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Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Maximize Your Kitchen Space

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A kitchen is a home owner’s sanctuary. It’s where the magic in the home happens – where one can cook for their families as well as create delicious party dishes. However, one thought has crossed every home owner’s mind at some point: “I wish I had more space in my kitchen.”

Today, Guaranteed A Fine Furniture wants to help you maximize space in your kitchen. By doing so, you will find that your kitchen is more organized and have more space to create the delicious meals you work hard on.


Add Shelves

One simple way to maximize space in your kitchen is by adding more shelves for storage. While cupboard space is useful, often times we end up stuffing them in order to create more space on our counter tops. However, this can easily be remedied with added shelving space.

If you have blank wall space, adding shelves can not only help you maximize space, but also keep your wall from looking too bare. Use these shelves to show off your fancy glassware – for example if you have a crystal wine set, put them on these shelves in order to leave them out in the open and wow guests!



Organization is a key feature of maximizing space in your kitchen. Without organization, your kitchen can quickly become a cluttered mess. Organization will not only help you save space – it’ll also keep you sane.

Don’t be afraid to use colour coating or sticky notes to help keep you organized. If you have a lot of cupboard space, write a little sticky note on the inside of the door to remind you what that cupboard in used for. The most important thing – stick to it. It’s important that you never get lazy with your organization or else you’ll find the disorganization quickly getting out of hand!


Use Hooks

Quick – which items in your kitchen take up the most space? Chances are you’re thinking about your pots and pans. These bulky items are guilty of being the largest space-hogs. Luckily, there’s a way to organize them in a way for maximizing space in your kitchen.

Installing hooks will save you tons of space, simply due to the way you can now store pots, pans or anything else that can be hanged such as tongs or knives. Instead of resting horizontally in your cupboard, these items can now be hung vertically and leave room for other items!


Your kitchen is your sanctuary – so the last thing it should do is stress you out! Luckily, with these tips you should be well on your way to maximizing space in your kitchen. Remember, if you need anything furniture to go with your beautiful kitchen, stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture!