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Mixing and Matching Furniture Like a Pro

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While interior design has a set of rules, such as proportion and balance, when it comes to style, the choices are much more individual. And like fashion, the eclectic, bohemian, mix and match look is very much in style these days. Here are some guidelines for making your mix-and-match style looks harmonious rather than cluttered.

1. Have a plan

Getting sidetracked when shopping is much more tempting when you don’t have a plan – and a list in hand. Build an inspiration board from blogs, websites, and magazines and use the images to help you narrow down the direction you want your decor to head.

2. Shop your own closet, so to speak

Look at your existing furniture with new eyes, and see if you can repurpose a piece, or move it around to add interest elsewhere. For example, an antique dresser moved into the dining room creates unique storage for table linens adding a twist to the space. It saves money, too.

3. Colours that bind

Colour ties things together that might otherwise not work together. Stick with a simple palette of two neutral shades and two accent colours. For example, unmatched dining chairs from different design periods will work if they’re all painted the same colour – in the accent tone if you’re looking to draw attention to the table, and in the neutral if not.

4. Don’t forget patterns

Patterns are an excellent way to create visual interest but if you’re introducing a side chair from another room its different pattern will work best if the fabric is in the same colour family as the rest of the space. And remember to alternate patterns – one large with one small – so as not to overwhelm the room.

5. Remember scale and proportion

You can mix different items if they have the same scale, and one that relates to the scale of the room. A very large living room can handle oversized sofas and huge roll arms. A smaller room needs smaller scale. So, if your living room has a contemporary sofa and side chair, the wingback in your bedroom will work as long as it is not overly bulky, heavy or tall. It helps to take a picture of the room – the distance a photograph lends helps you really see the room with new eyes.

6. Utilize accents throughout

Accent pieces are great ways to lead the eye into a room. Bright pops of colour on cushions or striking accessories like a unique or unusual lamp add layers that can also serve as a visual impact. Resist the temptation to overdo accents as too many focal points result in a potentially distracting space.

7. Make use of texture

Texture can be used to great advantage especially when you’re mixing and matching pieces of furniture. If you’re looking to create a cozy atmosphere in the den or library, that tweed club chair in the basement will go nicely with the leather sofa you’re looking to buy. This tactile element can’t be underestimated in creating atmosphere.

8. Experiment

Nothing says you have to keep your furniture the way it is forever. Changing furniture around is not only a great way to improve your home, but fun as well. Keep experimenting with different layouts and schemes, and you’ll eventually find something that you’re happy with that reflects your personal style.

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