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4 Ways to Update Your Home for The New Year

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With the New Year right around the corner, maybe it’s time to start thinking about how to freshen up your home. Here are a few helpful tips from the professionals at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture.


Declutter and Reorganize

It’s amazing how we accumulate stuff on shelves – and it may be very lovely stuff, but you know the old saying — too much of a good thing is, well, too much. And you can start feeling claustrophobic from it all.

So start off with a good declutter – setting out three boxes for give away, throw away and keep/store (maybe a fourth box if things need fixing).

Update your storage options. Built-ins are a great way to handle storage without intruding too much into the room.


Paint Your Walls

A fresh paint job in is the easiest and cheapest way to breathe new life into your home. Every year Pantone chooses a special colour and 2018’s is Ultra Violet, a cool and stimulating choice. Even if you paint walls in the same colour they were, you’ll be surprised how different the room looks.

The downside is that fresh new paint job can make your furniture look tired. Carefully examine your pieces – can they be reupholstered and would it be worth it? Upholstery jobs are expensive, especially when you factor in fabrics, so often it is better to buy new.


Change the Design Direction

Maybe it’s time for a complete style overhaul. If so, hit the magazines and online shelter sites – houzz, but also Pinterest and Instagram. See what appeals to you, and then see if any of your existing furniture fits within that scheme. Be ruthless. If it doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore – the sofa from university, and armchair from your grandmother – it’s time to go. You want a more cohesive look.

Take yourself to a furniture showroom – such as ours at Guaranteed A – where you will be able to see and try out seating. Pictures do tell a lot but going in person gives you a sense of the space a piece takes up. Another advantage is that experienced sales staff can show you what’s available in new styles, fabrics and colours, and can even help you choose what to buy and what to keep of your existing furniture so that you come out with a cohesive look.


Create New Lighting

There are three types of lighting – ambient, task and accent. Ambient lights up a whole space, task lights highlight specific tasks, such as reading or chopping at the kitchen counter, and accent lights are for drawing attention to a certain item, like a beautiful painting.

Table and floor lamps, and overhead lights like chandeliers or pendants over an island, fall into any of these categories, depending on where placed and how many in a room. Best to develop a lighting plan with the help of someone who knows each product and how it works in a specific setting.


Let us help you decide what direction to go in for this New Year. Stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture!