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How to Get Your Dining Room Ready For The Holidays

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The dining room is making a comeback. Although open-concept main floors are the norm, some homes still have a cozy dining room, and in more traditional homes, the dining room never left. Even if you don’t use it all that often, you still want it to look great, because the reality is many of us still like to entertain in the dining room.

Dining Room Table and Chairs

Every room is built on a foundation – in the dining room, that would be the table and chairs. The material you choose depends on what mood you’re after, and what the rest of your home is like.

For an intimate atmosphere in a large room, solid wood with rich velvet upholstery would be a good choice. If you prefer a breezy, coastal vibe, go lighter like glass and chrome, or a white painted table and pair it with complementary chairs, or ones that are more whimsical and funky.


Large artwork creates more impact than several small pieces. It’s better to invest in one great piece at a time, like an original piece in oil, acrylic, or watercolour. Find out what you like by looking online, and visiting galleries or showrooms that have plenty of art on display.

Floor Coverings

An area rug under the table creates the focal point that every room needs. The rug should be large enough to cover the floor so when chairs are pulled out they are still on the rug and not on the bare floor. Some experts suggest choosing the rug first before the furniture, but it really depends on what you fall in love with. It’s always best to look around a lot, and make sure you go to a showroom that displays a variety of settings that include furniture and rugs of all types.


Because the focus of the dining room is the table, what you have above and below it is important. A chandelier above the table completes that focal point, so when choosing it needs to complement — or contrast — the table. For example, a traditional Jacobean table and chairs could be paired beautifully with a modern chrome sunburst chandelier. A modern Saarinen tulip table and chairs could look great with a baroque French chandelier. Whatever you choose, make sure the chandelier is on a dimmer switch so you can raise or lower the wattage depending on the occasion.

Window Coverings

Drapes really complete room. The rule for drapes is to either go with a colour and fabric that feels like a continuation of the wall – to expand the space – or to go with a pattern if you want to inject the room with some visual interest. Custom drapes usually have a blackout lining or at least some heavier lining to give the drape some heft, but you can also create a nice effect with ready-made.

The holidays are coming and there is no better time to redecorate your dining room with classic fine furniture that will last a lifetime.

Guaranteed A Fine Furniture has everything you need to design a dining room that will feel like a luxurious retreat for family and friends to enjoy. Let our experts help! Come in today!

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