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How To Achieve Urban Chic In Your Home

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Urban Chic has that hipster twist to it. It doesn’t have to be new, in fact, it’s probably better if it’s not. It’s stylish, a little boho, funky, quirky but definitely on trend. There’s a layered feel to it, thanks to collecting over a few years, items picked up on holidays, a kilim or vintage oriental from a flea market, cowhide rugs, a funky 1950s lamp inherited from your grandparents, a button-tufted settee recovered in purple velvet, vintage Coke signs that hung in your parents’ basement rec room over the avocado green bar fridge. All this can be repurposed to create a beautiful Urban Chic look – everything depends on how it’s arranged and what it’s paired with.


Generally speaking, your key foundation piece — the sofa, for example – is best kept in a solid, making it easier to accessorize and dress up or down. Pair it with side chairs in a pattern – a bold graphic houndstooth, stripe, or toile for example – a vintage sheepskin draped on the back, a cowhide rug on the floor, and deep chocolate or teal walls. Paint your bookshelves a deep colour like the walls, add quirky vignettes on side tables, and you’ve achieved urban chic.

Let’s say, though you have a vintage sofa — camelback settee with wood trim or big button-tufted roll armed sofa – then consider reupholstering in cotton ticking stripe, an oversized graphic floral print in black and white, or a lush olive green velvet. Tone down the striking looks of the sofa with two club chairs in a solid fabric, but of a scale and proportion to keep the weight in the room properly balanced.

The urban chic look does well with painted furniture, but don’t confuse it with shabby chic – you’re not looking to paint the wood white or cream, you’re looking for deep dramatic colours usually. An ornate dresser painted teal blue and placed in the hall not only creates storage but contributes to a dramatic urban chic look.


Artwork figures largely in the Urban Chic theme. The sky’s the limit on it, though. Start with enlarging and framing your own photos – bright colourful images of the Marrakesh souk, sweeping vistas of water and long fishing piers, black and white close up photos of children at play. Or hunt down vintage reproductions of old landscapes, unframed amateur oil portraits, photos of old masters reproduced on canvas. Even paint by numbers are very popular these days, and when reframed and hung with more modern pieces you get the interesting mix of old and new, elegant and weird, that’s a trademark of Urban Chic. Large, brightly canvases that take up a whole wall, either framed or unframed, and more modern in style work with this look.

Décor Pieces

This is where you can really let out your inner boho artiste. Vases from the 50s and 60s are made of muted, even drab materials, but they generally have interesting and organic shapes. Gather them into vignettes of three or five or seven (always an odd number for décor) with any number of accessories you have collected. Combine tall with short for visual variety.

Pillows are about the most versatile décor you can find – graphic or tribal patterns work with a boho Urban Chic look, but you can also insert some more whimsical floral patterns. Every room needs an accent colour to offset the colour scheme (for example, blue and brown is a good base but turquoise or red in accessories will really make it stand out.) Pillows serve this function well. When choosing patterns remember the scale of each should be different, for example a uniform tight pattern mixed with a looser pattern. Experiment with putting them next to each other, but don’t overthink it – picking what you love is a hallmark of urban chic.

Window Coverings

Because the Urban Chic room can have a lot going on, it’s best to let the curtains recede by choosing a small pattern or none at all and in the same background colour as the walls. But if you’ve found some fabulous vintage drapes — older fabrics are generally very well made – especially in a rich luscious velvet, or a heavy cotton tight print, as long as the coloration goes with the rest of the room, they can add a lot of value. It really depends on what you’re trying to create. An old cozy library feel will benefit from drapes in dramatic colours – picture it paired with a leather sofa and thick oriental carpets – but if it’s an airier look you’re after, the drapes can be heavy texture as long as the tone is lighter.

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