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Finding the perfect end table for your living room

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Simple as they may be, end tables are an important anchoring pieces that can easily add sophistication to your living room. Putting effort into your end table can add character and complement the rest of your room. Spruce it up with a fabulous lamp or a stunning décor, and you’ve got a standout piece of furniture.

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes — and materials — that can become a focus-piece for your space.

Finding the perfect end table can be a bit of challenge, as there are many different styles and designs to choose from. A room with quality furniture that is all the same size and look is boring. That gives you some leeway when choosing your ideal coffee table when it comes to choosing a style.

However, there are still some general rules you should follow. As you search for that perfect end table, make sure you’re getting the right style, at the right height, and the right functions for your living room.

The style of your end table

Unexpected twists to the regular design rules can make or break a room. Don’t be afraid to introduce different styles to your room – a rustic, inviting end table can work well with sleek, contemporary furniture. In addition, your end tables do not need to match one another. There are so many different combinations of designs for you to choose from.


Don’t lose sight of tying the room together. Your end table should not be uniform with the rest of the room, but it should still work visually with the rest of your furniture and décor. That could mean a single matching colour, or a design feature that matches a piece of décor.

End tables come in many different shapes and sizes. A square table will provide more surface space for a lamp and other accessories, while a round shape is much easier to match with the rest of your quality furniture.

The height of your table

 The height of your end table should be equal to or just below the arm of the seating it is next to. Making that choice will help the look and give you comfort when you reach for things or put them down. For reference, the standard sofa arm height is between 24 and 32 inches.


If your seating has no arms, a shorter table can be used. What’s nice about layered tables, such as the stepped table, is that they can suit chairs and couches of any height – just orient the side of the table to match the height of the seating.

The functionality of your end table

The style of your perfect end table should work with the functions you need. That means a minimalist, modern end table is not the best choice for someone who has lots of accessories, remotes, and game controllers. Storage space an important feature, and an end table is the perfect inconspicuous place to hide what might take away from a beautiful living room.


You can have a number of end tables, but remember: they are anchoring pieces that will structure where couches, chairs, and coffee tables go. That means you are limited not only by space, but by other pieces of furniture you have in your living room.