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Choosing the Right Wall Art for your Home

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Usually the last thing on the list of décor to buy, art is one of the first things that make a house feel like a home. It’s such a personal choice you should take time choosing it carefully – you must absolutely love a piece of art, not just like it. If you pick what makes you happy, you’ll find a way to work furnishings with it. Trying to amass an entire art collection at one go is pricey, but if you’re careful and start small, you can do it without breaking the bank.

1. Explore what is out there

To build a collection it really helps to learn more about the art world. Educate yourself by getting out and seeing the art being exhibited in your area. Visit art exhibits and shows – student shows at the local university or college, art galleries, even restaurants that regularly display artists’ work. Also check social media sources like Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to discover new artists. Research and understand the difference between an original, a limited edition and a reproduction – these will differ a lot in price and value!

And don’t forget that oil paintings aren’t the only kind of art – check out watercolour, photography, etching, lithographs and silk screening.

2. Size does matter

Scale can make or break your room so when you buy a piece of art, always consider its size. There’s no impact to a beautiful but tiny piece of art hung alone on a big white wall and there’s too much impact with a huge piece that overpowers the whole room. Measure your wall’s dimensions and take pictures of the room so you have a better idea of what space you have to work with.

3. Make it the focal point

A room can have more than one area that draws your attention. Are you looking for a single point that will define the room, or some decor pieces to complement your overall colour scheme? Make sure all the room’s design elements have some breathing space to avoid a cluttered look.

Although you choose a piece of art based on how much you love it, it will need to relate to the other items in the room. If it’s wider than the piece of furniture item below it, the room will feel off balance.

Treat smaller pieces of art as one piece by grouping them together in a pleasing montage rather than helter-skelter across a wall, and make sure the frames and mats are similar or have some unifying element (such as all bronze frames or all navy mats). When grouping pieces of art, remember that horizontal groupings make a space feel wider, while vertical groups create an illusion of height.

4. Select the right colour

If you pick out a piece of art that you absolutely love, chances are it will have colours in there that you’ve also chosen for your furnishings. Generally speaking, neutral foundational pieces — sofas, chairs, end tables – will be enlivened by whatever art you choose. If you have several pieces of art try to coordinate or have them complement a room and its décor, by weighing carefully the balance of wall colour, furnishings, pillows, throws and curtains.

5. Hang it right

Make sure the artwork is hung at the correct height – about eye level. Often pictures are hung too high so you strain your neck to see them. In rooms where people are usually sitting down – such as a living room or dining room – eye-level is a little lower. Having the bottom of the frame about one hand width above the sofa is a good gauge for the right height.

6. Light it Up.

The importance of lighting your artwork cannot be overemphasized. Dimly lit artwork will lose impact and look dull and muted. Great lighting will make your artwork pop and contribute to the mood of the room.

Guaranteed A Fine Furniture has a large and brilliant showroom filled with unique, creative pieces of wall art from all over the world. Come in today and let us show you around.

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