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Helpful Hints When Buying Furniture

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When buying furniture, it helps to think in terms of flexibility. You want the piece to grow with you and your needs and your changing housing situation, so think carefully about how timeless a piece is. And remember the basic rule is choose classic, neutral foundation pieces and incorporate colour or pattern in accessories.

1. Sofa
A plain, neutral fabric may seem like a bow to convention, but you will be happy later, especially as your style and colour tastes change. Swapping pillows or wall color is easier and less expensive than having a sofa reupholstered or buying a new one. If you have children, be sure to spend a little more for a sofa with a stain-resistant fabric. If you have pets – and you know they are going to be up on the sofa — research what materials are less attractive to shedding hair, and also to kitty claws. (Hint: cats don’t like to scratch velvet, but they LOVE leather and vinyl.)

2. Lighting
Light is the single most powerful element in changing the atmosphere and feel of a space. Every room needs multiple light sources. There are three main types of lighting: ambient or general light which subtly washes the room, e.g. wall sconces; accent or directional lighting, like a pendant light or ceiling pot lights, that highlight a specific object like a dining table; and task light to work by, such as cooking, working at the desk, applying makeup. Where this can get fun is in the style of light – there’s so much to choose from, especially in pendants lights and wall sconces.

3. Desk
Everyone needs a place to keep a laptop and writing utensils, check e-mail and sort bills. It can be as informal as using a bedside table, a console table behind a sofa, a hall table stools tucked beneath. You can even set up a workstation at the dining table; a beautiful tablecloth on top and office equipment stowed in the buffet instantly transform it into a dining area when guests are over.

4. Bed
An upholstered headboard is a classic piece that grabs attention and doesn’t take up much space. In smaller studio condos or apartments, an upholstered headboard helps the bed blend into the living room furniture. A few years and other housing options down the road, you still have a beautiful bed and headboard for that lovely master bedroom. You can get slipcovers made in different colors or patterns to completely alter the look of your space.

5. Leather club chair
A good leather club chair is not only durable, and resists stains and spills, it also develops a beautiful patina as it ages. A classic leather chair works in both contemporary and traditional settings and in just about any room — living, bedroom, family, home office. This can range from traditional button-tufted roll arm style so common in men’s clubs to a sleek and modern Corbusier lounger style. Avoid really trendy far out looks because they don’t stay the course as well.

6. Dining table
A dining table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you will ever own. It serves the obvious purpose of a place to have meals, but if space is tight it can also double as a place to do homework, a home office space, extra counter space for preparing meals, and a buffet table for cocktail parties. If you’re living in a smaller space now, choose a rectangular or round table with leaves so that it can be expanded when you move to a bigger home. If your space is small, select two chairs to go with the table, with the option of pulling two side chairs in from the living space when you have company, and if you entertain for six, have a couple of comfortable folding chairs on hand.

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