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An intricate console table. The surface has a plant, a vase, and two other objects.

How to Choose a Quality Console Table

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A console table – also known as a sofa table – is the perfect place to put those little knick-knacks that don’t seem to have a place in your home: like flowers, or an assortment of pictures. However, choosing one does involve some planning ahead. Visit today. We’ll answer any questions you have in our showroom, but use these quick tips to figure out how to find the perfect console table.

What style do you want your table to have?

You have a choice here: do you want your console table to blend with the rest of your furniture, or do you want it to be a focal point for the room? Both have their own set of challenges: opting for the former makes finding a table about finding something that will match, while using one as a focal point means finding something entirely different from the rest of your décor. Using it as a focal point can mean using a console table that is wild in colour and texture.

What features does it need to have?

If your ideal console table only needs to be used for displaying decorations, you may think you can get away with purchasing something simple. However, if you prefer the table to be deeper so you can store things like blankets and pillows, choose one that has enough shelving and depth to meet your needs.

A console table in front of a circular mirror, with two lamp and a typewriter.

Whatever your needs, choose a console table with shelving

On the other hand, shelving shouldn’t be ‘just an option’. You may think that you only need a console table with one surface, but keep in mind how much space the table is actually going to take up. With such a big piece of furniture, there is no reason why it cannot do double duty.

To the point, be sure that the table you choose has shelving. There will absolutely be a day when you need the additional storage and you don’t have it.

Always consider the size

This is especially true if you are cramped for space. Measure at least twice to ensure you know the maximum size your console table should be. As with all furniture, add at least a foot of extra to the sides of the console table to account for foot traffic. That way, everyone will have enough room to get around it and won’t be bumping into it throughout the evening at your next dinner party.