the décor and place settings. Decorating doesn’t have to be a headache: just start in the center and work your way outwards.

The dinner table should be the focus of your room. Pull out your best tableware and build your décor around it. For example, if your festive dishes have blue designs, make the colour scheme blue and silver. You’ll get the biggest “wow” factor by including a metal in your decorations, so even if you love green and red try to work some gold in as well. For those with silver- or gold-trimmed tableware, highlight one of the dominant colours in your dining room.

You might be tempted to use an elaborate centerpiece, but there are a couple of good reasons to rethink that. First, large floral displays cut off conversations across the table. Keep anything you put on the table below the eyelevel of your shortest adult guest, with an exception for a few elegant candlesticks.

Another thing to consider is how much food you’ll have on the table. If you’re serving family-style, you won’t have much room for centerpieces. You can still dress up the table by using decorative trivets for food, choosing cloth napkins with coordinating napkin rings, and tying chic bows on each chair.

As for the dining room itself, try something a little usual and bring Christmas lights indoors. They look very chic wrapped around the chain of a chandelier or strung crosswise across the ceiling.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a holiday table your family and friends will never forget. Plus, your dining room will make a beautiful backdrop for holiday photos!

Furniture Trends To Watch In 2017

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Furniture serves more than a functional purpose. Our décor sets the tone for our entire home, serving as a combination oasis from outside stress and reflection of our inner personalities. That’s why updating a single room seems to make a startling impression of change. If you’re looking to shake things up, here are a few coming trends you might want to try.

Furniture Trends To Watch In 2017

Wood Grain: The popularity of natural materials is only growing, and wood is leading the way. Most popular are styles that emphasize the grain of the wood rather the painting over or downplaying it.

Soft earth tones: The Pantone Colour Institute predicted that pastel neutrals were going to be big next year, and it looks like they’re spot on. Look for leather furniture in colours like Sharkskin, Warm Taupe, and Potter’s Clay.

Slim, refined lines: Furniture should enhance a space, not overwhelm it. Expect next year’s pieces to be slim, elegant, and functional rather than oversized. Don’t worry, it’s still comfortable. Modern construction techniques have given designers more tricks than just adding chunky cushions.

Artistic silhouettes: Modern design elements have been catching on for a couple years, but we’re seeing much more creativity and elegance used in everything from coffee tables to entertainment centers.

Jewel Toned accents: Break up the wood and earth tones with a few pillows or a throw rug. Deep purple and blue are trendy choices.

Not sure where your new, favourite pieces will fit in? Rooms used to be decorated entirely in one style, but there’s more flexibility in interior design these days. If you have a chair you love but your partner wants a new sofa, you have room to compromise while still creating a cohesive design scheme. Talk to one of our design specialists to find the right furniture for your home!

Winter-Proof Your Wicker Furniture

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Now that the snow has started falling, there’s no denying that winter is here to stay. It’s time to make sure your favourite belongings are protected from the elements. You already know to get snow tires and stock up on sidewalk salt, but have you given any thought to your patio furniture? Wicker patio furniture can be badly damaged by a snowy winter like the one meteorologists predict this year. Before the snow begins drifting, take action to protect your outdoor investment.

Consider rearranging your home to make room for your wicker. Today’s styles are stylish enough that they won’t look out of place inside.

The best way to protect wicker is to keep it out of the snow entirely. Natural wicker is made from organic fibers like bamboo or rattan. These are lightweight materials that make for chic furniture, but the combination of moisture and cold can cause it to mildew or crack. Consider rearranging your home to make room for your wicker. Today’s styles are stylish enough that they won’t look out of place inside. An attic or garage is also good storage options, though you should be careful not to stack wicker chairs on top of each other for more than a few days. The weight of the top chair will bend those below it out of shape over time.

If bringing your wicker pieces inside isn’t an option, there are ways to protect it outdoors. First- and you should do this even if you’re bringing it inside- give your furniture a thorough cleaning. This includes the cushions. Some have removable covers which can be thrown in the laundry. For those that don’t, vacuum the surface and remove any stains with good old soap and water. Wipe down the wicker itself with very mild detergent, getting into the crevices to remove all the dirt. Let it dry completely. Check the forecast for this part. When it’s expected to be wet all week you might need to find room in the garage overnight.

Once your furniture is clean and dry, you have two options. You can coat the wicker with a paste wax or lemon oil. For wicker furniture that’s already coated with resin, go with lemon oil. It gives your furniture a fresh scent and helps deter bugs. Use a soft cloth to apply whichever you choose; a brush might scratch the surface. If your furniture has any wood trim you need to paint it with wood sealant to prevent warping.

The next step is to cover your furniture to keep it from coming in direct contact with snow. Choose waterproof covers that go entirely over everything wicker. Otherwise, you risk having warped chair legs in the spring. Use bungee cords to secure the furniture to a patio railing in case it gets windy outside. Wicker is light enough to slide around in a good windstorm. Even if it doesn’t break something else, that sliding could damage the wicker itself.

Depending on how much furniture you have, this can all be done in an afternoon. You won’t regret the time spent when you have beautiful wicker furniture next spring!

Keeping Your Wooden Furniture Looking Like New

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Make no mistake: great furniture is an investment. You want to take care of it and get the most out of it for as long as you can, but how exactly do you do this? We’ve discussed taking care of your furniture’s upholstery, but what about your primarily wooden furniture, such as dining room chairs and tables, coffee tables, and the like?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below are a few of our best tips for caring for your wooden furniture and prolonging the life of your newest pieces. Still have some questions? Stop by our showroom today, and let us provide you with the answers (and while you’re at it, browse our amazing inventory!).

Caring for your wooden furniture isn’t too much different from caring from your furniture with beautiful upholstery.

Clean regularly

Caring for your wooden furniture isn’t too much different from caring from your furniture with beautiful upholstery. Prolonging the life of your wooden furniture involves cleaning it intensely and regularly. Simply wipe the dirt off your furniture’s surface using warm water, followed by drying it with another soft cloth. Afterward, consider applying a small layer of soft paste wax, then slightly buff with a cloth. Wait an hour, and buff with your cloth once again. Not only will this method appropriately clean your wooden furniture, but it will ensure that it shines and stays protected for months to come.

Be sure to dust regularly, too

Notice a little bit of dust on your wooden furniture, but don’t want to go through the process above? Dust it! Dusting your wooden furniture is essential to prolonging its life – in fact, if you can fit it into your schedule, you should seriously consider dusting your furniture daily. You’d be surprised how much dust finds its way to your wooden furniture, and by dusting regularly, you will actually breathe easier (and thus, feel better).

Avoid the elements

That new wooden chair may look beautiful next to the window, but unless you plan to keep the shades of your window closed during the day, you should probably place it elsewhere. The elements of the weather (i.e. sunlight) and the heat from your heating unit can severely damage your wooden furniture, causing it to fade, dry, then shrink and crack. Protect your investment by placing your furniture in a cool, shaded area, and ensure it stays at its best for years to come.

Bonus tip: Consider slipcovers

While we’re not going to have to worry about summer for months, it’s never too early to plan ahead – especially when your wooden furniture is at risk. In the event that we’re facing a very hot summer, consider purchasing slipcovers and placing them over your wooden furniture. This will protect your furniture from the sweat of family members and guests and other things related to summer that could be harmful to your furniture (such as sunscreen oil). If you are serious about protecting your wooden furniture, place slipcovers over them the moment you discover that warm weather is here to stay until the fall.

Think Office Furniture Feels ‘Stuffy’ By Design? Think Again.

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Let’s do a quick thought experiment for just a moment. Imagine yourself sitting inside a lobby, hearing your name called, and walking inside a professional’s office. What did you see? Chances are, you probably noticed a few generic chairs (and maybe even a small sofa) in the lobby and perhaps even a small table in the middle of the lobby with magazines scattered around. Inside the office, you probably imagined two leather chairs for guests, a large leather chair for the professional, and a large desk that’s the colour of coffee.

While the exact details on your thought experiment may be different than the one above, it’s probably not by much. Office furniture has had a certain look for decades, and most of us have been exposed to the same types of furniture as long as we can remember. Yet, the rules of office furniture are changing. Gone are the days of office furniture being, ‘stuffy,’ or, ‘99% leather.’ Today, there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to your company’s décor. Keep reading to find out what we mean.

Less ‘office lobby,’ more ‘coffee shop’

Think less 'office', more 'coffee shop'.

The problem with most office lobbies is that they feel like one. There’s nothing comfortable or pleasing about an office lobby, so ditch the idea and rethink what a lobby can feel like. Emphasize comfortability and decorate your lobby in a way that will make everyone that enters your office building instantly feel welcome. For example, consider scattering side and end tables in the lobby to give your lobby more of a coffee shop vibe. Be sure to add plenty of seating (e.g. sofas, love seats, ottomans, etc.) so visitors can have plenty of options to sit where they feel most comfortable.

Add colour and lighting

When possible, add extra colour and lighting when adding new furniture.

When possible, add extra colour and lighting when adding new furniture. Instead of opting for typical black and brown colours, add unique shades such as cyan, navy blue, and even shades of yellow. There’s nothing wrong with adding brighter colours to your furniture, just be sure to ensure the colour of the furniture doesn’t overpower the colours of your walls, floors, and the like.

Furthermore, brighten up your office building by adding additional lighting when possible. Allow natural sunlight to enter into your building while strategically adding lamps to improve the flow of light throughout. With brighter, fun colours (that still look professional) complete with additional lighting to show off those amazing colours, visitors are going to feel completely comfortable when visiting your premises.

Your desk and chair shouldn’t be the focal point of your office

Consider replacing your current desk with a glass desk and a smaller chair that doesn’t look so intimidating upon first inspection.

Rather, it should be you! Consider replacing your current desk with a glass desk and a smaller chair that doesn’t look so intimidating upon first inspection. The trick is to take the focal point off of your office furniture and place it on you. This will allow visitors to feel at ease when speaking with you, comfortable in their environment, and much more willing to communicate with you effectively.

Comfort above all

Allow the furniture to showcase your company’s ideologies and when decorating your own office, ensure your furniture reflects your own personality.

Look, the rules of office furniture are much more lax than they were just a decade ago. As the classic Bob Dylan song says, “the times, they are a’ changin’,” and that includes what’s deemed ‘acceptable’ when it comes to choosing office furniture. Don’t be afraid to be bold, to implement office furniture that’s unique and out of the ordinary. Allow the furniture to showcase your company’s ideologies (and when decorating your own office, ensure your furniture reflects your own personality) to ensure that your guests, clients, and current/potential customers feel at ease when visiting the premises.

Above all though, ensure that the furniture is actually comfortable. The days of placing a certain look over the comfort of you and your employees is long gone. Besides, it’s simple to find furniture that has the perfect vibe while still being comfortable, so there’s no point in choosing one over the other. Stop by our showroom today, and learn how we can provide you with the absolute best office furniture that looks great and feels even better!

Decorating A Small Room With The Proper Décor

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Just because a room seems too small to decorate doesn’t make it so. Sure, decorating a small room can be more challenging since you don’t have as much room to work with, but by knowing how to decorate strategically and properly, you are going to find that decorating a small space is not only possible, but can also make you think differently about how you use your space. It’s going to force you to get the most out of your home’s space, so follow a few of our tips below and allow Guaranteed A Fine Furniture help you to properly decorate your small space!

Mirrors and lighting are a must 

When you have a small space, the best way to make it look larger is to use mirrors and lighting.

We’ve mentioned this tip plenty of times, but it’s worth repeating: when you have a small space, the best way to make it look larger is to use mirrors and lighting. Place mirrors across from windows so the light will reflect and make the room look bigger, while strategically placing lamps in the area where you will typically be sitting. For example, if you are trying to make a living room look larger, place a few lamps in the area where you and your guests will typically be sitting, while also placing a lamp around your mirrors. The more lighting, the larger your room will appear! 

Furniture with built-in storage 

Whether you need a method for storing extra pillows and blankets in a family room or you want to store out-of-season clothing in a bedroom, you need to consider implementing furniture with built-in storage.

One of the biggest hurdles of any small room is overcoming the challenges of storage. Whether you need a method for storing extra pillows and blankets in a family room or you want to store out-of-season clothing in a bedroom, you need to consider implementing furniture with built-in storage. Some specialized types of furniture includes built-in storage – such as coffee tables, sofas, and even bedding. If you don’t want to search for furniture that is designed primarily for small spaces, consider implementing a storage ottoman into your space that also doubles as a way to display your art and other decorations. Although space is certainly limited, an ottoman can go a long way in minimizing clutter and ensuring you have a way to store everything. 

Rug in the center of the room 

Not only can a rug make a room look bigger, but it can also ensure that it looks more stunning than ever.

Not only can a rug make a room look bigger, but it can also ensure that it looks more stunning than ever. Simply place a rug roughly 2/3 of the way under the furniture sitting at the center of the room. From there, ensure that it ‘sticks out’ slightly. This will ensure that your room looks larger, but be sure to pick a properly-sized rug! As a guide, the length and the width of the rug should never stick out more than a meter. A rug that’s too large can end up being an eyesore rather than a method for making your room appearing larger. 

Artwork, eye-level and upward 

Displaying artwork at eye level will make your spaces look larger than they actually are.

While you may be tempted to save room and place your photos and other décor on shelves and other surfaces that are below eye-level, don’t do this. Instead, ensure that every type of décor – especially artwork – isn’t displayed any lower than eye-level. This will make your spaces look larger than they actually are, while ensuring that all of your guests are actually able to view your décor. If you want your pictures and other décor to be on display in a manner where they can’t be missed, you will want to use this tip!

Whether you have any questions, concerns, or are ready to find the best furniture and amenities to make your small spaces appear larger, do not wait. Stop by our showroom today and let us provide the best solutions for your small space-woes. We’re here to help, and we guarantee that your small space will be decorated to its full potential in no time!


Bedroom Trends Worth Implementing Into Your Home

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Have you noticed that your bedroom is looking a bit outdated? If you have been aiming to give it an updated look but have no idea which modern trends will ensure your bedroom is in-style for the foreseeable future, this week’s post is just for you. Below are a few of the bedroom trends we are most excited about, but don’t stop here. Stop by our showroom the next chance you get to not only learn more about additional exciting trends for your bedroom, but to also look at the furniture we have in stock that would be perfect to implement into your home’s spaces! 

Not just a bedroom 

Implementing a simple entertainment center to house your television to decorate your bedroom.

Bedrooms are not just ‘bedrooms’ any longer – in fact, they have more in common with a hotel suite than a traditional, residential bedroom. It’s a room where we can relax completely in private, winding down the day until we sleep for the evening. Consider implementing a simple entertainment center to house your television and other home entertainment devices you want to enjoy in the bedroom (e.g. DVD/Blu-ray players, video game consoles, etc.) It’s also a great way to decorate your bedroom with  pictures and other decorative items! 

Multi-purpose furniture 

Multi-functional furniture with a minimalist touch is one of the hottest furniture trends of the moment.

Multi-functional furniture with a minimalist touch is one of the hottest furniture trends of the moment –  especially when it comes to the bedroom. We’re talking beds with pull-out storage space underneath, curio cabinets to house various knick-knacks you want on display in the bedroom, and more. Multi-purpose furniture in the bedroom also saves space, giving you the freedom to decorate your bedroom exactly the way you wish! 

White simplicity 

The safest way to update a bedroom is to implement white colours strategically.

For many, the safest way to update a bedroom (or any room for that matter) is to implement white colours strategically. It also helps that it’s a trend that has been in-style for seemingly forever, so if you want to choose a trend that is essentially future-proof, adding elegant touches of white into the bedroom could be perfect for your bedroom. Consider making your walls and ceilings white (or keeping them white if they already are) while adding a darker area rug, colourful wall décor, and the like. The white of the wall and ceiling perfectly compliment the unique colours of the room, bringing them altogether to create a spectacular look you will absolutely fall in love with. 

Round bedding 

Be trendy while space-saving with a round bed.

Some of the most exciting trends of the 1970’s are back, so why not give your bedroom a little taste of the disco decade by adding a round bed into your bedroom? While it’s certainly unique, round bedding is also ideal if you want to save as much space as possible in the bedroom. Be trendy while space-saving with a round bed – perfect for the person that wants to bring their bedroom into modern age while being a bit daring!



Why The Embellishments On Your Furniture Are Important

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When it comes to purchasing new furniture, one of the things you’re probably not thinking about are the embellishments. It seems like a secondary matter, but in reality it’s actually vitally important to not only how the furniture looks, but how it’s perceived by others. The right embellishment can make the difference between your furniture looking ordinary and jaw-dropping – truly, embellishments are nothing to take lightly.

Want to see the power of embellishments for yourself? Stop by our showroom today! Ask questions, learn more about embellishments, and discover why they are essential to your furniture. Below are even more reasons why they are so important.

Embellishments can truly take ordinary furniture and make it look, ‘one of a kind.’

Create personality 

We all want our furniture to have personality, yet not all furniture has personality. Avoid the boring, tired furniture and instead opt for something with a little more ‘sizzle.’ From a leather sofa strategically decorated with golden buttons around the trim to an armoire with a unique design that makes it more than just ‘an armoire,’ it’s the best way to truly give your furniture the personality to make your spaces even brighter.

A different look 

When it’s time to purchase new furniture, most of us probably think the same thing: we want something different. What if you want the same ‘type’ of furniture, yet you want there to be enough difference between the two pieces that it doesn’t feel like you have just a newer version of the same piece? That’s where embellishments come into play. You will be amazed how much difference a few simple embellishments can have on a piece of furniture – in fact, the right embellishments can totally change the tone of a piece of furniture. There’s power in them, so don’t think they don’t matter! 

Conversation starter 

Embellishments can truly take ordinary furniture and make it look, ‘one of a kind.’ Thus, whenever you have family members over to your home to visit or friends, neighbors, etc., prepare yourself for at least one conversation about the embellished furniture. It’s a solid conversation starter, and a great way to differentiate your home from your loved ones, your neighborhood, and so on.

Prolongs the beauty of your furniture 

It’s amazing how a few, seemingly unimportant additions to a piece of furniture can have such a positive impact, but it does. As your furniture ages and the years pass, it’s still going to look immaculate thanks to the strategically-placed embellishments that allow the furniture to continue looking stunning for the foreseeable future. Embellishments are a small addition to any furniture piece, yet they make a huge difference in a variety of different ways. The next time you buy a piece of furniture, ensure it features embellishments so it looks at its absolute best!