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Beautify Your Spaces With Patterned Walls

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Do you want to bring out the best in your walls? One of the best ways to achieve this is by decorating your spaces with large, beautiful prints and bold patterns. Creating a focal point for the entire room, it’s one of the best finishing touches for adding beauty and elegance to your home. Below are a few ideas you can incorporate into your own spaces today. Need some help or have any questions? Visit our showroom and let us provide you with the helping hand that you need. 

Striped patterns from nature 

Colours inspired by nature are trendy.

We’ve mentioned that colours seemingly ripped straight from nature are all the rage – but what if you don’t want your walls to be busier? It’s simple: hang patterned wallpaper that uses colours inspired by nature! Soft greens and blues complete with various shapes and patterns are all fair game. Remember: if the colours seem as if they belong in nature and the pattern is pleasing to the eye, it’s worth considering! 

Cool colours, beautiful imagery 

Try cooler colours to add whimsy.

Speaking of nature, if you want to cool your spaces while keeping it beautiful, consider implementing cool colours (such as dark blues) complete with imagery one would find in nature. For example, consider decorating your spaces with wallpaper that tactfully incorporates soft colours and nature-inspired images such as tree branches, flowers, and so on. Have an artistic side? Consider painting your spaces with a cooler colour and painting said images onto the walls of your home! 


Decorate your walls to compliment a focal point in the room.

Do you want a certain decorative item to be the centerpiece of one of your spaces? Then decorate your walls around it! For example, if you have a white China cabinet with gold handles, knobs, etc., consider decorating your walls with patterns that utilize the white and the gold. What this will achieve is amazingly beautiful: the walls of your home will actually bring out the best in said China cabinet, giving it an ‘eye-popping’ look and leaving zero doubt that the cabinet is the focal point of the room. 

The best part of all? You can do this with anything that you wish to be the focal point of the room. Do you have an antique bookshelf that has a brown/cherry tone to it complete with unique, engraved shapes and patterns? Consider decorating your walls with a tone that is similar to the bookshelf yet lighter, complete with unique patterns. It will make guests feel that the bookshelf is an extension to the wall itself upon first glance!