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Grey is the New Beige

Grey is the New Beige

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Grey is here to stay! It’s one of the most popular colours in interior design these days and with good reason — softer than black it goes with almost everything.

Still, you need to exercise some discretion in shading to avoid a room that looks drab, dull or dark. Experiment with large paint samples/chips – at least 4×4-inches – and hold them against your furniture and accessories. For ideas, pore over décor magazines or for a better up close look, come meet with our design experts at the Guaranteed A Fine Furniture showroom.

Grey is a great background for other colours, because it has the ability to soften and tone down more vibrant shades. It helps achieve continuity between spaces, especially if you have an eclectic assortment of brightly coloured furnishings throughout your home.

If you’re a collector, or love unique, one-of-a-kind eye-catching pieces, grey works really well to pull it all together. It’s a neutral just like white and cream, or beige, but has more depth and nuance which makes for an interesting room setting.

While grey is subtle and operates well as a background, you have to be careful it doesn’t dominate every wall of the room or house, especially if the shade is dark. Anything administered with a heavy hand isn’t ideal, but when you use too dark a shade or on too many walls, grey will make your room feel smaller and more closed in.

That said, if the look you’re aiming for is electrifying or startling or dramatic, dark grey paired with other strong colours such as cherry red or black or a stark white is very effective, especially in a modern setting.

On the other hand, grey can be whisper soft, and when complemented by creamy white, it renders a calm, soothing look — perfect in a bedroom. There are endless possibilities here: dove-grey walls with white linens; pewter-grey geometric drapes with white walls; light grey chenille chair with a thick cream wool rug.

It’s also a great foil to some of those wilder hues that you might have shied away from in the past. Against grey walls or a sofa, you can play with vivid pinks, bright yellows and stylized florals, more feminine to be sure but not entirely off-putting to men, especially with the grey which is both masculine and trendy. Consider that for men, grey is their go-to colour for suits, so they’ve long been fans of grey, perhaps without even realizing it. So if you’re trying to please men and women, grey in the bedroom, office, family room, is a winner.
What’s critically important is the shade of grey you use and that depends on what colour is used as the base. A green undertone, for example, is generally more neutral and goes well with wood furnishings, while a blue-based grey is a bolder choice and can work very well with yellow or red, distressed wood, and brass or bronze.

Now that winter has drawn to a close, don’t assume grey can’t work toward freshening up your home for spring and summer. Bring us pictures and fabric swatches, and our design experts will give you a tour of the showroom. We have grey in almost every vignette in some form or another, either furnishings, accents, or walls.

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