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Refresh Your Home Office For The Holidays

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Considering that fully a quarter of all people work from home at least some of the time, we don’t invest enough energy or money into how that home office looks and feels. And research suggests that when you feel good and comfortable in your home office, productivity increases. Rather than use up all those pieces furniture left over from college days, carefully choose new furniture that is ergonomically correct for your body – and looks good too.


Much depends on the kind of work you do. Some people like uncluttered space to prevent distraction while others like visual reminders of family, friends, trips, and souvenirs. Then examine the room’s features: lots of natural light or none; tendency to get very hot or cold; how close to the front door/distracting children; ease of wiring for lighting, cords, computer, and printer.


Painting the walls is a great first step toward refreshing the space, but it also affects productivity. Studies show that blue is best for work that involves a lot of thinking, while yellow influences creativity; red is better for highly physical work, while a calming green imparts a feeling of balance. It also depends on intensity – strong bright colours stimulate and less intense colours soothe.
Within any colour scheme, though, you can play with light and dark. If the space is small, lighter colors will open it up; on the other hand darker colours can create a nice cocooning atmosphere. A pair of curtains, a colorful rug and some artwork will also add some colour and personality.


Start with the chair! And make sure you try it out first. It should be adjustable in everything, from lumbar support to seat height and armrests, because each body is different. It should allow movement — swing around to access drawers and shelves, leaning back for talking on the phone or to think.

Ask an expert at the showroom to help you devise a flexible furniture plan so that your new furniture can be changed around as your needs do. Next the desk – sit-down or one of the new popular standing desks? Is it the right length? Some people like to spread out papers, others prefer to work with nothing on the desk.

If you will see clients in your office, the finish and look are important. For example, an oak or mahogany desk is impressive enough for some professions but perhaps offputting in others, which are more suited to simple white or light wood slab desk.
Bookshelves or drawers? Lounge chair or loveseat for reading? It all depends on the kind of work you do – another important reason to seek expert help in a showroom.


Having signs of life in a room enhances your workday experience – a plant or two is a healthy reminder of the outdoors, but it also helps improve air quality.
A mirror is a nice addition, especially if there’s little natural light.
Personal touches such as lamps, clocks, wall hangings and throw pillows add a warm and welcoming touch.


This is critical since the average worker spends up to seven hours a day at the computer. If you have natural light, position your desk and chair so the light falls over one shoulder and reduces glare that causes squinting. A desk or floor lamp will add additional task light where you need it.

Guaranteed A Fine Furniture has everything from desks, chairs, lamps, wall art and décor to redesign your home office into a space you will love to work in. We can even help you find that relaxing chaise for you to relax in when you need an escape from your desk chair. Come see our experts today!

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