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Bedroom Trends Worth Implementing Into Your Home

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Have you noticed that your bedroom is looking a bit outdated? If you have been aiming to give it an updated look but have no idea which modern trends will ensure your bedroom is in-style for the foreseeable future, this week’s post is just for you. Below are a few of the bedroom trends we are most excited about, but don’t stop here. Stop by our showroom the next chance you get to not only learn more about additional exciting trends for your bedroom, but to also look at the furniture we have in stock that would be perfect to implement into your home’s spaces! 

Not just a bedroom 

Implementing a simple entertainment center to house your television to decorate your bedroom.

Bedrooms are not just ‘bedrooms’ any longer – in fact, they have more in common with a hotel suite than a traditional, residential bedroom. It’s a room where we can relax completely in private, winding down the day until we sleep for the evening. Consider implementing a simple entertainment center to house your television and other home entertainment devices you want to enjoy in the bedroom (e.g. DVD/Blu-ray players, video game consoles, etc.) It’s also a great way to decorate your bedroom with  pictures and other decorative items! 

Multi-purpose furniture 

Multi-functional furniture with a minimalist touch is one of the hottest furniture trends of the moment.

Multi-functional furniture with a minimalist touch is one of the hottest furniture trends of the moment –  especially when it comes to the bedroom. We’re talking beds with pull-out storage space underneath, curio cabinets to house various knick-knacks you want on display in the bedroom, and more. Multi-purpose furniture in the bedroom also saves space, giving you the freedom to decorate your bedroom exactly the way you wish! 

White simplicity 

The safest way to update a bedroom is to implement white colours strategically.

For many, the safest way to update a bedroom (or any room for that matter) is to implement white colours strategically. It also helps that it’s a trend that has been in-style for seemingly forever, so if you want to choose a trend that is essentially future-proof, adding elegant touches of white into the bedroom could be perfect for your bedroom. Consider making your walls and ceilings white (or keeping them white if they already are) while adding a darker area rug, colourful wall décor, and the like. The white of the wall and ceiling perfectly compliment the unique colours of the room, bringing them altogether to create a spectacular look you will absolutely fall in love with. 

Round bedding 

Be trendy while space-saving with a round bed.

Some of the most exciting trends of the 1970’s are back, so why not give your bedroom a little taste of the disco decade by adding a round bed into your bedroom? While it’s certainly unique, round bedding is also ideal if you want to save as much space as possible in the bedroom. Be trendy while space-saving with a round bed – perfect for the person that wants to bring their bedroom into modern age while being a bit daring!



Why The Embellishments On Your Furniture Are Important

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When it comes to purchasing new furniture, one of the things you’re probably not thinking about are the embellishments. It seems like a secondary matter, but in reality it’s actually vitally important to not only how the furniture looks, but how it’s perceived by others. The right embellishment can make the difference between your furniture looking ordinary and jaw-dropping – truly, embellishments are nothing to take lightly.

Want to see the power of embellishments for yourself? Stop by our showroom today! Ask questions, learn more about embellishments, and discover why they are essential to your furniture. Below are even more reasons why they are so important.

Embellishments can truly take ordinary furniture and make it look, ‘one of a kind.’

Create personality 

We all want our furniture to have personality, yet not all furniture has personality. Avoid the boring, tired furniture and instead opt for something with a little more ‘sizzle.’ From a leather sofa strategically decorated with golden buttons around the trim to an armoire with a unique design that makes it more than just ‘an armoire,’ it’s the best way to truly give your furniture the personality to make your spaces even brighter.

A different look 

When it’s time to purchase new furniture, most of us probably think the same thing: we want something different. What if you want the same ‘type’ of furniture, yet you want there to be enough difference between the two pieces that it doesn’t feel like you have just a newer version of the same piece? That’s where embellishments come into play. You will be amazed how much difference a few simple embellishments can have on a piece of furniture – in fact, the right embellishments can totally change the tone of a piece of furniture. There’s power in them, so don’t think they don’t matter! 

Conversation starter 

Embellishments can truly take ordinary furniture and make it look, ‘one of a kind.’ Thus, whenever you have family members over to your home to visit or friends, neighbors, etc., prepare yourself for at least one conversation about the embellished furniture. It’s a solid conversation starter, and a great way to differentiate your home from your loved ones, your neighborhood, and so on.

Prolongs the beauty of your furniture 

It’s amazing how a few, seemingly unimportant additions to a piece of furniture can have such a positive impact, but it does. As your furniture ages and the years pass, it’s still going to look immaculate thanks to the strategically-placed embellishments that allow the furniture to continue looking stunning for the foreseeable future. Embellishments are a small addition to any furniture piece, yet they make a huge difference in a variety of different ways. The next time you buy a piece of furniture, ensure it features embellishments so it looks at its absolute best!

Adding A Touch Of Fall To Your Home’s Spaces

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Officially, we can now say, “goodbye,” to Summer and yet another, “hello,” to arguably the most beautiful season of the year: Fall (you may refer to it as Autumn). As the leaves transform from bright greens to stunning shades of orange, yellow, and beyond, so too is it time for your home’s spaces to transition from that bright, poppy look of Summer to the neutral, seasonal look of Fall. You may be confused on the best methods for accomplishing this, and that’s why here at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we’re happy to help. Below are a few of the best methods for adding a clever touch of Fall to your home this season. Implement them into your home’s spaces, and capture that peaceful, comforting feeling of Fall we all know and love!

Fall decor uses neutral, natural tones to provide a warm feeling.

Switch your Summer décor for muted, seasonal tones 

The best place to begin when decorating your home with Fall flair is to simply place your Summer décor into storage. Period. The reason is because Summer and Fall décor is completely different: one style utilizes bright, exciting colours while the other uses neutral, natural tones to provide a warm feeling. That’s another difference, too: one style attempts to make your home’s spaces feel cooler while the other is trying to keep them warmer.

As you can see, it’s important to understand why we decorate the way we do when it comes to Summer and Fall. Keep in mind what each décor style is trying to accomplish to ultimately understand why you will be decorating the way you will. From there, it’s time to… 

Accessorize your spaces 

Ah accessorizing: it’s the quickest-yet-effective method for transitioning your home from having a Summer flair and replacing it with a Fall look. We recommend replacing your sofa pillows to reflect the season – yellow, orange, browns, and reds are all fair game. Additionally, consider adding an earth-toned throw rug to a walkway(s) in your home. As a rule of thumb, if the colour of the accessory looks as if it was taken directly out of nature during the Fall months, you can use it.

Layer your bedding 

Nothing says Fall quite like extra layers of sheets and comforters. You probably have extra sets of each for your guests, so take them out of storage and add them to your bedding (the more neutral they are, the better). You can even add a seasonal throw to your bed, such as a plaid throw (which looks great on your sofas as well). Speaking of throws, if you have a quilt that you want to show off to your guests, the Fall is the perfect season to do this – from decorating it on your sofa to laying it on the end of your bed to add the final Fall touch to your bedding, quilts are perfect for adding that cozy feeling that the seasons gives us all.

Sit Fall foliage atop your furniture 

One of the most unique hallmarks of the Fall is its foliage. From leaves that encompass beautiful Fall colours to pumpkins, twigs, berries, and beyond, the more bits of Fall nature that you can implement into your home, the better. Place these items on top of your furniture and other surfaces (e.g. bookshelves, armoires, fireplace mantles etc.) to make your home cozy and comfortable with a Fall touch.

Wicker Furniture For Your Home

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One of the amazing things about wicker furniture is its unmatched flexibility. No matter the style of your home or the type of tone you are aiming for in your home’s spaces, you can easily implement wicker furniture into your home’s décor – and the best part of all? It will not only fit perfectly with your design goals, but will also elevate the overall look and feel of your home’s spaces to that next level! Below are few ways you can implement wicker furniture into your own home start today. 

No matter the style of your home or the type of tone you are aiming for in your home’s spaces, you can easily implement wicker furniture into your home’s décor.

Living room 

No matter if you have implemented a modern style into your living room, it has more of a restoration hardware vibe, or another style altogether, it truly doesn’t matter: wicker furniture is flexible enough that it can be implemented into any space regardless of the tone and style. Moreover, wicker furniture can last a very long time, meaning that when you purchase wicker furniture, you’re going to be using it for years to come.

Thus, it’s the perfect style of furniture to consider when replacing literally any type of furniture in your living room. From a sofa to an extra chair and everything in-between, if you make it wicker, you won’t be disappointed! 


Wicker furniture is also perfect for the bedroom. Need an extra chair for watching television or for sitting down to put on your clothes? A wicker chair is the perfect addition, as it not only looks great in your bedroom, but it will additionally be comfortable to sit in for a long period of time. Durable yet comfortable, that’s what is so amazing about wicker furniture. Lasting you for years to come, it could easily become the longest-lasting piece of furniture in your bedroom! 

Family room 

A family room without enough seating isn’t living up to its true potential, so what can you do? You guessed it: implement wicker furniture into the mix. Even if you already have existing furniture in the family room, it truly does not matter: wicker furniture blends perfectly with existing furniture. Thus, no matter if your family room already has a leather sofa, a few contemporary chairs, and so on, it couldn’t be easier to add wicker furniture into your family room’s current décor! 


Wicker furniture looks great inside, but it’s also perfect for your porch/patio area (seriously, wicker furniture is arguably the most flexible type of furniture you are going to find). With the ability to stand up to even the most severe elements of the weather, your wicker furniture is going to allow you, your family, and your guests to relax outside for many years to come. If it is indeed stored outside, just be sure to place protection over the furniture when not in use – wicker furniture may be durable, but you don’t want your cushions to get soaked! 

Literally anywhere else… 

With the ability to stay in-style for years to come and the unmatched durability that has made wicker furniture such a popular choice, make your next piece of furniture wicker!

Literally! No matter the reason behind needing new furniture or where you are going to place the furniture in your home, you can’t go wrong with wicker furniture. With the ability to stay in-style for years to come and the unmatched durability that has made wicker furniture such a popular choice, make your next piece of furniture wicker!

Ready to get started? Stop by our showroom today and discover the magnificent wicker furniture we have waiting for you. With one quick visit, you’re going to find that wicker furniture does indeed belong in your home, and we have exactly what you need for all your wicker furniture needs!

How To Make Small Spaces Appear Larger

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Whether by choice or circumstance, there is currently a wave of people – young and old alike – that are moving into smaller spaces. Some are taking the lifestyle to the extreme (e.g. the Tiny House movement) while others are discovering the beauty of live functionally in smaller spaces rather than in a home with large, open spaces. Whether you are currently living in a small space by choice or because fate has forced your hand, it’s essential that you know how to make your small spaces appear as large as possible (an important step in learning have to maximize and utilize your small spaces). Below are a few simple tricks that you can begin implementing into your home as soon as possible thanks to us at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture – use them, and you will be amazed by how much larger your home will appear to be! 


 modern clock with mirror

One of the best ways to make any room appear larger is by adding a mirror to the room – and if you can, consider adding a giant mirror on the wall! With the restoration hardware look all the rage these days, adding a large, bronze or copper mirror to your spaces could be one of the most stylish choices you make for your home. Hang it in an area of the home where you will be spending the most time with guests (such as the living room or family room) where there is little lighting, and layer it with…

 More lighting

 Add a tall lamp around your hanging mirror.

Add a tall lamp (or multiple if a space seriously lacks lighting) around your hanging mirror, which will reflect light and make the room appear even larger than it actually is. Moreover, this is the perfect tip if you are dealing with a cramped entryway, as extra lighting can keep the room light, bright, and most importantly, looking larger. Place a lamp to a side table sitting in the entryway, and add an extra layer of light to the space!

Integrate raised furniture

 By adding raised furniture to a room, you will create an illusion that you actually have more open space than you actually do.

Here is yet another optical illusion for making your spaces appear larger! By adding raised furniture to a room, you will create an illusion that you actually have more open space than you actually do. Typically, ordinary furniture is so low to the ground that you can’t view the flooring it is standing upon (which makes your home’s space look more cramped than it actually is). By ensuring nothing is blocking your flooring, your home’s space will look much larger than before. If you’re in the market for new furniture, this is the perfect time to start implementing this style of furniture into your home! Stop by our showroom, and let us introduce you to the best raised furniture for your home’s spaces!

Larger, decorative pieces

 Implement a few large, decorative items to a smaller space.

As you attempt to make your home’s spaces appear larger, one of your first instincts may be to opt for small, decorative items rather than larger ones: go against those instincts and implement a few large, decorative items instead. Sabrina Soto – Target’s home style expert – gives this bit of advice: “decorative accents smaller than a cantaloupe crowd a room;” perfect advice if you are trying to decorate in a small space.

For even more tips, speak to us directly and discover even more methods for making your home’s spaces appear larger. In no time, your spaces are going feel cozy, comfortable, and most importantly? You’re going to feel at home!

Which Furniture Pieces Should You Add To A Wedding Registry?

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Should you add furniture to your wedding registry? Here at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we don’t see anything wrong with it! Your wedding day is all about you, and the celebration of the life ahead of both you and your significant other. Besides, you’re actually making it easier on some of your family members and loved ones alike, as listing furniture pieces gives them the option of pooling money together to buy the pieces you need.

Yet, starting a new life with your significant other can be daunting. You probably don’t have a good idea regarding what type of furniture you are going to need as you both transition from the life of a bachelor/bachelorette to that of a married couple. At Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we’re here to help! Below are a few of the best furniture pieces that will prove to be invaluable as you transition into married life. 

Curio cabinet

A curio cabinet is perfect furniture piece for storing little knick-knacks.

If you or your significant other loves decorations, then you are going to want to consider adding a curio cabinet to your wedding registry. A curio cabinet is great because it achieves a few things: for starters, they’re the perfect furniture piece for storing little knick-knacks that are special to the both of you, and so on (e.g. pictures, decorative plates, etc.). Moreover, they’re a great way to store delicate China dishware that either of you have inherited from a family member, and best of all? They look great in any room of the home. Stop by our showroom today, and take a look at some of the amazing curio cabinets you can add to your wedding registry! 


Upgrade your bedding arrangement when you get married.

As you transition from the life of a bachelor/bachelorette to the life of a married couple, you are going to find that you are going to have to ‘upgrade’ certain furniture pieces – most notably, your bedding arrangements. We don’t have to tell you that keeping your twin size bed isn’t exactly the best idea, so upgrading it to at least a Queen is a must. Even if you already have a Queen-size bed (and your significant other doesn’t mind implementing it into your bedroom), there are other things in the bedroom that are going to need to be added. From a bigger dresser to a mirror (or a dresser/mirror combo) to even a home office desk that will allow you or your significant other to work in a comfortable setting, your bedroom is going to be one of the spaces of your home that demands the biggest upgrades. 


A new sofa is a must when you get married.

Sure, you may have fond memories of that ratty, worn sofa that has followed you throughout college and beyond, but it’s time to think about a replacement couch. Think about the amount of visitors you will typically have now that you’ll have your significant other living with you, and of course, think about his/her needs as well. Think about the type of styles both of you prefer, and come to a resolution regarding what type of sofa you will put on your wedding registry.

Furthermore, consider the amount of extra seating you will need in the living/family room. Do you have a loveseat or chairs that need to be replaced/purchased for the first time? Put it on the wedding registry! Wedding registries are all about preparing for the future, and it’s hard to find a way to prepare for future guests than by adding extra, beautiful seating to your home!

Anything you want to upgrade 

Sit down with your significant other and discuss the furniture you will be adding to your home. From there, talk about the furniture you will want to replace or upgrade. Chances are, the two of you probably have a few furniture pieces that need to be retired and replaced with a better version that suits a married couple. From an entertainment center to a bigger coffee table and especially dining room seating, take an afternoon to assess your furniture and make a list of what needs to be upgraded and replaced, and what can stay in your new home. The sooner you do this, the more likely your loved ones can help out!

Once you make a list of furniture pieces you want on your wedding registry, stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture and allow us to not only find the perfect pieces for your new home, but also to help you set up the wedding registry as well. We’ve helped so many couples find their dream furniture via our wedding registries, and we guarantee that we will do the same for you!

Change Any Room With Just One Accent Piece

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If you’ve ever dealt with a room that seems to be ‘missing something,’ then you know how annoying it can be to make it seem whole again. It can be difficult to know what to implement into the home’s spaces to give it that unique look that you’ve been longing for, and if you’re not sure how to do that, we’re here to help. Accent pieces are the best way to give your home’s spaces an amazing look that is going bring your room to that next level, and ensure that it looks stunning for years to come. Below are a few of the best ways to change any room with one sole accent piece – implement them, and we guarantee that you will be pleased with the results!

Anything ‘artsy’

By adding the right kind of art to your room, you will transform it from being ‘just another room,’ to one that will take any guest’s breath away.

One of the safest standbys for changing any room of the home is also one of the most effective. By adding the right kind of art to your room, you will transform it from being ‘just another room,’ to one that will take any guest’s breath away. Whether you are going for a more rustic look and you want to add metallic art to the room or you are going for a contemporary look and you need a modern art piece to make the room look and feel complete, adding the perfect art piece can work wonders!


By adding the perfect rug to compliment your room’s furniture and other decorative items, it will look at its very best.

It’s been said that the right rug can truly bring any home together and give it that perfect finishing touch, and it’s the truth. By adding the perfect rug to compliment your room’s furniture and other decorative items, it will look at its very best. Remember these rules: if you have a large rug, place all of the furniture legs on top of the rug. For a small room, consider keeping the legs off the rug. No matter which method makes sense for you, always choose the biggest rug that will fit comfortable in your spaces – otherwise, your rug will come across as an afterthought (and when you’re trying to add the perfect touch to any room with an accent piece, that’s the last thing you want to do).


Lamps are great because they accomplish two things: the best lamps look great and feel like a decorative item, and they add more light that can make the room feel more ‘at home’ and comfortable.

It’s amazing what a little bit of extra lighting can do to a room. If you have a tiny corner in one of your rooms that feels empty or you want to get rid of the ‘dungeon’ feel of your room due to it seeming too dark, consider adding a beautiful lamp into the mix. Lamps are great because they accomplish two things: the best lamps look great and feel like a decorative item, and they add more light that can make the room feel more ‘at home’ and comfortable. Implement a lamp strategically into any space, and you’ve got a room that has the potential to look absolutely stunning.


modern clock with mirror

In the same way that beautiful lighting pieces can bring out the absolute best in your home’s spaces, so too can mirrors. They act like decorative pieces in the same manner as lamps, and no matter what type of look you are going for – rustic, modern, etc. – there is a mirror that can be strategically placed into your room that can bring out the absolute best in it. Combine this tip with our lighting tip above to also make your room look even bigger than it actually is!

For great tips like these and so much more, stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture today. We can find the perfect accent piece that will make your room look absolutely stunning. No matter if you are looking for something listed here or another type of accent piece altogether, we can help!

We Have The Perfect Dining Room Sets – No Matter Your Preferred Style!

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If you are looking for a new dining room set for your home, then there’s only one name you need to know: Guaranteed A Fine Furniture! You are going to find that we can provide the perfect dining room set no matter the type of style you prefer. Stop by our showroom today and discover exactly which types of styles we have in store for you, such as…


traditional dining room set

Wanting to keep the style of your dining room set simple and classical? Then take into consideration the traditional style of dining room sets that we have in stock at our showroom. Whether you are looking for traditional, espresso dining room seating and table or leather dining room chairs with a bold table, we have the dining room amenities you need that will always be in style!


contemporary dining room set

If you prefer a more modern look, we have exactly what you are looking for! From colourful seating that is sure to pop and brighten your dining room to dining room sets that embody the minimalist movement, stop by and check out the styles we have in store for you. We have everything you need to satisfy your desire for modern, brave dining room décor!


sleek dining room set

Speaking of dining room sets that encompass the minimalist mindset, we have a variety of sleek dining room décor that will fit perfectly into your home’s spaces. From dining room sets that are curvy and dazzling to even dining room sets that utilize benches rather than individual seats to bring guests and family members alike closer together, we have the perfect sets for you and yours. When you need a sleek dining room set that is certain to impress your guests, you need Guaranteed A Fine Furniture!

Urban Chic

urban chic dining room set

Perhaps your style is that of urban chic, and if so we have the perfect dining room sets to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a chic all-glass dining room set or you are interested in more of an urban, rustic look and want a metallic set, we have the dining room sets that you need to enrich not only your dining room, but your home as a whole. Visit our showroom right away, and allow us to introduce you to your new dining room set!

Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger With These Furniture Pieces

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Tired of feeling cramped in your small bedroom? The good news is that you can make it look bigger by strategically adding certain furniture pieces. With a few tweaks to the bedroom, it’s going to look bigger than ever before, allowing you to rest easy without feeling claustrophobic. Stop by our showroom the next opportunity you get, and allow us to help you to find these unique furniture pieces and more!

Keep your furniture low to the ground

low/short furniture can give the illusion that short ceilings are higher than they appear.

Whereas tall furniture is perfectly fine for most rooms of the home, when it comes to a small bedroom, it simply will not do. This means removing any tall chairs, side tables, and even a tall bed out of your room and replacing them with furniture that’s lower to the ground. The trick is to make your ceiling feel higher than it is, thus making the room as a whole feel bigger. This gives you enough space to also add…


mirrors can reflect light which give a room an appearance of looking larger

It’s been an old trick used for decades, and for good reason: mirrors can make any room feel much larger. Don’t just place a mirror and forget about it, though: angle it appropriately. Place it next to a window or if possible, hang a mirror that goes from the ceiling to the floor. Alternatively, you may also want to consider placing two mirrors opposite from one another to create extra lighting in the room. That’s really the trick to it all, to create extra lighting in the room in an effort to make the space look bigger.

Want a bonus tip? When possible, add natural lighting to the room. Keep your curtains and blinds open to allow sunlight to enter the room, thus making your room feel even larger.

Glass/clear furniture

glass (and clear) furniture tricks your eyes into believing that the furniture takes up less space than normal.

The same size and shape as regular furniture, glass (and clear) furniture tricks your eyes into believing that the furniture takes up less space than normal. It makes sense when you think about it: because you can see through this variant of furniture, the furniture doesn’t block the view of the room. Thus, this allows the room to look even bigger. Combine this with our first tip, and you’ll have a room that appears much larger than normal.

Use a daybed if possible

If you don’t need a large bed, consider swapping it out for a daybed.

If you don’t need a large bed, consider swapping it out for a daybed. This will make the room look less like a bedroom, and more like an area where you do miscellaneous tasks such as working (if you have a desk), reading (if you have a bookshelf), or an area for pure relaxation. A small bedroom isn’t a bad thing, and by applying these quick fixes above, you will give it a much classier vibe while making the room appear larger than ever!

How Guaranteed A Fine Furniture Can Help You Find Your Unique Expression

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No matter what type of style you are looking for when it comes to your home’s spaces, Guaranteed A Fine Furniture has got you covered. We shall accommodate you with any and all of your furniture needs, and by providing our insight and knowledge into what it takes to elevate the rooms of your home to that ‘next level,’ your home is going to look absolutely perfect by the time we’ve finished providing our services to you. Below are just a few of the many styles we can provide for your home…


coffee table made from rustic wood

What is old seems to be new again. A look of the old, from an era lost in time is one of the hottest trends at the moment, and for good reason: it brings a unique look to any room in the home. From implementing bold, golden mirrors on the walls of the family room to bring out a look lost with time to a coffee table made from rustic wood, it’s a great touch to make any room truly stand out and be infinitely interesting.


modern clock

Perhaps you prefer your home to look new, cutting-edge, or perhaps even a little daring. If that’s the case, we have all of the modern amenities you need for your home. From minimalistic beds with clean corners and neutral tones to an elegant white loveseat accented by a glass coffee table and everything in-between, when you want clean-cut, simple design with a 21st century touch, we can certainly help!


classical look leather couch

Do you prefer a style that’s always trendy? Then your home deserves a classical look that will perfectly match your desires while allowing you to decorate around the furniture. Leather furniture, bold brown coffee tables, and espresso dining room seats are ideal for this type of style, ensuring that whatever furniture and other amenities you choose to insert into your home’s spaces, it’s guaranteed to stay timeless for years to come!

And everything else in-between…

We’re all unique and have our own preferred style, so whatever it is you need, stop on by today and allow us to find the perfect items to implement into your home’s spaces. No style is too niche, so bring your ideas by our showroom today, and allow us to cater to your every need! You’ll have the perfect style for your home in no time at all, and that’s a guarantee!