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The easiest way to give your home a new look

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You might be considering giving a drastic home makeover, but what if you’d rather do something less extreme?

There are simple ways to make your home look completely different, such as organizing your décor, introducing or removing furniture and by performing simple maintenance.

Décor choices

Changing décor for any room can be difficult, given the many options you have, but your décor should always reflect who you are. Be cognizant, though, not to stuff your room with any and every trinket you can find. Introduce suitable décor that is complimentary for each of your well-organized rooms. Your décor can make a bold statement, if done properly.

You may or may not be able to use your old décor. That beautiful nightstand lamp? That can stay. The creepy statuette that watches you when you walk by? That can go. It does, of course, depend from person to person: one person’s creepy is another person’s art. There are, however, some evergreen pieces that will look good in any design. One universal item that will look good is a well-maintained houseplant.

Put some effort in finding décor for your walls, such paintings, posters, artwork, or even items like plates and trinkets. Wall shelving can be perfect for showing off collectibles. Just make sure things are spaced out properly to avoid having a busy-looking or cluttered wall.

Furniture choices

It often comes down to the décor you use, but the furniture you choose for each room will be crucial to developing your home’s look. Furniture can make a stronger statement than décor, and it takes up more room, so deciding on the correct pieces is vital to the overall look. This could mean selling old furniture or moving existing pieces to a different room.

Choose a singular focus for each room, based on what activities will take place there. A multi-activity room can become cluttered and confusing to the eye. Having that focus can help you decide what furniture to keep and what to move or sell. As a result, you’ll have more space to work with. Using a statement piece (a prominent piece of furniture that stands out in a room) can be an excellent way to give your home a new look.

You will have many alternative options when choosing furniture. For example, ottomans are a great substitute to the traditional coffee table. They have an upholstered look that can add elegance and style to your room. Some ottomans have additional storage within them as well, holding blankets or other items and reducing clutter. Just ensure you maintain the upholstery, as maintenance is key to keeping your home looking brand new.

Simple maintenance

 A simple way to give your home a different appearance is to clean and maintain your furniture. Major fixes to furniture such as polishing or refinishing are enough to give your home a livelier look. Paint it a different colour! Add or remove the trim on wooden furniture. It’s well worth the effort.

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You deserve to have a living space that looks its best at all times, and making sure your brand new (or even old) furniture stays spotless is the key to doing so. Adding new furniture to your home or changing up your décor is exciting, but the feeling will fade when its looks do. Wipe your décor free of dust and wash grimy furniture with a cleaning solution.