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Home Decor Tips: Candle Stick Holders

Home Decor Tips: Candles are just not for formal occasions!

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Home Decor Tips: Candle Stick Holders

Candles are just not for formal occasions

Who said candles are just for a formal occasion to light some candles or use your good candlestick holders?

Not us! Candles and candlestick holders are a great way to add some warmth and coziness to any room. Candles can be used anytime and any day of the week to create any type atmosphere with their soft and subtle lighting. And scented candles are great way to bring aromatherapy into any room.

Here are few may favourite candlestick holders that currently in the store:

Home Decor Tips: Candles Are Just Not Formal Occasions

Silver Candlestick Holders

Silver Candlestick Holders: These candlestick holders are sleek polished nickel. Their classic shape makes them ideal for any room. They can be used on mantel, table or sideboard. This is perfect for people who room their room with greys, whites, blacks and espresso.

Home Decor Tips: Candlestick Holders

Brass and Lacquer Candlestick Holders

Brass Candlestick holders: The traditional brass candlestick holder is the perfect gift. It goes with all of your eloquent wood tables and sideboards. This grouping of three would also look good on a sofa table or side table.

Home Decor Tips: Candlestick holders

Grecian Style Candlestick Holders

Grecian Style Candlestick Holders: If you are looking to make a statement, these stately candlesticks will do just that. Their neutral colour allows you to play with bold coloured candles as we have done with the navy candles. These are great for your blonde entrance table with a mirror behind them or on deep brown buffet in the dining room. Both of the furniture pieces would need to be significant in size since these holders are larger.

Home Decor Tips: Candlestick Holders

Contemporary Candlestick Holders

Modern: These mother of pearl inlay and black lacquer candlestick holders put a modern twist to the candlestick holder. They are great accent piece for your coffee table and can hold both square and round candles depending on what you prefer.

As you can see, candles and their holders can create elegance, and warmth in any room. Why don’t you stop by today and browse our collection. Our knowledgable sales staff can help you find the perfect accessory pieces for your home.

Enjoy your day-Richard