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Unique Decorating Tips

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Have you ever walked into your home and thought to yourself, “This looks very empty”? Often times people will fill up rooms with furniture, and no matter how gorgeous said furniture is there is still one very important aspect missing – decorations.

However, throwing up just any decoration is not enough. Your home should show your unique style and how that style separates your home from others. That’s why today, Guaranteed A Fine Furniture wants to give you unique decorating tips!

Show Off Your Art by Using a Curtain

Show off your artistic side by hanging wall art! There are many tips for hanging wall art, but if you have pieces your very proud of then there’s a simple way of putting the main focus on those pieces: a curtain.

Simply hang a long curtain rod with a curtain that hangs all the way down to the floor. This curtain (preferably velvet) should cover most if not all of the wall which you will be hanging your art on. This curtain not only draws attention to its direction, but will also give your room a more comforting feel all while giving your gorgeous art piece more pop.

Take Inspiration From A Locale

Give your home some cultural flavor by taking inspiration from a locale of your choosing. From Paris to Tokyo, every locale has its own unique flavour. You can stun guests and make them feel as though they’ve stepped into a whole other country simply by decorating with cultural and unique items!

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Daring

Lastly, don’t be afraid to be daring! When it comes to creating unique decorating ideas, being daring is the key to creating a home that will stand out from others. This means thinking outside the box. For example, don’t be afraid to use clashing colors or textures in your home’s design.

At the end of the day, this is YOUR home. Everyone has their own unique style, and you are no exception. Want to paint your walls in a checker pattern? Go right ahead. Do whatever best fits your own personal unique style!

A home isn’t just a home – it’s an extension of who you are. Decorate it to help fit your unique sense of style! Remember, if you are in need of any furniture or decorations during your home restyling, stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture located at 4735 Tecumseh Rd. E!