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Steps To Decorating Your Dream Bedroom

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Always the last room in the house to get an update, the bedroom is the one place that is entirely your own, especially if you have children. So make it a place you will want to spend time in, by taking some decorating tips from hotels to create the most restful, romantic space you’ve ever seen.


Even if you’ve never stepped inside a luxurious hotel, you can still take cues from one. Head to Pinterest, Instagram, houzz, or design magazine websites, all with tons of photos of gorgeous bedrooms, whether they’re in luxury Parisian hotel or a celebrity home in Martinique.


Create a folder on your computer, or hard copy clips, and go through them looking for a consistent decorating style. This will guide what you use from your existing furnishings and what you need to purchase. It will help with wall colour and bedding pattern as well.

Colour is part of style, but it really depends on the mood you’re trying to create. Quiet pale neutrals are better for an open, airy atmosphere, while darker sophisticated neutrals read boutique hotel. If you’re keen on deep dark hues the look will be moody more like a men’s club, or an old world hotel in London; bright bold pastels will make you feel you’re on a Caribbean beach.


Every room needs a focal point. In a bedroom, that would be the bed and its frame. The bed is doubly important because we spend a third of our lives in it, and a good night sleep is essential for well-being. So you’ll want to spend time shopping for the best one you can afford.

It helps to devise a floor plan, especially in older homes where the space is sometimes unusually configured. And think feng shui – beds are best placed where you can see out the window, not with the window behind you. Know what you need – bed, bedside tables and lamps, and a dresser.

This is also the best time to declutter. Remove everything but the bed – the laundry hamper, your kids’ schoolbooks, the perfume collection on the dresser. If you have large enough closets, you may not need the dresser and having the floor space goes a long way to creating an oasis. Purge the clothes closet to create space to put things away, and then purchase a good closet reorganization system to increase the storage space.

If the existing bed linens don’t match the vision you have in mind then relocate them to a guest or child’s bedroom.


The great thing about bedrooms is, even if you’re renting, you can take it all with you when you move like the excellent mattress you invested in and the gorgeous sheets and duvets you have.
Don’t be afraid of texture – the more seductive the better, velvets, silks, chenilles, everything soft to the touch.

Consider that we spend about 3000 hours in bed every year, so it seems pretty sound economic sense to invest in good sheets. Thread count is important but not as important as where and how the sheets are made. Egyptian cotton woven in Italy is about as supreme as you can get.

As for colour, white is safe because it never goes out of style, but if you crave colour, coordinate it with the room’s palette.

When it comes to bed skirts opt for a tailored one, tidier and more on trend than the gathered one. Platform beds, on the other hand, should go skirtless.

Duvets are the easiest bed covers, one shake and the bed is made. When choosing down, make sure it’s good quality goose and not chicken feathers. Comforters are easy too but don’t insulate the same way a duvet does. Add a quilt or faux fur throw at the end of the bed for a really decadent touch.


Creating special little vignettes of your favourite things – antique perfume bottles, vintage silver hand mirrors, framed family photos – make the bedroom feel even more special. This is also a good place for hanging artwork partly because there are usually larger wall expanses but also because chosen well art enhances a mood.

Our design experts at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture are waiting to help you design the bedroom of your dreams. Come in today and let’s get started.

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