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How to Introduce Christmas Décor Into Your Home

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It seems like Christmas is, ‘coming around the corner,’ sooner every year. Just when it feels like you’re putting away the decorations and getting back to normal life, it’s time to pull out the tinsel and ornaments yet again. What if there was a better way to be original and actually add Christmas décor into your home that’s actually meaningful? 

There is. Stop our showroom today and  discover how we plan to bring new life into your home’s décor this holiday season. Until then, discover a few keen ideas that are worth integrating into your home’s spaces just in time for that epic family visit! 

Set the scene in the mudroom, general outdoor room 

Tone is everything. Whereas people typically focus on perfecting the dining room, family room, and other ‘meeting rooms’ of the home, it is essential to make the proper first impression as soon as your guests enter the home. Some may say this begins at the front of the driveway; and it certainly does. But do not discount the impact the mudroom/entrance room can make on creating the perfect tone for the holidays. 

Consider placing your favourite holiday décor into this area. It’s the perfect place to put Christmas décor that you no longer have a place for. Think of it as your miscellaneous space; an area where the typical rules of home décor do not apply. 

This is the area where you want to hang metal décor like thick, gold Christmas decorations or gigantic brass holiday bells that will make your guest’s jaws drop with delight. Ornaments, fake snow, tinsel, nutcrackers, the whole proverbial nine yards is perfect for this space! 

Fake snow and red candle holder

Use LED candle lights on the driveway 

Speaking of setting the mood outside of the home, consider adding LED candle lights up the porch steps leading up to the front door. The perfect glow that gives your home a mysterious, nighttime holiday vibe that’s perfect for late-night Christmas party’s. 

Sprinkle snow on the staircase 

Have a staircase? It needs to be sprinkled in snow. Place tinsel as a layer to give it a festive look that is sure to make your home holiday-ready. Adorn the staircase with holiday plants such as cranberries, pinecones to truly ring in the Christmas season. 

Wrap the coffee table in gift wrapping 

Want a cheap and easy Christmas decoration that is certain to get a good belly laugh? Wrap your coffee table in the same Christmas wrapping you are using for your gifts. Believe us, it’s going to be a hit. 

Besides, integrating your interests and personality into your home décor is one of today’s most popular home design trends. Love decorating your Christmas presents with theme wrapping? Use it! It’s the perfect way to add a touch of your own personality into your home’s Christmas décor!