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How to choose a recliner

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With the popularity of recliners peaking after the 1960s, the living room chairs eventually fell out of style, at least for many people.

Once bulky, cumbersome, and unattractive, they could be difficult to match with other furniture and décor, sticking out like sore thumbs. Today, they are highly functional and come in many different shapes and styles.

The goal is to find something comfortable for your needs, as a high-quality recliner can last 10 years or more. It’s worth researching and planning when trying to find any piece of furniture, but this is especially true of this adjustable piece. As you search for that perfect recliner, determine your initial needs, choose your style and material, and then try sitting on the recliner in-store.

Determine what you need out of your recliner 

If you want extra comfort or have physical pain, you might look for a specialty recliner. Massage recliners allow for targeted heat and vibration-based comfort, while electric recliners can extend and retract using a motor. Electric recliners are simple to use for those with limited mobility.
Riser recliners are perfect for people with specific medical needs, especially those with severely weak knees. Much like an electric recliner, they are powered by a motor, but these recliners tip forward, rise up, and lower electrically for easier access. You can even find a riser recliner to match your body shape.

Of course, a manual recliner is perfect for activities where you sit long-term, binge watching television, playing video games, and even napping. These work by lever or hand crank, meaning less maintenance than their electric variety. They’re also suitable for people who don’t have medical needs, or don’t prefer a specialty recliner.

Choose the right recliner style and material 

Unlike the recliners of the past, modern day recliners are available in different styles and materials. Recliners come in regular chair styles, including leather and patterned material to match the rest of your furniture.

You can also find recliners with new technology that will keep your drinks hot or cold, while you sit back and relax in front of the TV. The possibilities are almost endless.

Some people swear by leather recliners – they are extremely durable and have a fashionable look. Synthetic microfiber recliners can resist moisture and wrinkling over time. Vinyl chairs look fantastic, but they are less pliable than the other varieties and are more likely to crack. Choose your material wisely.

Look for comfort in your recliner

Though you can find a wide variety of quality recliners online, you’re best to sit in one before you buy. Visit a store and sit in a recliner for five minutes, if you can. Have a conversation and relax. Try to get a sense of what it would be like to sit there for any length of time.

Factors to look for in a recliner include the length of the supported space from your head to your toes. Also, pay attention to how comfortable the cushioning is for your needs.

When sitting in the recliner, always keep your initial goal in mind. What drove you to want to buy a recliner? Was it simple comfort for your back, or do you have specific needs? We offer a variety of quality recliners to help complete your home’s signature look. Come by and give them a try today.