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Antique Vs. Modern Furniture

Antique Vs. Modern-Day Furniture

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When choosing a style for your home, it’s important that you pick a type of theme that will match your entire home. This styling can be simplified into two categories: antique or modern style. These two very different styles can give a completely different atmosphere to your home. It’s important to choose wisely.

Antique Style

An antique style doesn’t have to look old and decrepit. An antique style in a home can look clean, stylish and inviting. An antique style means that your furniture will look like it was pulled straight out of a time period from years past. However, this does not mean that the furniture has to be pulled out of a unique store. New furniture can be made to represent an antique style while still retaining the quality build of modern-day furniture.

Antique furniture is widely more heavy set than modern day furniture. This gives your furniture a sense of protection and sturdiness. However, the added weight can also mean it takes up more space than modern day furniture. Therefore, it is important that you take the size of your home into account before choosing to redecorate using antique style furniture.

Modern Style

Modern style furniture is popular amongst condo dwellers and those with limited space. That’s because today’s trends are minimizing size yet maximizing efficiency. You’ll notice that many pieces of modern furniture have multiple uses. For example, what looks like a simple cabinet may also double as a pull-out computer desk.

Modern styling also has a colour scheme that isn’t typically found in antique styling. This is due to the use of different materials as well as the furniture itself keeping up with modern day trends. If you are one who likes to follow trends – modern style furniture is the way to go.

Choosing a theme to follow for your home is an important part of your interior design journey. Before delving deeper into your furniture styles, choose whether you will be going for an antique style or modern style. Whichever style you choose, you can find a wide array of furniture pieces to go with your unique style at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture!