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Getting The Most Out Of Your Wall Art

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You’ve furnished your home with beautiful, high-quality furniture. However, when you enter a room, you still feel as though something is missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it, yet something looks off. Look at your walls – if they’re left blank, then you are missing a huge opportunity to spruce up your home.

Wall art is a great way to give your home new flavours. However, you must be strategic with your placement in order to get the most out of your pieces. That’s why Guaranteed A Fine Furniture wants to give you a guide on how to hang wall art!

Know Your Sizes

Before you start hanging your wall art, it’s important to account for the sizes of the frames that you will be hanging. This will play a big part in deciding where to place your art pieces. For example, if your art piece takes up a large portion of your wall, you will want to hang it higher. For smaller pieces, you may want to hang it more towards the center of the wall. Get measurements of your art pieces with frames included in order to get an accurate idea of where to hang your wall art.

Pick a Theme

When choosing your art pieces, it’s a generally a good idea to pick a theme to follow. This doesn’t necessarily need to be followed throughout your entire home, but each room should follow a similar theme throughout each piece. This will ensure that you have a home that reflects who you are to your guests as they explore the art that you have to show.

Research different style of art and pick which style suits your unique lifestyle best.  You will then have an easier time shopping for the perfect pieces to hang in your home.

Utilize Density

Create a feeling of density with your art by closely placing them near each other in the hanging process. When you’ve chosen a place to hang your wall art, keep in mind how you would like your wall to look. If you plan on adding pieces, envision in your head how you will keep them together.

Having a sense of density in your wall art allows your guests to take in your common theme and appreciate the multiple pieces you own. It also benefits your home by giving your wall the appearance of a grander scale. When planning your set-up, remember to keep your largest piece in the center and spread out from there.

Wall art keeps your home from having that ‘empty’ feeling while exhibiting your unique sense of style. Every home has the potential to shine with the right wall art. If you’re in need of art to hang on your walls, stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture today!