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How to choose and hang wall art in your home

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Once you’ve chosen furniture, décor and lighting for your home, wall art is the perfect finishing touch.

Hopefully, though, you’ve already been thinking about the type of art you want to add to your walls. Any piece brings its own palette of colours, designs and shapes, which can be difficult to match with furniture and décor pieces after the fact, making it important to factor artwork into the decision-making process.

To get you prepared for finding the right mix, you’ll need to think ahead. Be prepared with ideas and measurements before you walk into a gallery or purchase something online. Decide what style of wall art you want, as well as the size of your art piece.

What style of wall art should I choose?

 It’s important you go in with a plan. Bring pictures of the spaces you want to fill, samples of wall artwork you like. Without a guide of some sort, your choice is a shot in the dark and it’s better to have no wall art over bad wall art.


Also, don’t limit yourself to paintings. Photography, a canvas giclée, prints and even hand-drawn artwork are perfect touches for any finely furnished home. There’s a wide range of different styles you can use in a fashionable home.

Once your artwork is in place, you can introduce different wall-mounted furniture—like shadowboxes or raised wall décor—to give your room a novel look. Just make sure you keep the look consistent.

How much spacing should there be?

The spacing of your wall art will determine where it should go in your room, so consider a few things before you even raise a hammer.


You will need accurate measurements of the width and height of your walls before you order artwork. That means measuring the piece’s space between furniture and your new piece. Leave at least six-to-eight inches between furniture and your new piece of artwork.

It’s also important to have the right measurements between different pieces. If you have a gallery on your wall, ensure the spacing is consistent; about three-to-six inches between each piece should do it. Also, your artwork shouldn’t be mounted too high. Having it at your sight line when standing is the most commonly used height.

What size should my wall art be?

The size of your artwork is incredibly important. Even small mistakes can throw off the look of an entire room. A piece of artwork that is too small can look awkward, defeating its entire purpose. Conversely, larger artwork can’t exceed the width of the piece of furniture it rests above. If you have several smaller pieces, consider creating a gallery, an organized selection of equally-sized art that fills the space.


Though pre-set frames have specific dimensions, fine artwork comes in all shapes and sizes. You may need custom framing or a mat to give your artwork the look you want, but these options can make your art larger. It’s always important to scale your framed artwork with the dimensions of your room, and with the positioning of nearby décor and furniture.

Deciding on wall artwork doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by choosing a piece of art you absolutely love, while making sure it’s in a style that complements your furniture and décor. Then, use appropriate spacing to determine how large your new piece of artwork should be. The satisfaction you’ll get by seeing your wall artwork framed and mounted on your wall is well worth the effort.