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Making the most out of a small bedroom

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Having a small bedroom is a wonderful opportunity to get creative with strategic design choices. The fundamental goal here — make your room seem bigger with clever use of your floor space or with visual tricks.

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes — and materials — that can become a focus-piece for your space.

Try placing your furniture and décor on or against your wall, make your furniture multi-purpose, and introduce mirrors to create the illusion of a larger room.

Place furniture and décor on or against the wall

When choosing furniture for a small room, quality is much more important than quantity. Choose a high-quality bed that’s comfortable and the appropriate size. Don’t be afraid to get a single or a twin frame, if you’re short on space.

If you get greedy on the bed size, you limit the design choices when it comes to decorating. In terms of layout, you can also place your bed against the wall, rather than having it float in the middle of the room, depending on where your entrance, windows or closet space sits.

Also use the wall space to give your room style. Fine art can liven up a room and make the tight quarters a lot more flattering. Floating wall shelves are more space-friendly than a large, standing shelf and can often be configured to best suit your needs. Stagger some of those shelves to help give some personality to your space. Your guests will thank you.


It’s also important not to clutter your room with excess décor, even if you have space for it. Too many trinkets can make your room look too messy or busy. Try to display things you use on a regular basis, or décor that holds a lot of meaning for you.

Make your furniture multi-purpose

 Because you have so little space, it can help to own multi-purpose pieces of furniture. These are perfect for conserving floor space and giving your small room added functionality.

A large room might have a dedicated desk for writing, but in a smaller space, you can go for a wider-than-usual nightstand. Placing a small lamp there will give you light while you work, or for reading a book before bed.

 The space beneath your bed has a lot of potential, but it often goes unused. Getting a top-of-the-line bed with a drawer or two underneath is one of the best ways to optimize your space. You get rid of floor clutter, while also eliminating any need for a dresser.

 Add mirrors to your living space

Of course, you can also introduce mirrors — the classic illusion of making a space appear larger than it is. They can also be used to reflect natural light around your room, much like a second window. It’s important, however, not to get carried away. A single mirror is often all you need. But do what’s best for your room.


Also, you want the mirror to reflect something beautiful, so be strategic with its placement. If you have a stunning piece of art on your wall, place a mirror opposite it to enhance the look of your room.

Sometimes, a little contrast can be a good thing. Introducing a round mirror can work perfectly to break up any straight lines or rectangular shapes.

Using some of these ideas will help you design the perfectly cozy small room, whether for you or your guests. Making simple design choices is an easy way to introduce some style to your small bedroom.