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Dark or Light Hues – Which Colours Best Suit Your Style?

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If you’re repainting your home, choosing a colour can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. While there are hundreds of different colours and shades to choose from – there is one key decision that needs to be made first.

Choosing between dark or light hues is the first and arguably most important decision you need to make before starting your paint job. The style you choose will affect the entire atmosphere, look and feel of your home so it’s important that when you make decision you know it’s the one you want. Which one best suits your style? Today, Guaranteed A Fine Furniture will help you decide!

Know Your Lighting

Take a look at the room you are deciding to paint. Where are the light sources coming from? If you’ve got large windows in the room, then chances are much of the light is natural light coming from the outside. However, having few windows mean most of the light sources are coming from lamps, chandeliers, etc.

This is very important when choosing dark or light colours. If there is lots of natural light, light shaded colours can pop. However, without the natural light these colours will seem very dull and bland. It may be better to go for a darker shade in that case.

Room Size

If you have a large sized room with high ceilings, then darker hues may be your best friend. The darker shades give a cosier sense of intimacy and allow your furnishings and decorations to take the spotlight. In an already large room, it’s important that the room doesn’t feel empty – darker hues give it a more rich and full look.

However, if the room you are painting in small – such as a child’s bedroom, then that cosiness from dark hues can quickly become feelings of being cramped. Lighter hues can combat the small size by giving the room a more open feel. This is especially useful for notoriously cramped spaces such as hallways or walk-in closets.

Style of Furniture

Lastly, taking your furniture into account is arguably the most important aspect of your decision making when choosing between dark or light hues. Depending on your style of furniture, different colours can either highlight your furniture or make it all seem out of place.

For example, if you are following the ‘modern’ furniture trend of minimizing, light colours can embrace this styling. It can help embrace the open feel that modern furniture presents, and make the furniture shine in the light.

If your furniture has more an antique feel to it, darker colours can help build the sophisticated atmosphere that said furniture represents. Darker hues allow for more of a mature and cosy feel, highlighting antique wood and leather and allowing your furniture to be at the forefront of guests minds when they walk in.

Choosing between dark or light hues is a very difficult decision and one that should not be taken lightly. The colour you choose will entirely create a new atmosphere that guests will feel upon entering the room. Choose wisely, and if you need furniture to match your new colour scheme, stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture!