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Rugs Bring a Room Together

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Carpets have been an integral part of any room ever since our nomadic ancestors realized their benefits – easily rolled up, portable, comfortable and beautiful. Today, these unique pieces can work with just about any design style and maintained properly they remain beautiful for many years.

A carpet doesn’t just finish off a room, it can change it altogether – adding a bright punch of colour in an otherwise neutral room, or calmly grounding a room of intense visual interest. It all depends on what you choose. Rugs add welcoming texture, feeling cozy underfoot, and because each handcrafted one is unique it will lend personality to your room.


Trends may come and go, but workmanship and quality shouldn’t.

First off, talk to someone who knows rugs and is willing to take the time to help you choose. There are machine made rugs, but generally they don’t last as long as hand-made rugs, and they’re not as unique or beautiful. The handmade rugs are either hand-knotted or hand-tufted out of wool (and sometimes combined with silk, cotton or viscose.) The higher density rugs are better quality, determined by the number of knots per inch.

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid of colour or pattern – consider the rug you choose a piece of art because that’s what it is. Most of all, you must absolutely love the rug because it’s an investment that is not so easily changed as cushions, curtains or even a sofa.

Although traditional oriental carpets had a central medallion, these aren’t so popular anymore, mostly because furniture placement is harder to accomplish. In most contemporary carpets, the border as well is smaller, and the palette will be more limited – eight to ten colours max.

Patterns can be tricky because if a rug is too heavily patterned or deeply coloured it can close in the space. That works really well if you’re pulling together an intimate feeling den but if you are furnishing a light and airy living room, you’re better off looking for a hand-made carpet that is tone on tone or has minimal colour and pattern.

Generally speaking, traditional furniture can take the more ornate traditional carpets. To avoid a very heavy look, though, choose a rug with a slightly lighter palette.

Ask Yourself Why

Before choosing a rug, you must first understand its purpose. Do you want a rug that will be a real statement piece, or a more neutral design which will blend seamlessly into the space, giving an overall tranquil appearance? Do you want it to unify a room or to define a space? If you are attempting to break up a room into different areas, a number of smaller rugs can do so beautifully.

This depends on what kind of space you’re looking to furnish. In an open concept space, or a loft, a carpet will ground each separate space, but you have to be more careful that the rugs within each space complement each other, and the various elements — including the kitchen cabinets if they’re visible.

Start With A Floor Plan

Go for the largest size you can afford as it gives a generous, calming effect to the room. But this is where the opinions diverge – some people think you should have sofa and chairs completely on the carpet, while others believe they should be half off. Whatever you choose is fine, just make sure the rug at least meets the furnishings – otherwise the room looks smaller and more chopped up.

Depending on the size of the living room and the desired look, a 5′ x 8′ or 8′ x 11′ is usually perfect.

In the entryway, you want something that keeps muddy shoes from tracking dirt through the house, but that also works with the décor – this is your first impression space after all. Usually you’re looking for a runner, about two-feet wide and anywhere from three to eight feet long depending on the size of the hall. If you have a particularly generous hall, go for a 4×6.

The same goes for kitchens. It’s good to have some kind of carpet underfoot between the sink and the stove – this saves wood floors from water and spills and keeps your feet comfy on tiled floors.

For a dining room, a large rug anchors the space, brings in colour, pattern and texture, as well as provides sound absorption since there is usually a lot of wood in this room. Ideally, the rug should be three to four feet larger than a dining table to keep chairs on the rug and off the bare floor. You don’t want the screech of chairs scraping on bare wood to ruin your wonderful dinner parties.

Always use an underpad – it adds more comfort, and keeps the rug in better shape.

Guaranteed A Fine Furniture is there to help you from the ground up. Let us help you choose the right rug for any room in your home. Come in today and let us take you on a tour of our large showroom.

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