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Find quality furniture right for you

How to find quality furniture right for you

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In order to find quality furniture that suit your tastes and needs, comes down to coming up with a plan before you start shopping.

Knowing your personal preferences helps, but doing your research and knowing the signs of good craftsmanship will ensure you bring home a solid piece that lasts for years.

Do you respect wood?

Knowing the types of wood used in furniture making will help you identify a quality sofa, chair or desk:

  1. Particle board, or composite wood, is a combination of wood chips, plastics and other scraps blended together to create a cheap structure that looks OK, but won’t hold up over time.
  2. Veneers are a bit more expensive, but they’re still not a top-quality design. These pieces have a cheap, wooden core covered by thin layers of better-quality wood.
  3. Nothing beats a solid wood piece, which can be made of hardwood or at least eight thinner layers of solid wood. These pieces look spectacular and will last for decades, which is why they are more expensive.

Find quality furniture right for you

Don’t get stuck with nail or glue

Good furniture will use wood cuts and fittings to join corners and ends — this is an industry technique called joinery. If you see glue or nails anywhere on the product, you’ve likely just found some shoddy workmanship.

Fabulous fabric

Before heading out the door or before hitting the internet, take a good look at your lifestyle to determine the type of furniture and fabric you need. If you have pets, do you really want that stark white modern sofa you’ve had your eye on for months? Not to mention kids with orange popsicles!

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If you have children, consider darker colours and durable fabrics, even outdoor fabrics for their stain resistance. While you’re thinking about colours, look ahead a few years. How long will you love that trendy colour or pattern, and if not consider something more timeless?

Test your drawers

When you’re in a showroom, test out those dressers and cabinets. Pull open the drawers and doors to ensure they work smoothly. A quality piece will have drawers that slide gracefully along rails. Do the doors remain open or do they fall shut when you let go? Also, make sure the knobs and handles are securely fastened — this is a telling sign of the product quality.

Find quality furniture right for you

Alternative searches

Don’t be afraid to give new life to used furniture. There are plenty of postings in online forums or websites for free pieces, which could end up being the right fit for you. Even if the items are for sale, you can often save a boat load of cash by treasure hunting. If you go this route, be sure to go over every inch with a careful eye. Look for any water stains, scratches or rips.

There are so many details you need to consider when finding the right furniture for you. But thinking ahead, coming up with a plan and knowing what to look for when you find an eye-catching piece will help guarantee you’re getting a quality item.