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There Are No Limits To Your Creativity When You Shop At Guaranteed A Fine Furniture!

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It’s true! If you want to give your home’s spaces a makeover via any style you can think of, stop by our showroom today and discover exactly how we aim to provide you with the best methods for expressing your creativity by improving your home décor immensely. Below are a few types of trends you can implement into your home starting now by visiting us at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture!

Want a rustic look?

rustic hardware

The Restoration Hardware look is all the rage these days, and if you want to get in on the trend, your first stop needs to be at our showroom. We can provide you with the very best pieces to transform your home’s spaces from looking dull to absolutely chic in no time. No matter if you are wanting to implement bold, metallic mirrors into your home to give it a timeless look to adding metallic art to add a bit of rustic to the room’s spaces or something else entirely, stop by and let us assist you today!

A romantic look in the bedroom?

romantic round bed for bedroom

If your bedroom is looking a bit drab, then it’s time to add some new life into it – and the best way to do this is by adding a new bed to the mix! While you may be tempted to simply purchase a typical, new bed for your bedroom, we urge you to consider getting out of your element and purchasing something different. One of the most unique types of beds you can purchase is a round bed – a bed that was popular in the 1970’s, but is making quite the comeback today (we’ll get to that in a moment).

Moreover, you can also implement brighter colours into the room, different designs, and so on. There are many ways you can add creativity to the bedroom, so what are you waiting for? Stop by today, and see what we can do for you!

A look of the 70s?

trendy curved furniture

The 1970’s are chic again, and as such, what was old is now in-style again. If you want to get in on the trend, consider implementing bold metals into your home, or even consider adding curved furniture into your living room if you want to replace your sofa, chairs, or something else entirely. There are a variety of ways we can implement a taste of the 70’s into your home, so let us help you by assisting you in decorating today!

Something else?

Do you want to decorate your home in another way? Then let us help you so we can provide you with ideas regarding implementing another type of trend today. The next great style implemented into your home is just a stop away, so call now and learn more about what we can do to help!

How To Care For Your Fine Leather Furniture

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It’s hard to find furniture that looks classier and more elegant than that of leather. From leather chairs to sofas and beyond, leather is stylish, it’s fun, and more importantly, timeless. Yet, owning leather furniture is a responsibility. To maintain its elegance, you have to provide constant care throughout its life. Luckily, taking care of leather furniture isn’t exactly a full-time job, and by following a few of our simple tips below, your furniture will continue to look immaculate.

how to clean leather furniture

Never use soap or detergent to clean

While some people claim that using mild soaps and detergents to clean leather furniture is perfectly fine, it is better to be safe than sorry and avoid soaps and detergents altogether. The reason? Because leather furniture is natural and does not replenish oils, by using even the mildest soaps and detergent, you will actually be removing the natural oils in the furniture. This will make the leather furniture brittle, dry, and even damaged over time.

Instead, purchase cleaner made solely for cleaning leather furniture. This will ensure that your leather furniture gets clean, but keeps the oils in the upholstery that allow it to continue to look beautiful. We have some of the best leather furniture cleaners in stock, so stop by our showroom to see what we have for you!

Clean spills immediately

Blot spills quickly and immediately using paper towels or an absorbent cloth. The longer you allow a spill to persist, the higher the chances that it will stain the furniture. Thus, we recommend to keeps glassware, bottles, and other things that can spill onto your furniture within arm’s reach at all times. When out of the room, ensure there is nothing around the furniture that could possibly spill onto the upholstery.

Never place leather furniture in direct sunlight

While the idea of reading a book in your new leather furniture with the sunlight shining on your through your family room’s window sounds enticing, it’s going to hurt your leather furniture over time. Constant exposure to direct sunlight will dry and crack your leather furniture’s upholstery over time – and nobody wants that!

On the other hand, you don’t want to expose your leather furniture to extremely cool temperatures, either. To that end, we recommend not sitting your leather furniture under a vent that constantly blows cold air in the Summer or next to a window that is typically drafty in the Winter. Place the leather furniture in a location where it will normally be at room temperature all year round to protect it.

For blemishes that won’t go away, hire a specialist

Sometimes, accidents happen. From pet urination to scrapes and beyond, stains can occur that are beyond your control. When this happens and you can’t get the stain out yourself with leather upholstery cleaner, it is best to bite take a deep breath and hire a professional leather upholstery experts to professionally clean the stains, scrapes, cuts, and anything else that has blemished the upholstery. While it may be a bit expensive, it’s a small price to pay to ensuring that your leather furniture looks amazing for years to come!

When Is It Time To Replace Furniture?

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If you’ve never been in this situation before, keep reading because one day, you too will find yourself in this predicament. We’re talking about the age-old question of, “does my piece of furniture need to be replaced,” and while it may seem like a pretty easy question to answer, quite often it isn’t. We find ourselves answering the question with statements such as, “I can get a few more years out of it,” or, “well, it doesn’t look that bad,” but it isn’t a definitive answer.

We’re here to cut through the clutter and help you to find an affirmative answer that cannot be disputed. Below are signs that it’s time to replace your furniture. If you find it’s time to replace your furniture? Stop by our showroom and find the perfect replacement for your old furniture!

Outdated upholstery

Are you or one of the members of your household disgusted by the outdated upholstery of your furniture piece? Sure, it may be comfortable, but if you can’t stand the look of your upholstery, it’s time to think about replacing it. There’s no reason to keep your furniture piece if it’s an outdated eyesore (no matter how comfortable it may still be), so if that’s the case, stop by today and let us help you to find the perfect replacement for your outdated piece!

Abundance of scuffs/scrapes/holes

Quality furniture is a pretty amazing thing, as it can withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday life. If you are noticing that one of your pieces has been bombarded by the woes of life – such as holes in the upholstery, scuffs on the legs, scrapes on the arms of the piece – then it’s time to think about replacing it. While your handy duct tape will certainly cover up that new hole that’s in the upholstery, it’s also going to cause your furniture to be an absolute eyesore. Put away the duct tape, and start to seriously think about replacing your furniture piece.

Padding is worn down

Perhaps you have a case of the opposite thing happening to your furniture – namely, the upholstery, arms, legs, and basically everything else looks immaculate – yet it’s no longer comfortable to sit on. If the padding has worn down and you find that sitting on your furniture is giving you a back ache, this is indisputable proof that it’s time to replace your furniture. Stop using the excuse of, “it looks brand new,” because it doesn’t feel ‘brand new.’ Swing by our showroom and let us help today!

It’s literally ‘falling apart’

If your furniture is falling apart, we’re sorry to say but it doesn’t have personality – it’s still falling apart. We get it: over time, our furniture becomes a part of us, but unfortunately a day comes when we have to say, “goodbye,” to the furniture we love. Don’t put up with furniture that is falling apart, replace it with something that’s actually functional. Stop by today, and let us introduce you to the perfect replacement for your furniture that’s on its last leg (no pun intended, of course)!

How To Add Colour To Any Room

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If you think it’s difficult to add colour to your home’s spaces, think again. Adding colour to your home doesn’t have to take a lot of effort – in fact, it doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money. Below are a few tips and tricks you can use to implement loads of colour into the spaces of your home. Use them, and your home will transform from boring to fabulous in no time! If you have any questions or want to see how we can help you to add new colour to your room, stop by our showroom and let us help today!

Create a flow of colour

create a flow of colour

Not sure which colours you should add to a room? Take a look at the colours of the rooms connected to the room that needs a makeover. Decide which colour you like best from one of those rooms, and implement it in a different way. For example, if the centerpiece of the family room is a red sofa and you are wanting to add more colour to the dining room, consider adding red dining room chairs, wall art, and even multi-purpose shelves where you can hold decorative items, fine China, and so on. This will create a flow of colour that extends from one room to another; ideal if you have two linking rooms that you use for interlocked activities (e.g. eating in the dining room followed by entertaining in the family room).

Throw cushions and pillows

spruce up a room with throw pillows

Want a cheap and easy way to spruce up the family room and/or living room with a splash of cool colour? Add a few throw cushions and/or pillows to the room! This simple trick can literally transform the dullest room of the home into the brightest and most colourful, and will instantly lift the mood of the room. Be sure not to add too many throw cushions/pillows to the room, as it could create a colour mess that will add more of a feeling of confusion rather than happiness. Be conservative with implementing a throw cushion and/or pillow, and if possible, use colour patterns that mesh well will the room’s current look.

Additionally, adding throw cushions/pillows is also the perfect opportunity to create a flow of colour from one room to the next. If you thought you didn’t have options before, think again!You have several ways you can decorate, so get creative!

Colourful rugs

Using the same logic behind adding throw cushions and pillows, so too can you implement rugs to add a dash of colour to the rooms of your home. Since it’s Summer, it would be a fantastic idea to add a rug that implements colours of nature – such as a rug that utilizes bright greens or dazzling yellows. Get creative with your rug as choice, because no matter which colour you choose, it’s going to make a statement!

Centerpieces with colour

summer colour interior design decorating

Don’t be afraid to add new centerpieces to your rooms – just be sure they utilize popping colours to add flair to the room in question. Consider using metallic mirrors, colourful lamps (or any lighting fixture for that matter), decorative vases, and of course wall art that will not only give you a chance to implement new colours to your room, but will also be a talking point among your guests. As with all of our tips, get creative in your approach, and your room will feature new colours that will totally change the room’s dynamic!


Child Getting Married? Give The Gift Of Legacy Furniture

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When a child or loved one gets married, we want the bond to last a lifetime. Families and loved ones alike wish them many decades of happiness and success, making finding the perfect gift quite the challenge. We want to find a gift that encompasses the hopes and dreams we have for their marriage: durability, strength, and a lifetime of prosperity.

Finding such a gift doesn’t have to be a challenge – in fact, you can find such a gift right in our showroom! There is nothing more useful than buying furniture that your child truly needs – but don’t buy just any type of furniture, choose legacy furniture that will last a lifetime. It’s a simple thing that can help your child’s marriage start out strong, so stop by and see what we have in stock for you. Below are a few of the best legacy furniture pieces we have in stock – perfect for any happy couple!

Bedroom suites

As your child and their significant other transitions from the life of a bachelor/bachelorette to a married couple, one of the items they will need the most is a bedroom suite. Chances are, they don’t have suitable bedroom furniture for the both of them: a bed that is comfortable for the two of them, a dresser that will store both of their sets of clothing, a nightstand, mirror, the list goes on and on. Thus, it’s the perfect opportunity to not only buy them a bedroom suite that provides all of the essentials, but also ensure their bedroom suite is built to last.

bedroom suites for newlyweds

As with all things in this list, the materials used to build the furniture along with how the furniture is constructed make all the difference. Tell us what you have in mind, and we will show you what we have in stock. Rest assured, we have exactly what you are looking for!

Dining suites

The same ideology applies to a dining room suite. Whereas your child and their significant other probably doesn’t have everything they need in terms of a proper dining room for their home (i.e. sizeable dining room table, enough seating, etc.), this is the perfect time to not only purchase new dining room furniture for their home, but to also ensure it lasts forever. Whether they prefer stainless steel or a classic, wooden look, we have everything they could want and more!

dining room suites for newlyweds

Curio cabinets

The best furniture for a new married couple is not only durable, beautiful furniture that will last a lifetime, but also furniture that is versatile. This is where curio cabinets come in. No matter if your child and their significant other want to use the curio cabinet for storing fine China in their dining room or displaying little knick-knacks in the family room, there are multiple uses for this flexible piece of furniture.

curio cabinet

Home office suites

Is a home office a must for the newlyweds? Buy them a desk that will last a lifetime! As with any wood furniture, it’s imperative to ensure that the wood is of the highest quality and the construction is impeccable. This winning combination will ensure that the couple’s first desk as a married couple will stay with them for many years to come. Stop by our showroom, and we can help you to pick out the best legacy desk for your child and partner.

home office suites for newlyweds

Let’s not forget about an office chair to compliment the legacy desk! Invest in one of our durable leather office chairs, and your child will find that not only does the chair look stunning in their home office, but they will be amazed by how many years of service it will provide for them. Ensure the newlyweds stay productive with our amazing line of office furniture!

leather office chair

Ready to find the perfect gift for your child? Let us show you the perfect pieces we have for them. There’s something for everyone, so stop by today!

The Elegance Of Round Furniture

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We’re experiencing a ‘70’s Renaissance’ in terms of furniture trends, yet like every ‘retro chic’ trend, it’s met with a new age style. Thus, we’re getting the best of the 1970’s combined with a modern look that makes this latest trend completely original. The result? Elegant, round furniture that looks amazing no matter where it’s placed in the home. Take a look at some of the round furniture we have on display in our showroom, and stop by to see the beauty of these unique pieces in person!

Round bedding

round bed

We’ve mentioned this unique type of furniture in a previous post, but it bears repeating once more: if you want a unique bed for the bedroom, look no further than our funky round beds we have on display! These amazing pieces look absolutely stunning in any bedroom, and the best part of all? They take up less space than a normal bed. Add to the fact that these round beds are extremely comfortable and spacious, and you’ve got no reason at all why you shouldn’t consider this type of bedding for your next bed! Stop by today, lie down a while, and experience the difference!

Retro ottomans

round ottoman

If you need a new ottoman for your home, choose an item that provides just as much style as substance. Our new round ottomans have a 70’s retro vibe to them, and they go perfect with any type of décor in the home. You have to see these ottomans to believe them, and once you sit/prop your feet up on one of them? You will be convinced that your home cannot be without one of these stylish pieces. It’s certain to be a talking point at your home’s next social gathering, so visit us today to find out for yourself!

Round, luxury seating

round seating

Not all chairs are created equally. If you need a new chair for your home, consider one of our round, luxury chairs. Especially if you are pressed for space, most of our round chairs actually take up less space than a normal chair. Add to the fact that they look so unique (and of course, are incredibly comfortable), and one thing becomes apparent: this type of chair is perfect for any room of the home!

If you need new furniture but want something different, look no further: consider one of our ‘70’s inspired’ pieces of furniture for an original look you will fall in love with. It’s all on display in our showroom, so what are you waiting for? Pay us a visit today and browse our showroom for a while!

Bring Out The Best In Your Dining Room

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Dining room furniture is not created equally. Whereas you may think that purchasing a new dining room set is as simple as purchasing an appropriately large furniture with enough seating for your space, nothing could be further from the truth. Your dining room furniture sets the tone for the rest of your home in the same manner it does for the rest of your home. Thus, it’s vital that you choose the best dining room set for your home that compliments the rest of your spaces.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Stop by our showroom at your leisure, and discover the unique-yet-stunning dining room sets we have for your dining room. Below are just a few of the many stellar sets we have in store for you!

Glass dining room table

glass rectangle modern dinner dining table

Do you want a dining room table that’s functional, elegant, but a little different? Then you need to consider adding one of our glass dining room tables to your dining room. Especially if you are tired of typical wooden dining room tables, a glass dining room table may be just what you need. Add a set of white dining room chairs that layers perfectly with a glass table, and you not only have a look that is absolutely eye-catching, but you also have a functional dining room set that is conveniently easy to keep clean and maintained.

Round and rustic

rustic round dining room table

For those that want to utilize their spaces as much as possible in a stylish manner, a round and rustic dining room table may be the perfect piece for one’s dining room. Perfect for those that typically don’t have a houseful of guests on a regular basis, one of our round yet rustic dining room tables will look perfect in any space – not to mention it will free up a wealth of space in the room. Whether you want to add a new dining room table to your small apartment or you simply prefer smaller tables over larger ones, it’s hard to find such a table that isn’t more stylish than a rustic table!

Perfect addition to your bar

rustic round bar table

Okay, we get it: one of the reasons you want to save space in your dining room is because you want to add a side table for your dining room’s bar. First of all, that’s a great idea – and secondly, we have the perfect table for you! Adding to the overall rustic look, we have beautiful restoration hardware tables that use beautiful, rustic wood to create a look that everyone will be talking about. Complete with such a table are rustic stools that provide enough seating  for your guests while you enjoy your favourite beverages.

Nobody wants to use their dining room table as an extension of their bar, and this table fixes this problem perfectly. Whether your guests are over for a nightcap or you want a perfect spot for poker night, our rustic, round side tables are perfect for your needs. Stop by today, and let us show you what we can do for you!

70’s Furniture Trends Are Making A Serious Comeback

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It’s hard to believe it, but it’s true: the 1970’s are considered chic once again. It’s funny how trends come and go, especially since just a few years ago, the thought of trends from the 1970’s was enough to make almost anyone cringe a little. Even so, many of the trends from the decade have been given a modern facelift, creating a hybrid of unique furniture trends that’s a little modern, a little retro, but very cool.

Which modern 1970’s trends should you consider implanting into your own spaces? There are a few of them, actually. Below is everything you need to know about giving your home a retro-yet-modern facelift that is sure to impress.

Round beds

It’s a trend many thought would never return, but here it is: round beds are now in style, and they’re awesome. Out-of-the-ordinary furniture was the norm in the decade, especially in terms of curvy furniture (more on that in a moment). Alas, it’s one of the reasons why round beds were so popular, and because they’re making a comeback, we are happy to tell you that we have beautiful round beds that look like a blast from the past while remaining modern. If you have been looking for that new bed yet you want something a little different, one of our funky round beds may be perfect for your bedroom.

Bold metals

When you think about 70’s, one of the first things you probably think about is the colour of gold. Gold was everywhere in the 70’s: refrigerators, clothing, and of course, furniture upholstery. Gold isn’t the only metal that encompassed the 70’s, though: copper, brass, and other bold metals sealed their mark on the decade. Now, bold metals are back in style (thanks in part to the restoration hardware trend), making them perfect to decorate with. Consider layering bold, metal decorative pieces (such as a gold mirror or a small, brass statue) for maximum effect.

Curved furniture

Just as it happened in the 1970’s, we are growing tired of traditional furniture that have straight lines, no curves, and simply have a normal shape to them. Curvy furniture is making a big comeback; spend a few minutes in our showroom, and you will see for yourself. Curved sofas, dressers, coffee tables, the list goes on and on. ‘Curvy’ is in, so if you’re looking for something a little different for one of the rooms of your home, consider utilizing this cool trends into your home’s spaces!

Sofa beds are not just handy during the Summer, though – they’re great all-year round.

What To Look For In A Sofa Bed

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Do you plan on having company visit your home this Summer? Whether you do or you suspect that someone is going to be staying with you during the warmest months of the year, it’s a good idea to consider purchasing a sofa bed to give your guests a place to sleep. Sofa beds are not just handy during the Summer, though – they’re great all-year round. How many times have you unexpectedly had a guest, only to realize that you don’t have a comfortable space for them to sleep? Instead of giving up your bedroom and sleeping on your living room’s sofa just so they will be able to sleep in the most comfortable room in the home, give your guests a comfortable place to sleep via a sofa bed!

Buying a comfortable, quality sofa bed isn’t as easy as visiting our showroom, picking out a sofa bed that looks amazing, and getting it delivered to your home. You need to look for a few things to ensure you are purchasing the right sofa bed for your home’s spaces. Below are a few of the most important things you need to look for when buying a sofa bed for your upcoming guests.

The open/close mechanism

One of the most important aspects of any sofa bed lies in the opening/closing mechanism. A quality sofa bed shouldn’t be frustrating – opening and closing the mattress portion of the sofa bed should be as easy as opening and closing a window. It shouldn’t stick, feel flimsy, nor should you have to ‘wrestle with it’ in order to open and close it. With one quick pull and push, your sofa bed’s mattress should be able to be inserted and expanded without any problems.

Mattress quality

Another important part of purchasing a sofa bed, it’s crucial that your sofa bed’s mattress should also be very comfortable (which goes without saying). It shouldn’t just feel comfortable though: it should also support all parts of the body, from the back to the hips to the lower back and so on. While a mattress top will add a little more support to the mattress, ultimately you need to…

Test the mattress

Set up the mattress, lie down on it, and see for yourself how comfortable it can be. Don’t be shy when you go to a showroom: lie down on the mattress for a few minutes and get the full experience. Does the frame of the sofa bed stick into your back or sides? Does the mattress feel a little flat, or does it feel full, firm, and comfortable? Answer all of these questions for yourself; better yet, bring someone with you to get a second opinion. If you feel comfortable lying on the mattress for a few minutes, chances are your guests are going to have a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Save The HST On Pinnacle Studio Furniture!

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We’ve already told you about the miracle of Pinnacle Studio furniture, and how you need to stop by our showroom to have any questions answered about this exciting new addition to the Guaranteed A Fine Furniture family. It will also give you an opportunity to look at the Pinnacle Studio pieces we have available, and it’s a guarantee that your head is going to be turning. Nearly everyone that walks by our Pinnacle Studio displays stops in their tracks, feasts their eyes on these magnificent furniture pieces, and admires them. They can’t help but take in the craftsmanship, the style, the colours, and the beauty of Pinnacle Studio furniture.

pinnacle studio furniture

To say Pinnacle Studio furniture is popular here at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture is an understatement. Many of our customers want these fine pieces in their family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and even the spaces of their office. With Pinnacle Studio furniture being in such high demand, we wanted to make our Pinnacle Studio pieces even more special.

That’s why we are pleased to announce that when you purchase a Pinnacle Studio piece, you will also save on the HST!

Yes, you read that correctly: when you purchase any Pinnacle Studio piece, you will not have to pay the HST on your purchase. It’s tax season, and whether you are getting a tax refund or you have to pay in to the CRA, we want to give everyone the opportunity to save big on Pinnacle Studio furniture. Whether you have more money in your pocket thanks to your tax refund or your tax balance has left you with less than you had yesterday, everyone deserves a chance to save on this amazing furniture.

Whether you are looking for stylish, simple, and beautiful furniture for your family room (Pinnacle’s Cuddle line) or you need bold, professional furniture that gives your spaces an added dose of confidence (Pinnacle’s M-Series), we urge you to stop by and experience the beauty of Pinnacle Studio furniture. If you find something you like (and we can almost guarantee that you will), take advantage of our ‘Save the HST’ event and save even more. You’ve trusted us with supplying amazing furniture for over 50 years, and we’re proving once again why Guaranteed A Fine Furniture is the only logical place to purchase the best furniture in Windsor!