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Maximizing Space In Your Living Room

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A living room is one of the most important spaces in any home. However, not all living rooms are incredibly spacious. This is especially true for today’s modern condo-living trend. However, small spaces doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice decorative design. Today, we will be going over how you can utilize your furniture to maximize the space in your living room. These tips will allow you to do the most with the space you have so that you can entertain guests or relax in a spacious environment.


Keep Furniture Off Walls

One of the easiest things you can do to maximize your space without sacrificing your beautiful furniture is simply backing your furniture off of the wall. This simple trick can make your living space appear much larger while still including all the furniture that you hold dear.

When backing your furniture off the walls, keep everything level. You don’t want a table lamp closer to the wall than your sofa. By keeping everything slightly off the wall, it will give your living room a more ‘floaty’ look.


Use Light Colours

While dark colours are not bad by nature, they can make a room appear smaller. When you’re already working with limited space, having a room with dark paint and dark furniture can make the room appear claustrophobic. Using lighter colours will have a reverse effect.

Colours such as white, cream, light blues or gray are the best choices to go with if your trying to make your living room appear larger. It creates the illusion of openness, and make your living room much more comfortable.



If you’ve ever been in a funhouse, you’ve experienced what a room with mirrors can do. It gives it the sense of infinite space, and can make even the smallest of spaces appear large and open. This same idea can be applied to your living room.

Of course, lining your entire walls with mirrors will cause confusion more than anything else. However, strategically placing a mirror in your living room can give it the illusion of more space. Place a full-sized mirror on your main wall and not only will your room appear larger – you’ll also have a great mirror to look at before you head out!


Leave The Drapes

Lastly, keep the drapes and blinds off of your windows! These are not only darkening your room but are giving it a more congested feel. As we stated previously, brighter rooms create the illusion of more space, and by leaving windows open, you will create an even greater sense of an open-air environment. If privacy is a concern, use sheer white drapes to give the room the added brightness, without the nosey neighbours.


In today’s world, many people are opting out of larger homes for smaller condo spaces. Just because you have less space, doesn’t mean you can’t create a living room that’s suitable for multiple guests without feeling congested. Follow these tips, and you will maximize your beautiful living room’s space without having to sacrifice your decorative design. Need furniture to give your room a more spacey feel? Stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture today!