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Designing the Perfect Man Cave

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Everyone needs a special place to get away from the stresses of daily life. For men, it can be the golf course or the local pub. Or it could be some place right in your own home.

We’re talking man cave here, having a little piece of paradise right at home where you can unwind alone, or where you can invite the guys over to watch football or play poker.

Here are six ways you can create your own perfect man cave:

Take your time

There’s a temptation to want to complete this new man cave as soon as possible, but you should take some time to think through and walk through your available space and visualize what the finished project will look like. Be realistic about how achievable your plans are.


We can’t stress the importance of measuring properly and carefully — length, width and height – several times to know what exactly how much space you are working with. The worst is ordering furniture only to find out – too late — it won’t fit! There’s a saying that all projects are 90% preparation, and this is true. The more thorough you are in the planning stages, and more details you work out, the easier the building will be.

Pick a theme

Choose a theme or an object to build your room around such as a pool table, great art, hand-made bar and so on. Whether you’re an avid video gamer, sports fan or a lover of books, it will provide the direction for the overall look as well as the colour palette. Then fill with the details and accessories – jukebox, mini fridge, dart board, big screen TV, gaming chairs – whatever goes with how the room will be used so that it is uniquely your space.

Enjoy the process!

Building a man cave shouldn’t be stressful. This is going to be your own special place, so dive into the process with pleasure. Get your family and friends involved so they can watch the project take shape and even lend a helping hand.

We believe that everyone should have a place to call their own. We at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture can help with furniture, décor and so much more. Come in today and let’s get started.

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