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Create A Cozy Living Room This Winter

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Is there any feeling better than curling up in a cozy living room in the coldness of winter? Few things beat that feeling of being able to curl up with a loved one a sip on some hot cocoa in a living space that you can call yours.

However, many people’s living rooms leave much to leave desired. Often times they are put together in a way that doesn’t give it any soul. This is especially sad to see in the winter, when a good chunk of your time will be spent bundled up indoors. That’s why Guaranteed A Fine Furniture wants to give you tips on how to create a cozy living room this winter!


Textures Make a Difference

Coziness is determined both on physical comfort and visual comfort. With proper visual cues, people will feel cozy simply by walking into a room. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have furniture that visually lets out an ere of comfort.

For example, utilizing fabric sofas rather than leather sofas can give a great sense of coziness to people walking in. Shiny leather surfaces can cause fatigue on the eyes and create a sense of coldness while fabric sofas bring a sense of warmth.


Get Rid of the Television

A television is soulless, and is a distraction from the beautiful furniture that you have in your living room. By getting the television out of your living room,

Obviously, totally getting rid of the television may not be ideal, so it isn’t absolutely necessary to put it into a different. However, if you choose to keep your television in your living room, it’s important that you do not make it the focal point of the room. If you have your television front and centre in your living room, peoples’ eyes will naturally be averted towards that cold, glass object.


Set Up For Conversation

Lastly, a cozy living room is the perfect place for great conversations. However, if your living room isn’t set up in a way that makes conversation an easy task, then there will be some trouble. The best way to set up your living room for ease of conversation is by the right arrangement of furniture.

Set up your furniture so that everyone is facing each other. For example – if you have a couch and two love seats, create a semi-circle so that everyone is facing each other. Add a beautiful coffee table to the mix in order to give your guests somewhere to place their coffee!


There is no better feeling than retiring to your warm and cozy living room when the snow is falling. With these tips, you can make your living room the comforting place you’ve yearned for. If you need furniture to make your living room cozier, stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture!