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Creating the Best Living Room Centrepieces

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Nobody wants their guests to leave their home thinking that your décor was underwhelming. Most of us want our guests to walk away from an evening of socializing with certain impressions engrained in their mind.

We want our homes to be memorable; this can easily be achieved by creating centerpieces. Ensure your guests are talking about your home for weeks to come by utilizing these amazing centerpieces. For living room spaces that are sure to impress, keep reading.

Sofa and coffee table

If you have room to spare, seriously consider incorporating a sectional sofa with a round coffee table in the center. This unique take on the couch and table centerpiece is going to be the first thing your guests notice when they walk into your room. Couple your sofa and coffee table with a giant rug underneath to create another layer to your centerpiece.


Alternatively, consider adding a brightly coloured sofa with a glass coffee table. Complete the look with a plant to the side of the sofa and/or by adding a clear, glass pot with various, colourful items, such as coloured stones and other knick-knacks. The trick is to layer colourful, clear, and heavy items together to create centerpieces for your living room that look smart.

Central seating

When we think of central seating for the living room, the first thing that comes to most of our minds is the traditional sofa/coffee table/side chair combination. This doesn’t have to be the central spot where everyone sits, though. If you prefer to create a spot where your guests can converse, place a small table (i.e. not a coffee table, but not a large dining room table either) in the center of your room.


Next, place two heavy armchairs on one side of the table with another set on the other side. They don’t necessarily have to be the same types of chairs either (in fact, this will give you a great opportunity to play off of colour as mentioned in the previous example). As always, a rug can really tie the space together; floor lamps on either side of the rug can give it a warm, glowing feeling as well.

Fireplace seating

A fireplace is a natural centerpiece, making your work considerably easier. Add a few chairs, a coffee table in the middle or even a few side tables between chairs so there’s nothing between guests and the fireplace. If the fireplace is raised and there’s enough room to add a few cushions, consider adding a few to give guests the opportunity to sit directly next to the fire.


Have you visited a home that had a few decorative items that really took your breath away? Perhaps it was an antique or a mysterious item that you just had to ask the homeowner about. Whatever the case may have been, the fact that you felt compelled to inquire proves that the centerpiece worked.

Centerpieces for your living room can be anything – from an heirloom to a vintage item you found at a junk store last week. As long as you incorporate the centerpiece in an appealing manner, feel free to get as creative as possible. Place it on a fireplace mantle, on a bookshelf, or anywhere else that guests are going to notice it. Who knows? Maybe you will find something to do with that antique washing bowl after all.

Need further assistance with creating centerpieces for your living room? Visit Guaranteed A Fine Furniture today and let us provide you with a helping hand. With our knowledge and your determination, together we will help you to create centerpieces that won’t soon be forgotten.