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Pantone Greenery 2017

Greenery – PANTONE Colour Of 2017

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Colour is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a change, whether it be clothing, our furniture, or our walls.

But choosing the right colour is not always so easy.

That’s one reason why I always look to a little guidance from our friends at Pantone when it comes to design. Each year, they select a colour that defines the year – the choice for 2017 is Greenery.

Considered nature’s neutral colour, green can completely alter the atmosphere of your home, especially since it recalls the great outdoors. And it creates a sense of calm – in fact, studies show that being outside for a little while each day calms down even the most anxious person. And being the colour of spring leaves, it also offers the promise that warmth and new growth are just around the corner.

Green is not a new colour — in fact it’s always been integral to design even when playing a small role. But this year it’s taken center stage in fashion, interior design and graphic arts.

Greenery is a bright bold addition to any colour scheme, but its earthy grey-brown undertone ensures it won’t become dated, or dismissed as too trendy.

Upholstered furniture

If you’re in the market for new or reupholstered furniture, you will certainly see ‘Greenery’ on many showroom floors. It’s a colour that draws you into a space, and it’s a welcome relief from the sea of neutrals we’ve seen for years. But if you want to stay with neutrals for your large upholstered pieces, like the sofa or sectional, you can at least energize the room with side chairs in Greenery, either plain or in a subtle stripe or soft I-kat.


If you have good quality furniture that isn’t in need of either replacement or reupholstery, brighten up the room with Greenery accents and accessories. For today’s ubiquitous grey it is a perfect complement. But Greenery hued rugs, cushions or throws pop against other neutrals – brown, white, black. The colour is a good counterpoint to accessories in reds or blues. That entryway table in drab brown? A coat of Greenery will make it stand out. An easy and inexpensive weekend project is to switch out your existing dining room chair pads for a new Greenery fabric.


Nothing like fresh paint to change the atmosphere in a room, and Greenery will sure to grab attention. If all four walls is too much commitment for you, go for just one wall. A standout colour like this works best when anchored by a substantial piece of furniture such as a sofa.

‘Greenery’ is a calm, soothing colour that should be part of your home this year. If you need help with integrating ‘Greenery’ into your home, come by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture and talk to one of our interior designers!