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Why Buying Quality Furniture is a Great Investment

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Home décor works pretty much like your wardrobe – buy the best quality you can but plan out your purchases ahead of time. Think of it as an investment because classic quality lasts, is always comfortable, and never goes out of style. Do your research and choose tried and true styles and a manufacturer with a solid reputation. A well-made sofa or chair is going to be more expensive, but its comfort, classic style and good proportions make it worth reupholstering in 10 years, while the poorly made sofa you be put to the curb in five.

What Should I Be Looking For?

What you’re looking for in an investment piece is good design, high quality, long-lasting materials and skilled craftsmanship. Home décor magazines give direction on style, as well as reputable manufacturers and retailers. Test out the furniture in the showroom and ask a lot of questions.

First off, look for quality construction. If it’s a sofa or chairs, the frame should be constructed of kiln-dried hardwood, joints should be glued, dowelled and screwed, the springs hand-tied eight ways, and the seats of high-density foam. In case goods — coffee or end tables, dressers, consoles — look for solid wood, glass with beveled edges, dovetailed joints on drawers. The best quality rugs are hand-knotted in vegetable dyed wool – most will have a tag on the back telling you something of the rug’s origins.

But when it comes to accessories – artwork, objects d’art, mirrors and such – the choice is so personal it’s best to browse in a variety of venues, so you can gradually develop your sense of style based on what appeals.

Keep Yourself on Schedule

Remember, you don’t need – and in fact shouldn’t – fill your house all at once. The homes that inspire wonder and surprise are those that have been carefully collected and curated over time. This creates a look that will continue to be relevant for many years and generations to come.

To accomplish this, it’s best to develop a financial schedule. Start by working backwards: have an overall picture of how you want your home to eventually look, and what items you want to have in place in say, two or three years. Then do research to determine the price range for each piece, scheduling those in as your budget allows. This keeps you on track when it comes to shopping and allows for some excitement in anticipating the next piece. When there is no end goal in mind, you’re more likely to feel frustrated and impatient six months later because you have no vision for what your home will eventually look like. That’s when temptation sets in and you may end up purchasing any piece to fill the space.

Buying Quality is an Investment

There’s a difference between buying expensive furniture and investing in quality. That ensures you’ll be happy with the piece for many years, thereby reducing spur of the moment purchases and ultimately spending less. As for leaving your children with heirlooms, unless you are investing heavily in art or carpets, they generally won’t be interested because they will have developed their own taste by then.

Your Home is your Environment

Quality furniture is comfortable for you, but it also makes a statement about who you are and how you live to anyone who walks in. The process of purchasing quality furniture takes some time but it pays off — you’re going to feel better about your home and your environment.

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