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KiliKlimb 2015

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Our very own Richard along with 2 esteemed colleagues climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania last year. They climbed it to raise funds and awareness for organ donation. A film was created about their adventure and will be played at Lakeshore Cinemas on April 27. Book it in your calendars!

Mount Kilimanjaro Climb Feature Film Windsor

Implement These Spring Colours Into Your Home’s Décor!

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Ah, Springtime: a season that makes us ecstatic that Winter is right behind us, and excited that Summer is on the horizon. It’s a season in which everyone becomes excited about life again. It means no more gloomy days stuck inside the home, no more depressing afternoons of looking outside at the dead plant life, and most importantly, it’s the end of depressingly cold weather (that is, until the next Winter rolls around).

With so many new beginnings happening around this time each year, Spring is the perfect time to redecorate your home with the colours of the season. What colours should add to your home’s décor? Take a look at our helpful tips below. Have any questions? Stop by our showroom and ask one of our decorating experts!

Use greens

Spring creates a sense of rejuvenation, rebirth, and new beginnings – so what better colour to implement into your home than green tones? Signifying the growth of grass, the reemergence of plant life, and the beautiful green crops we can start growing in our backyards, if there was ever a colour that would be the posterchild for Spring, it’s green.

It also helps that green is an extremely flexible colour. Whether you want to implement bright green tones, middle-of-the-road green tones, or even darker green tones, decorating with all types of greens is perfect for the Spring! Consider layering your décor with other colours of Spring for that perfect Springtime look!

A foundation of deep blue

Another Springtime colour that’s synonymous with the season, you need to consider adding blues – specifically the deep blue tone – into your home’s décor. It’s hard to find a colour that’s stronger yet more welcoming than deep blue; the tone says, ‘hello,’ while acting as the foundation for the other Springtime colours added to the décor. Perfect for layering with bright reds and other energetic hues, blue should be the staple of your Spring redecoration plans!


What do we look forward to the most in Spring? For most people, it’s the sunshine – so implement yellow hues into your Spring home décor plans. Yet unlike the other colours in this list, too much of the colour can actually have a negative effect on your home’s design. Yellow may be one of the best Spring colours you can add into your home’s décor, but you should use it sparingly. We suggest using yellow tones for layering rather than making it the foundation of a room. While adding a yellow picture frame or a vase can make your room ‘pop,’ painting an entire wall yellow probably isn’t a great idea.

That’s the unique yet awesome thing about yellow – you don’t have to use a lot to make a strong statement!


Yes, you read that correctly – grey tones are perfect for ringing in the new season! While greys are typically used in the colder months (i.e. fall and winter), design trends state that isn’t the case any longer. You see, grey tones make the perfect foundation for layering brighter, more traditional Spring colours on top of them. For example, consider adding a grey rug to the center of your bedroom, then decorate the rest of the room with bright, ‘Springish’ furniture into the mix, such as an orange chair, a Rose Quartz couch cover for your sofa (it’s the perfect Spring colour and Pantone’s Colour of the Year, so you have even more reason to utilize it), or simply bright, green drapes.

Grey tones bring out the very best in brighter colours. It’s perfect for adding into your home’s colour mix this Spring season, so try it out and see how it looks in your home. Chances are, you will absolutely love it!

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Furniture Shine

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Spring is in the air yet again – and like every year, Spring couldn’t have come sooner. It’s time to say goodbye to Winter and hello to these warmer (but likely rainier) Spring months. Although it means the weather is nicer than it’s been over the past few months, it also means it’s time for the dreaded Spring cleaning ritual.

Yes, it’s time to make your home – and especially your furniture – shine once again. But don’t fret! Simply follow our Spring cleaning tips below, and make your furniture shine like new along with the rest of your home!

Work from top-to-bottom

Now let’s talk about dust – and let us tell you, plenty of it has built up over the Winter season! Before you start focusing on cleaning other aspects of the home (specifically, your furniture’s upholstery), clean your home top-to-bottom – or, from the highest point of your home’s spaces (e.g. the ceiling, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.) to the lower points of the home (e.g. your flooring). It makes sense when you think about it. With all of the dust, grime, and dirt being cleaned in your spaces, you don’t want to ‘dirty up’ the areas you’ve already cleaned just because you cleaned your floors before focusing on the higher points of your house.

Clean from top-to-bottom, and you will only have to clean everything once!

Clean your upholstery

While you have been cooped up for the Winter, your furniture’s upholstery has absorbed an abundance of oil, dirt, grime, and all of those other nasty things. This includes using appropriate wood cleaning substances to clean your wood furniture (and using wood cleaning supplies that will not harm said furniture) and intensely vacuuming your furniture’s upholstery via a carpet cleaner (or a variant of it). Moreover, be sure to clean every inch of your floors – especially under your furniture.

Of course, not all furniture can be cleaned in the same manner. Stop by our showroom today and let us know what type of furniture you have in your own. This will allow us to tell you exactly how to properly clean it remains undamaged.

Still not feeling comfortable? Hire a professional to do it for you. After your furniture has been cleaned, be sure to open your windows to speed up the drying process (which can mean the difference between your furniture taking hours or days to be completely dried and ready for you to sit on it).

De-clutter your home

You would be surprised how many unneeded items you accrue during the Winter: old magazines, mail you haven’t sorted, the list goes on and on. These items typically litter our family rooms, living rooms – essentially, the areas we sit around the most. Organizing and throwing away the clutter around your furniture is one of the best ways to invigorate your home and make your spaces feel like new again. Spring is the season for rejuvenation, and de-cluttering is the best way to bring this feeling to your home!

Why You Should Consider The Urban Lifestyle Look For Your Home

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Are you considering decorating your home, yet you can’t settle on a particular style? Then you need to choose one of the biggest trends in decorating that isn’t going away anytime soon: the urban lifestyle look. A style that is exciting, fresh, and bubbling with personality, it’s a particular style of decorating that adds new life to any home. Stop by and visit our showroom at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture today, and browse our fine selections of urban lifestyle furniture (and look forward to our new Urban Studio section – coming soon!). Still on the fence? Below are a few reasons why the urban lifestyle look needs to be implemented into your home today!


There is something truly timeless about the bold, brown tones of a wood coffee table and the strong, brass look of a hanging living room mirror. Although many of these items were in people’s homes over a hundred years ago, they still have a sense of class and style that transcends both the years and fashions. These items look just as amazing today as they did back then, and all signs point to this being the case decades from now as well. While it’s great to update your home based on a modern trend, longevity of that style is vital: thankfully, the urban lifestyle look will be around for years to come.

Rugged yet unique

Most of us would love for our home décor to make a bold statement. We don’t want weak décor around the while, nor do we want our guests to think that we don’t have strong decorating sense. The urban lifestyle look fixes all of those things. Implementing a rugged, wooden chair or a metallic dining room set is one of the best ways to give your home the strong look you’ve been looking for. It’s also a great, rugged look that is always eye catching, making it worthy of your consideration.

Conversation starters

When someone walks into your home and notices your dining room set has a bench instead of two chairs, it’s only natural that everyone asks you about it. The beauty of the urban lifestyle look is that while it’s trendy, timeless, and rugged, it’s also very simple by design. It doesn’t take much effort to transform your home from appearing out-of-date to capturing the essence of a log cabin or farm house – plus, it will make your guests feel very comfortable. Want to bring positive vibes to your home? Decorate with the urban lifestyle look.


rustic wall shelf mirror

We’ve hinted at this point already, but we need to confirm it: the urban lifestyle look is arguably the most flexible trend in home décor. By simply adding furniture that looks worn and weathered, you will be bringing a look to your home that is absolutely stunning. Use your imagination, stop by our store, and let your mind wander with the possibilities!

We Have The Urban Lifestyle Look You Are Looking For!

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One of the hottest trends in home décor is also one of the most flexible looks you can give your home. It’s also a trend that has the longest shelf life, and if you want a look that is going to continue to look just as stunning years from now as it will today, then the urban lifestyle look is for you. Here at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we are on the cusps of opening a new section of our store called ‘Urban Studio’ – the destination if you want that rugged, classic look. Until then, take a look at a few of our urban furniture below, and get a head start on decorating today!

Dining room set with a pew

bench pew dining room set

We mentioned this in a previous post, but it bears mentioning again – especially since this is such a splendid set. If you haven’t seen our rustic dining room set that features a pew that feels right at home in a Sunday morning church service 50-years ago, we urge you to stop by our show and check it out. Featuring a beautiful, brow hue, stellar craftsmanship in regards to the legs of the table (the designs of the legs must be seen to fully appreciate), and an overall look that feels right at home in a log cabin, this rustic, wooden dining room set is the perfect addition to your urban lifestyle décor.

All-metal dining room set

rustic metal wood-look dining room table

Want evidence the rustic lifestyle look is flexible? Then check out our all-metal dining room set that has a true, 50’s vibe to it. Especially if you’re looking for something beyond the rustic, wood look, this metal set is not only perfect for that urban look, but it’s also a classy addition to roughly any home’s dining room as well. If you want a bold, strong dining room set that is certain to make an impression, this is the one for you!

Rustic shelf/mirror combo

rustic wall shelf mirror

Enough dining room sets – let’s look at a unique addition that is sure to make your home feel like a cottage. We have a rustic shelf/mirror combo that truly feels like it belongs in the film The Hobbit, giving it a cozy, raw feeling to your home that’s difficult to replicate. This shelf is perfect for those little knickknacks you haven’t found a place for, and because it also features a mirror, it’s a great way to make your room look bigger by strategically bouncing light off of it. It looks like a window but doubles as a shelf and mirror, making it a truly compelling-yet-functional decoration!

Give Your Home The Urban Lifestyle Look – Only At Guaranteed A Fine Furniture

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Do you want to give your home a makeover – perhaps a look that’s modern yet rugged and timeless? Then prepare yourself, as Guaranteed A Fine Furniture is getting ready to reconfigure a section of their store and naming it, ‘Urban Studio.’ Your one-stop shop for a rugged, timeless, and chic look for your home’s spaces, it’s the best way to give your home a touch of class while giving it a modern look.

But you don’t have to wait until then. We already have a few items in our inventory that give your home that urban lifestyle feeling you’ve been looking for. Check out a few of our many items below, and start the process of transforming your home today!

Unique, rugged twist on dining room sets

Not all dining room sets are created equally. Moreover, not all dining room sets will give your dining room that unique, rugged look that you are looking for. If you want a unique dining room set that will give your space a classic, rugged look from days gone by, then we have the perfect thing for you: a dining room set complete with a pew-like bench!

bench pew dining room set

Pews are not perfect for just sitting in church – they’re also extremely functional for the dining room. Rugged yet modern, it’s the perfect way to ensure you have enough seating while giving your space a unique look that guests won’t be able to stop talking about – and if you have children? They will love sitting on this bench!

Rustic end tables

rustic end table

Looking for an extra end table? Don’t simply buy a generic end table that’s going to be quickly overlooked by guests – buy one that really ‘pops!’ The beauty of the urban lifestyle look is that it’s flexible and perfect for any room of the home – especially when it comes to end tables. If you want an end table that is going to look absolutely magnificent and beautiful with a rustic touch, we have plenty for you to choose from!

Coffee tables from a bygone era

rustic timeless coffee table

Nothing sets the tone of a living room and a family room quite like a coffee table. It’s the easiest way to bring a touch of elegance to the room, and one of the best ways to make a statement. Luckily, we have plenty of coffee tables that give off that cool urban lifestyle vibe you are looking for; bold, rugged, rustic, yet timeless. Stop by our showroom today, and let us assist you in finding the perfect urban lifestyle décor!

When You Need Kid-Friendly Upholstery, You Need Sunbrella

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Whether you have children, pets, a combination of the two, or you simply want furniture that is guaranteed to be washable and durable, you need upholstery that can stand the test of time. Furniture is an investment, and it is imperative that you can properly maintain your investment so it can be a part of your family for years to come. Moreover, you need upholstery that can withstand anything your home throws at it: accidental spills, claw marks, or the occasional ‘impulsive artistic endeavor’ on the side of your furniture, courtesy of your youngest child.

When you need upholstery of this caliber, you need Sunbrella – and that’s why here at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we are pleased to feature them.

Originally designed for outdoor use, the great minds at Sunbrella have brought their revolutionary approach to outdoor upholstery into the living room. Utilizing amazing colour and designs, the rugged nature of Sunbrella upholstery has been combined with gorgeous indoor upholstery that allows your furniture to look beautiful and elegant while being as tough as your patio furniture. When you need furniture upholstery that is protected from whatever life throws your way while ensuring the beauty remains intact, there’s arguably no better brand than Sunbrella.

Are you afraid that your little one is going to spill his/her favourite juice drink on your new furniture? With Sunbrella furniture, there’s no reason to worry. Because Sunbrella fabrics are always treated with our fluorocarbon finish, most of the liquid is repelled; for the rest of the mess, simply spot clean with a mild soap to finish the job. There’s no need to worry about your pet jumping onto your furniture’s upholstery with muddy paws or having accidents either, because thanks to Sunbrella’s amazing upholstery, cleaning and removing such eyesores is as simple as sweeping and spot cleaning.

What are you waiting for? When you need furniture that can handle anything that your family throws at it, you need the power of Sunbrella fabrics. Stop by our showroom today, and let us introduce you to the Sunbrella family!

The Fifty Shades Of Grey Bed – Only At Guaranteed A Fine Furniture!

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To say that Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the most popular franchises of the decade is an understatement: without being hyperbolic, it’s realistic to say that Fifty Shades of Grey is an international phenomenon. From the series of novels that have captivated millions of readers around the world to the film that garnered over $500-million worldwide, the risqué themes, the captivating characters, and the sexy plot have made Fifty Shades of Grey more than a story – it’s become an experience!

Christian Grey's bed in 50 Shades of Grey


Here at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we’ve seen the impact of Fifty Shades of Grey for ourselves, as the tale’s famous bed – the Hero Bed – is one of our best sellers. It is such a huge seller that it feels as if the moment we a new shipment of the bed arrives at our warehouse, they’ve already sold out. It’s become a rinse-and-repeat scenario: order more, they’re sold out almost instantly, order more, etc.

The good news is that as long as there is a demand for this bed, we will continue to keep it in stock as best as we can. Who can blame anyone for wanting the Hero Bed, anyway? Quite simply, it’s a jaw-dropping bed that must be seen to be fully appreciated. With four bed posts that look as if they were sculpted out of the finest pieces of wood to a bold bedframe that is the definition of elegance, the Hero Bed is truly an amazing piece of art. We choose to call it that too, because in addition to the leather upholstery of this one-of-a-kind bed, we firmly believe that it is a piece of craftsmanship that is in a class of its own.

That’s the beauty of the Hero Bed: not only is it the dream bed of those fascinated by the Fifty Shades of Grey series and culture, but it’s a beautiful bed in its own right. Even if you have no interest in reading and/or watching anything related to the franchise, the Hero Bed is a bed that almost anyone would love to have in their bedroom. The best part of all? Here at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we carry it.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by our showroom today!

Is The Restoration Hardware Look Gone In 2016?

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Resoundingly, we can say that, “no,” the restoration hardware look is not going anywhere in 2016 – nor is it going out of style anytime soon. With the antique market bigger than ever, it seems like everyone is trying to give their home’s spaces an old world, timeless look. Below are a few of the best examples regarding why the restoration hardware look isn’t going anywhere (and tips to use these design ideas for yourself).

Decorating with metals

Leading the pack in the restoration hardware trend are metals – especially metals that give spaces a rugged, old look. You can usually find metal art around any business that specializes in decorations, and they are worth considering implementing into your home. From big, black metal art that looks like it was created in the hands of a welder to even lamps that utilize big, bold metals (more on those in a moment), it’s easy to decorate by introducing metals to your home. Use your imagination, and your home will look beautiful.

‘Coffee’ isn’t a mainstay

While this isn’t to say that the coffee colour is out of style in 2016, it isn’t the leading brown colour any longer. People are opting for lighter browns in 2016 – especially brown tones that appear a little more rugged. Medium-to-light browns give off a leather look (perfect for encompassing that rugged, restoration hardware feeling) while other browns such as cherry and are another great option for integrating browns into your spaces. The restoration hardware look is supposed to feel warm and vintage-yet-timeless: unfortunately for ‘coffee,’ it’s dark, bold colour can take away from the vibe you are trying to set. For maximum effect in regards to purchasing brown furniture, think a little more ‘leather,’ a little less ‘coffee.’

Bold gold

Bold golds, bronzes, and other deep colours that feel rustic has been one of the hottest home décor trends for years: and in 2016, this restoration hardware look isn’t going anywhere. People are especially having a lot of success in getting that vintage, rustic feel by integrating bold metals into their home (i.e. gold, silver, bronze – they’re all fair game). Even so, these bold, metallic colours look great anywhere in the home. Don’t want to add so many metals? No problem!

From adding wallpaper with a golden stripe/pattern or you want to implement bronze drape ties know that these little touches can make a huge difference in the vibe of your home. In truth, that’s the beauty of decorating with these special metallic colours: by making simple changes such as adding a silver vase, bronze photo frames, gold curtains, and the like, you can transform the tone of your home for the better.

Want even more tips on how to integrate the rustic hardware look into your own home? Stop by our showroom today and let us help!

Spring Decor Trends For 2016

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While spring may feel like a lifetime away, the truth is that it’s not as far off as it feels. Spring will be here sooner than we think, and as such it will be time to decorate your home with the most popular spring trends of 2016. What trends should you keep your eyes on this year? Take a look below.

Utilizing blue and white

Blue and white are already becoming very popular décor trends for 2016.

Blue and white are already becoming very popular décor trends for 2016.

The colours we use in spring become popular colours to use during the bleak-and-dreary seasons (we’re looking at you, winter). As such, blue and white are already becoming very popular décor trends for 2016 – and their popularity is only going to increase this spring. There is nothing more comforting than feeling like you are relaxing on the beach, and incorporating blue and white will make you feel like you are sitting on the beach, enjoying the warm sun, and watching the waves crash down as you forget about the stresses of life.

Perfect for decorating in a bedroom setting, simply decorating with bold blue colours on a white sheet set will suffice. And, because all-white furniture is becoming popular in 2016, simply layering furniture with bold blue colours is all it takes to incorporate this exciting trend.

Colours of nature

Calming colours are the big trend of 2016, and nature colours are leading the pack.

Calming colours are the big trend of 2016, and nature colours are leading the pack.

There is a naturalism and minimalism trend taking place as we speak, and it’s the reason why utilizing the natural colours one would find in nature is becoming so popular. There is something calming about incorporating real-world colours into one’s home, as it makes spaces feel ‘real’ and not synthetic. Consider incorporating nature-inspired colours such as forest greens, bold reds that give the feeling of sunshine hitting the wall, and again, bold blues that encompass the natural beauty of clean, clear water from a stream in the wild. Calming colours are the big trend of 2016, and nature colours are leading the pack.

Incorporating suede

Suede is back in style.

Suede is back in style.

There is a late 70s/early 80s vibe that is returning to the fashion world – meaning that suede is back in style. A cool spin on one of the colours that dominated the 1970s, this unique colour is one of the best ways to add a little warmth to a dull, white room. If you are in the market for new furniture, you should especially consider suede furniture to decorate your spaces, as it will certainly liven up your room and make it exciting once again.

For help with your home décor needs, stop by our showroom and let us assist you any way we can!