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How to Decorate Your Home With Autumn Decor

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Summer is coming to a close. That means it’s time to ditch the sunny décor and replace it with your favourite fall colours. Whether you are sad to see the daily ray of sunshine disappear or you’ve been desperately waiting for cooler weather, now is the time to bring the oncoming season indoors. Below are a few great ways to incorporate autumn decor into your home’s spaces. Need help? Visit our showroom and let us assist you with transforming your home into a fall wonderland!

Set the mood on the porch

Before your guests ever walk inside your home, be sure the mood is set. Display pumpkins and fall-inspired wreaths in front of your door to let guests and those passing by know that your home has embraced the beauty of the season. You may even want to display fall foliage once the leaves start transforming. What’s great about this tip is that even if you do not have a porch (i.e. you live in a condo) you can still hang a beautiful fall wreath to set the mood of the season.

Spread small fall décor throughout the home

Although you could display large fall-inspired focal points in each room of the home, consider another option: keeping your décor small. Autumn décor is fun because it lends well to small and subtle decorations. Instead of adding a huge fall wreath to each room, spread tiny pumpkins and gourds around your home. Display them on shelves, on end tables, inside foliage displays (e.g. on a kitchen table) and so on.

The front door of a white home, adorned with autumn decor.

Because pumpkins, gourdes, and other fall produce are different and evoke their own personality consider sprucing them up. Paint faces on a few, add an extra layer of orange to make certain pumpkins look bolder, and consider adding gloss to a few to make the warts and bumps stand out even more. You can never have too many of these fall classics, so stock up and decorate them around every room of the home!

Seasonal produce in the kitchen is always a win

Don’t forget about decorating the kitchen! Add apples and pears to large bowls and display them on the kitchen table. Layer with squashes and other types of vegetables: corncobs, extra gourdes, the sky is the limit. The goal is to create a fall harvest look in the kitchen that excites the senses and evokes images of autumn meals being cooked in the space. It gives off a perfect homely vibe to your guests and will make you wish autumn didn’t come around just once a year.

Incorporate autumn candles to give your home that sweet fall smell

The smell of fall is just as important as the appearance. When you’re not able to cook autumn dishes that fill the air with fall aromas, use autumn-scented candles that give your home that sweet fall smell we all love. No, you don’t have to opt for pumpkin spice candles (especially if you hate pumpkin spice); you have plenty of options. Consider cranberry, cinnamon, apples, leaves, and other similar candles. If it tastes sweet and smells sweet, add it to the mix!

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