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A stunning bedroom with a gorgeous, wooden bed and nightstand.

How to Choose a Bedroom Set

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Choosing a bedroom set that doesn’t clash with the décor can be a challenge. It can be difficult to know where to start. At Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we want to minimize your stress and help you choose the best bedroom set for your spaces. Below are a few of our favourite tips.

Always, always, always consider the size!

Before you begin browsing, take measurements of your room. You absolutely must know your dimensions. Getting a new bed, new dressers, and perhaps even extra bedroom seating will go from fun to miserable quickly if you don’t have the space.

Knowing the size allows you to figure out what you can realistically fit into your spaces, starting with mandatory pieces. Measure your bedroom twice if possible to save yourself the grief of finding out your bedroom furniture doesn’t actually fit into the bedroom.

What style do you want?

Just as important as knowing the proper dimensions is determining what style of bedding set you want. A bedroom set that fits is only part of the equation: if it contrasts and doesn’t fit with your current décor, you’re going to hate it.

Another bedroom, filled with a white set of bedroom furniture.

You can redecorate your bedroom before you choose bedding, but when doing so, always keep your ideal bedding set top-of-mind. The most important rule is to have a solid idea of the style you are going for no matter how you choose to approach the process.

How will it fit in with the rest of your space’s furniture?

If you already have bedroom furniture that you do not want to get rid of, consider how the new bedding will impact what already exists. It may be appropriate to design your bedroom around your space’s current furniture if it’s important to you.

The trick to integrating a new bedroom set is to ensure that everything flows together. The vibes your bedroom set gives off should be complemented by current bedroom furniture, the walls, and the décor. Achieve this, and you’ll have a bedroom that you won’t want to redecorate anytime soon!

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