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Decorating Tips for Couples

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Moving in with your new spouse or partner is exciting. But the reality is very few couples see eye to eye on decorating decisions. If you’re like most couples today, you’re also bringing some furniture with you. You don’t want to create tension especially when you’re just starting out so the following are a few tips we’ve developed from our many years of helping couples find a middle ground on how to furnish their home.

Take an inventory.

Before you go shopping or decide on a collective “look,” it’s a good idea to know exactly what you’re working with and what you might want to get rid of. Remember that some things will be non-negotiable, and be prepared to find a place to display that special something of your partner’s. Decide which items you will keep – obviously if each of you has a great dining table, one will stay and one will go. Make a list of the things you need to purchase together. Also take into consideration the home you have together and its style and size.

Find inspiration.

Create a board together on Pinterest and pin images of rooms that you both really like. Include furniture items that you are both drawn to as well as color schemes. Try to uncover a shared aesthetic to build your home around, or at least a look that combines your different preferences. For example, traditional and industrial chic are not necessarily mutually exclusive looks.

Go Window Shopping Together.

Take The List – otherwise you are more prone to impulse buys. Not that purchasing an item you absolutely love is a bad thing, but reining it in is a must. To make the shopping process fun scope out local antique stores and flea markets to ensure that everything you add to your home feels authentic. If both of you are present, it’s easier to make informed decisions and helps avoid arguments later.

Buy a Sturdy Coffee Table.

Having a sturdy coffee table in the living room is important to a guy because as most mothers put it, “he needs to feel like he can kick up his feet when he’s at home.” Naturally the thought of your guy with his feet propped up a brand new coffee table might not be ideal but there are certain concessions you have to make. Keep in mind he is still a guy and you will have to let a few things slide. Be practical and considerate, it will always pay off.

Make it Personal.

Glossy magazine spreads and furniture catalogs with their perfect vignettes look good but they are often far from the reality of how people really live. The most important thing in your home is that it feel like yours. Consider what’s special to you as a couple and to you both individually and work out how to incorporate these elements into your new place. If you’re both seriously into music and are starting to collect vinyl, create a music area, purchase proper storage for records and a vintage turntable and you’re all set.

Guaranteed A Fine Furniture enjoys helping couples design their first home together. From bedrooms to living room ensembles and of course wall art, décor pieces and lighting, we have it all. Come in today.

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