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How to give your home a fall makeover

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As fall rolls along, you might want to rearrange your home for the changing season. Fall is the perfect excuse to introduce a brand-new style as part of a fall makeover. Your home will look beautiful when filled with beautiful seasonal colours, accents and décor.

A seasonal makeover will also help to make things seem warmer, perfect for those chilly fall days. The best way to give your home a new look is to introduce natural fall décor, blankets and throw pillows, thick comforters and area rugs, and fall-scented candles.

Natural fall décor

Small gourds, berries, pinecones, and leaves are great for introducing fall colours. Introducing in-season flowers is a fashionable, sensible way to bring the fall into your home. Find them in fall colours – rust orange and darker shades of red – for a signature autumn look.  Warm-coloured chrysanthemums and red-tinted sunflowers make a great team, but there are several other combinations that look spectacular. Feel free to mix and match styles and looks.


Not all your décor has to be from nature, or from outside. If you have seasonal allergies, then it’s perfectly acceptable to use artificial décor. While the scents of fresh flowers and natural treasures are delightful, you can still capture the look with silk flowers in a nice arrangement. 

Warm comforters and area rugs

Having a thick, heavy comforter is perfect for trapping heat under the covers on chilly fall nights. If you’d rather keep your current comforter for now, a woolen blanket placed on top of your comforter can do the trick while keeping that cozy fall look.

Large area rugs can really bring the best out of your home, especially during the fall. They come in several different patterns and styles to suit your fall home makeover. A thicker area rug will add some much-needed warmth to otherwise bare flooring, which will also add warmth to your home as it insulates heat.

Blankets and throw pillows

Fall is also a time of transition, and few things change more than the temperature. As things become cooler, you’re going to want to keep thick blankets close by for warmth. You can neatly drape these over the arm of a chair, the back of a couch, or at the end of a bed to add a stripe of colour to your furniture.


Throw pillows come in many different textures, patterns and trims – perfect for accenting couches and chairs. The key to using throw pillows is to keep them in proportion with your seating, and to keep colours complementary to your furniture and decor. If you find a set in fall tones, you can always switch them out once fall ends.

When you give your home a fall makeover, you’re bringing only the best of the season into your home. Leave the cold outside and bring the warmth in by introducing fall décor, blankets and throw pillows, thick comforters and area rugs, and fall-scented candles. It’s amazing what these small changes can do for your home this fall.