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A lavish bedroom with a beautifully upholstered headboard.

How To Choose The Best Headboard

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Whether you are contemplating buying a brand-new bed or simply replacing the headboard, not all headboards are created equally. Opting for a generic style rather than one that fits into your bedroom’s décor is not only the wrong move, it’s one you will also live to regret for years to come. Treat this decision like the important step that it is and choose your headboard carefully by following a few of our favourite tips.

Should the headboard be the focal point of the bedroom?

That depends on your bedroom. You could choose to make an entertainment unit or workspace the focal point of your bedroom, as many people do. If you want everyone’s focus to be on the headboard, like a priceless piece of art, treat it as one. Consider a tufted fabric with texture if you want an eye-catching look that’s certain to impress and stay timeless.

A wide, well-lit bedroom. The bed has a quality wooden headboard.

Your headboard should match your décor, but be sure it has a few little ‘extras’ to make the room really pop. Laced edges, fabric buttons, golden nails, and the like are all fair game. Take it from us: a textured one can go a long way in bringing the bedroom together and making it feel complete.

The headboard’s style must match the current bedroom’s décor

Nothing will make a headboard stick out more than one that does not match the room’s décor. It must feel like an extension of the style of the rest of the room. For example, if you have opted for a rugged lodge look you wouldn’t want a teal headboard that belongs in a beach-themed bedroom.

Rather, consider how it could be used as an extension to the rest of the décor. For your lodge look, a headboard with a brown leather or wooden look would be fair game.

Consider the height and amount of room you have

Your headboard shouldn’t be too high or too wide for the bedroom or bedding. Think of it as a glove: if it doesn’t fit perfectly, you’ll notice its imperfections right away. Subtle yet bold, headboards need to be the finishing statement on your bed – and if it looks like it’s a mismatch, you’re going to hate it. Speaking of being disappointed with headboards…

Be sure you actually like it

A headboard isn’t just an afterthought: it’s the place you will be hanging your head for most of the day. Even if the piece seems to fit perfectly within your room, an uncomfortable or unsuitable headboard is not an option. At the end of the day, your headboard fitting into your décor isn’t enough: like all furniture, you need to like it to enjoy it.

Ready to find a headboard that checks all these boxes and more? Stop by our showroom today, and let us find the perfect headboard to rest your head for years to come.