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Shopping For a New Sofa – Leather or Fabric?

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Shopping for a sofa is a big thing. It takes a central spot in the living room where family and friends gather, so you want one that both looks good and is comfortable. With all the options on the market, deciding can be difficult so let’s start with a fundamental decision — leather or fabric – by weighing the pros and cons of both.


In addition to structure, fabric plays a big role in the comfort of your furniture. Generally speaking, fabric is more comfortable than leather, mainly because leather absorbs heat faster than fabric. It’s also less soft and tactile to the touch and doesn’t move as well with your body.


Maintenance and durability are very important to consider, and it depends on the quality of material. Leather usually lasts longer than fabric, although better quality fabrics can be long-lasting too. It’s easier to keep leather clean – just wipe (preferably with leather cleaner) and go. That said, most fabric sofas have a stain-resistant finish, and any larger spills can be handled with a steam cleaner or even with sponge and soap.

On the other hand, leather sofas are more vulnerable to scratches and humidity than fabric. This is especially true if you have cats – some of them love to use leather as a scratch pad (less so if you have a scratch post close by.)

Colour Durability

There are pros and cons to either material. Fabrics offer unlimited variety in colour and pattern, but these also tend to fade with time, especially if you have to clean it frequently. Meanwhile leather holds its colour, and even if it does start to fade, the softer patina is pleasing.


A leather sofa can be sleek, classic, traditional or contemporary. It provides a nice textural contrast to chunky wood live-edge coffee tables, rich oriental carpets, concrete floors and open airy lofts. But it can go equally well in a traditional home when paired with wood shelving, fireplaces, and thick wool carpets.

Fabric also runs the gamut of classic to modern, but being a lighter material, it contributes to a lighter airier décor than leather.


Since leather does not retain dust and pet dander, these sofas are essentially hypoallergenic, making them appropriate for people with allergies.
If you have allergies, and opt for a fabric sofa because it suits your style more, you will need to pay closer attention to cleaning and use professional services more frequently.

Guaranteed A Fine Furniture has a huge selection of leather and fabric sofas to choose from. Let our design experts help you decide which is better for you. Come in today.

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