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A beautiful bedroom with a stunning yellow accent chair.

How to Choose Accent Furniture For the Home

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Choosing accent furniture isn’t a decision you should take lightly. While accent furniture is flexible and can be used in practically any space, you must always know how the accent furniture is going to be used.

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Keep in mind how/when/where the furniture will be used

The most important step to choosing the right accent furniture is to ask how, when, and where the furniture will be used. Will it be used for entertaining in the family room? Perhaps you need extra seating for a teen’s retro vibe room? Or maybe you just want an inexpensive extra chair in your living room while you binge watch. Whatever the reason may be, know the reasons why you need an accent piece for your space.

Consider your style

The great thing about accent furniture is that you can purchase furniture that already blends in with your current décor … or you can use it to create a ‘one-off,’ look that adds depth to your spaces. Would traditional furniture that has a solid colour be proper, or can you get away with a fanciful patterned chair that feels modern? Know what you want and how it will look in your current space.

A woman deciding on a colour for her accent furniture using an accent colour wheel.

Will the accent furniture in question be comfortable?

It may seem like a ridiculous question, but it’s a fair one. We understand how important it is for the chair to look stunning, and to fit perfectly into your spaces, but you’re stuck if the furniture isn’t comfortable. While the search for the perfect piece of accent furniture may seem like an endless one, it has to meet all the marks – including feeling great to sit in.

Know the size of the accent furniture

This is important for any piece of furniture you are considering buying. You must choose a piece of furniture you can confidently place in your home. Measure your space and equate for at least three feet of room around the furniture to allow for foot traffic before committing to a piece.

Also consider the size of your room. If you are already cramped for space, consider choosing furniture that has higher legs. This will allow the room to appear to be the same size because it will not look as if a solid piece of furniture is blocking part of the spaces. Tall legs you can see underneath almost gives the furniture a transparent look.

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