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How to Build an Elegant Bedroom

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Since we spend about a third of our lives in bed, it stands to reason the bedroom should be restful and beautiful. To achieve such an oasis of calm, it’s important to have a vision for your room, one that is uniquely you, before picking out new furniture.  Will it be romantic, masculine, country, beachy or xxx? Will it use the same palette as the rest of the house, or be unique? Clip pictures out of magazines or from Pinterest to get ideas. Some of these you should bring in to the showroom to get help realizing that décor look.


The Most Important piece of Furniture is … the Mattress

The right mattress makes all the difference in getting a great night’s rest.  There are many options but the key to deciding is testing them out. By lying on them for at least five minutes, you’ll get a sense of what suits — firm or soft, made of memory foam or coils, pillowtop or a combination of the three.

The Bedroom Set

This again depends on you. Some people, especially tall people, don’t like footboards for good reason, so you may have to pick a bed frame that comes only with a headboard. Whatever you choose – whether the bed and dressers and night tables match or are an eclectic choice – should fit with your overall design choices. Talking to the salesperson, and showing them your storyboard of ideas (from magazines and online pictures), will steer you in the right direction. A good salesperson will have a good eye for design and will be able to show you options you might not have thought about before, and will help you keep a consistent visual theme including wood finish and style.



Consider the room’s natural light sources when creating the furniture layout plan.  If morning light streams in a large window, you may want to place the bed away from it so you’re not woken up early although black out linings on drapery will prevent this as well. Bedside lamps will add task light for nighttime reading. Best to put an overhead light on a dimmer so you get enough light for dressing but can lower in the evening.


Add Some Décor

Décor makes a room personal and adds colour – this includes your choice of bedding and pillows, but also artwork. Of all rooms in the home, this is a great place to display family photos. Bedrooms are meant to be cozy, so the more texture the better. In addition to a bedspread or duvet, you can add faux fur or knitted throws, cashmere accent pillows, a reading chair in wool, drapes in rich velvet. A rug also adds texture and keeps feet cozy and warm. In the summer, when the aim is for a cooler, fresher, breezier feel, remove the wool carpet and cashmere throws, and add cotton, seagrass, and lighter colours.


Keep It Clutter Free

To help keep the room visually clean, look for a bedside table that includes storage and routing for cables. This will conceal power cords for lamps, alarm clocks and cell phone chargers.


Guaranteed A Fine Furniture has a brilliant showroom filled with everything from mattresses, foundations, headboards, footboards, dressers, end tables, lamps, rugs and throw pillows.  Come into the showroom and see our experts today to bring your dream bedroom to life!

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