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A modern coffee table in front of a dark green couch.

How to Choose a Coffee Table

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Choosing the perfect coffee table isn’t as simple as finding the perfect piece in one go. While looks do matter, you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you think that’s all there is to it. Consider everything before you choose a table.

Once you determine what you want, the process becomes so much easier. Once you’re armed with our tips, it might even be fun! Below are a few of our favourite tips for choosing a coffee table.

Mind the height

Height isn’t something you typically think about when buying a coffee table, but you must always measure the height of your sofa to ensure that you’re not trying to peer over the table or hunkering down to use it while relaxing. Measure first, save yourself a ton of grief later.

Keep the shape in mind

Although you may be tempted to choose that beautiful coffee table with the peculiar shape, you need to keep in mind how the table is going to fit into your home. A long, rectangular coffee table that blends with the rest of your furniture may look keen, but if it fits awkwardly, doesn’t provide enough space for foot traffic, and generally looks out of place, you might regret your purchase, and not use it for its intended purpose.

A coffee table in a bright, white room with a fireplace.

Size matters

It is vital that you measure your coffee table to ensure you have enough room to fit the table into your living room. Simply measuring your space for a table isn’t enough though. Be sure that you include at least an extra foot of space in your measurements. You want that extra foot of space to allow guests and family members alike to have enough space to use and walk around the coffee table.

How will you be using it?

Will your coffee table be primarily for guests in a family room or is it going to be the main family table? It is important to add this factor into the equation because you never know what life will throw at it. If you have children, you’ll need a table that is durable and can endure the messes, spills, and stains that life can throw at it. That way, you can enjoy the table for years to come.

Do you even need one?

Look, not every room needs a coffee table. If you want to save space, opting to not integrate one into your spaces may be the proper choice. Having trouble deciding for yourself? Stop by our showroom today and allow one of our associates to show you the way!