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Home Happenings: 4 Tips on How To Choose A Quality Area Rug From Guaranteed A Fine Furniture.

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Area Rug

An area rug in contrasting colour can add a pop of colour to a room

By Richard

If you have just finished redoing a room’s interior design and find that something is missing, odds are what the room needs is an area rug. An area rug is the perfect element to help tie the décor of a room together, helping to bring balance to the space and create a harmonious feel. However, choosing the right area rug is important. Throwing down an area rug that isn’t the right size or style can do more harm than good. The following are four things to keep in mind when choosing an area rug:

. The materials – Where your rug will be placed is a huge factor in what material you should look for. If you plan on putting your area rug in a space that experiences a lot of foot traffic, you’ll want something that is more durable. Materials that will last a long time include high quality wool, which not only wears well but will also look better as it ages, and silk.

Area Rug

Even neutral coloured area rugs can adds life to a room.

. The size of the rug – Size is a huge factor in how well your rug will work in any given room. If its too big, it will swallow up the entire space, whereas if it’s too small, it will look like it was left there by accident. The size of the rug will depend on where and how you use it. Rugs in the dining room should be large enough to accommodate the dining room table as well as the chairs. You won’t want the back legs of your chairs to fall off of the rug. If you need a rug for the hallway, measure it so that none of the furniture in the hallway will rest on it. If you are placing it in the living room, just make sure your coffee table will fit on it properly.


area rug

Area rugs are the perfect accessory to any room.

. The cost of the rug – Obviously, if you have a small budget, then you’ll be somewhat limited to how much you can spend on an area rug. However, this doesn’t mean that if budget is no factor that you should splurge on the most expensive area rug that you can find. A rug that is cheaper than all the furniture in your room is going to look out of place, but so is a rug that is more expensive than all the furniture in your room. A good indicator of how much you should pay for your rug is how much you paid for your couch.

Area Rug

Don’t forget to consider texture when considering an area rug

. The style of the rug – There are tons of styles to choose from, and much of it will depend on your taste as well as the rest of your décor. Generally, neutral styled area rugs work best in contemporary or modern style rooms. Rugs with floral or striped designs work well for a more casual look. Oriental style rugs work better in more traditional style rooms.

An area rug can be a great addition to your interior design, as long as you pick up the right area rug for the space you need it in. Use these four tips to help determine what kind of area rug you need.

Home Happenings: Ideas for Decorating a Kitchen with Contemporary Style

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Chrome Kitchen Table

A chrome kitchen table with leather chairs are sure to make a statement

By Richard

Stylish Metal and More

A kitchen that is decorated with contemporary style is not cold and unwelcoming. On the contrary, it can be quite warm and very inviting. The look is minimalist, but it does not have to be sterile and unappealing like a garage or an unfinished loft. Learn new ideas for decorating a kitchen with contemporary style, and add one-of-a-kind furnishings, storage solutions and more.


Kitchen Table

Brushed Metal Table with glass is a great contemporary design

Consider a Table and Chairs with Unique Contemporary Style

When seeking ideas for decorating a kitchen with contemporary style, begin with new furnishings. Consider a table and chair set designed from stainless or chrome metal. It will provide function as well as form, and it will add visual interest and amazing appeal. Select a set with punched designs to add more style and visual flair. Punched and grinded metal adds a touch of design without going outside of the boundaries of true contemporary style. You can also seek out metallic top finishes, or glass with metal. Your options are limitless.

Kitchen Accessories

This powerful red vase with faux green plant would be a perfect match to your contemporary style kitchen

Add a Little Colour with Live or Faux Plants

A kitchen with contemporary style does not have to be void of colour. However, it should not be splashed with every colour of the rainbow. Consider adding a little colour with live plants. Select one blooming plant in a colour of your choice, and use it as the focal piece when decorating a countertop or the dining table. Since it will be one of very few items of colour in the kitchen, all eyes will be drawn toward it. In accordance with true contemporary style, consider planting a blooming flower in a plain metal container with a plain matte finish. A small brushed metal or chrome bucket without added embellishments is ideal when it lined with stone to provide adequate drainage.

Chrome Shelving

Chrome Shelving can be added to any kitchen


Repurpose Heavy Metal Cabinets, Shelves and More

When decorating and furnishing a kitchen with contemporary style, search for a set of old metal lockers and metal shelf units with metal drawers. The sleeker the lockers are, the better they will mesh with the style of the kitchen. They should look as if they came from a factory locker room, and it does not matter if the paint is stressed. This adds to the patina as well as the decorating style of the kitchen. They can be used to hold everything from canned goods to notepads. Use metal shelf units with drawers for additional kitchen storage space. Besides decorating the kitchen with contemporary style, both of these solutions will provide a lot of extra storage space.

Chrome Kitchen Accessory

Add some flare to your kitchen with a chrome rolling bar!

These are just some of the many ways to begin decorating a kitchen with contemporary style. Drop by our store, Guaranteed A Fine Furniture at 4735 Tecumseh Road. East Windsor, Ontario and we will help you pick your contemporary kitchen décor and accessories. In addition to the above, we have amazing wall art and table accessories.

Home Happenings:Create a Timeless Look with the Right Bedroom Furniture

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By Richard

Bedroom Sets

Modern Designs are perfect for your bedroom

Perhaps more than any other room in the house, the furniture you choose for the bedroom can really set the right tone. That is why it is so important to choose pieces that are beautiful, timeless and of the highest quality.

No matter what type of home you have, the bedroom lends itself well to a more modern style. There are many wonderful pieces of modern bedroom furniture that look at home in any setting – from a cozy guest bedroom to a spacious master suite.

Bedroom Sets

Add a dramatic carpet to set off your bedroom suite

Choosing the Right Pieces

Finding the right furniture for the bedroom can be one of the most challenging parts of decorating your home. Whether you are decorating a brand new home or updating the style of an existing one, the bedroom is perhaps the most critical part of the process. You want to choose pieces that have a modern feel, but also a classic and timeless look.

Going with the latest trend may make you happy for a few years, but those trendy pieces can quickly start to show their age. Choosing modern furniture with a timeless style will give you the best value in the long run.


It’s important that the suite you pick fits the space that it is going into.

Measuring the Space
One of the smartest things you can do when decorating the bedroom is carefully measure the space you have available. Many homeowners fail to take this first step, only to end up with furnishings that are too large or too small for the room. Measuring the room ahead of time allows you to model the finished room – you can experiment with various furniture placements before actually putting those pieces in the room.

Once you know how much space you have available, you can start to look at various furnishings and accessories. The bed will obviously be the centrepiece of the room, and choosing the right style is essential. A quality North American-made bed in a modern yet timeless style can serve as an anchor to the remaining pieces of furniture. That modern style can then carry over into the other pieces you choose – from the dressing table and side chairs to accessories like mirrors and decorative panels.

bedroom suites

Wrought and Wood is a classic combination.

Caring for Your Furniture Properly
A carefully chosen set of modern North American bedroom furniture is no small investment, and it is important to protect your purchase properly. You can start by reading the care instructions that come with each piece and following them precisely. Some types of wood and styles of finish require special care, so you may need to clean them differently than you did with your old bedroom furniture. Caring for the finish properly is the best way to make those pieces last and look great years from now.

Making that care a normal part of your cleaning routine is the best way to keep those modern North American furnishings looking their best. Frequent light cleanings can be much more effective, and much less damaging, than occasional deep cleaning. Bedroom furniture is an investment that should last for years – and you need to treat your precious investment with care.

bedroom suites

Coming home to a beautiful bedroom is good for the body and soul

Drop by today! Guaranteed A Fine Furniture is located at  4735 Tecumseh Road. East Windsor, Ontario and let us show you how to create the perfect bedroom for you.

Have a great day. Richard.

Home Happenings: A Guide to Shopping for a New Sofa

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Sofas for everyday living.

By Richard Venettilli

A new sofa can refresh the look and feel of an entire room without requiring an exorbitant investment of time or money. Whether your goal is to make a room more attractive and stylish or simply to ensure that you are comfortable while relaxing at home, a new sofa can get the job done. That is not to say, however, that the same sofa will work in every situation. Keeping these principles in mind while shopping for a new sofa can help ensure that you are pleased with your purchase.


From classic to contemporary, we have a sofa for everyone


Sofas today are available in a wide variety of different styles, designs, colours and materials. Whether you prefer a traditional or a sectional sofa, you can find options to suit virtually any taste or decorating preference. Keep in mind the space you have available when choosing the style of your new couch; some styles can accentuate a limited amount of space, while others can make a large, open area feel more cozy.


Pattern sofas make a unique decorating statement


Of course, your new sofa’s brand will likely be the factor that has the biggest impact on the amount of money you spend. For that reason, your budget will likely limit to some degree the brands you consider. In many cases, of course, you do get what you pay for – a high-end (and therefore more expensive) brand is likely to last well, maintaining a sharp, pristine appearance even after years of wear. That is not to say, however, that all off-brand sofas are a waste of money. If you check online reviews from a brand’s prior owners, you will improve your odds of finding a sofa that is both affordable and high-quality.

Leather Sofa

Leather Sofas create a sleek look


Although the frame of your new sofa may not be as noticeable as its style and shape and the material with which it is covered, the type of frame you choose can still have a significant impact on both the sofa’s appearance and its durability. Hardwood frames are a classic choice that is still beautiful and long-lasting. However, more modern materials, such as metal and fibreglass, are becoming quite popular as well – and they can be crafted into uniquely artistic furniture. Fibreboard and plastic frames, however, will generally only last for a relatively short period of time.


Unique styling sofas


Finally, you should also consider features of a sofa that might not be readily apparent at first glance. For example, you should try sitting and even lying on the sofa for a few minutes before you buy it to ensure that it is comfortable and that it suits your build. If you notice any protruding springs or awkward angles digging uncomfortably into your back, keep looking for a model you prefer. You should also try a variety of different fillings to decide which you prefer. You might be surprised just how many options you have when choosing a sofa filling; popular options include polyester fibre, goose down, various types of foam and feathers. Whichever you prefer, take your time to try it out thoroughly before buying. After all, no matter how great your new sofa looks, you will soon start to hate it if it is too uncomfortable to use.


Creating Your Bedroom Oasis

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White and Navy make a wonderful combination

By Richard Vennettilli

When we look at the rooms in our houses, what room is more special than the master bedroom? It is the place where we spend our most intimate time with the person we love—or at least we hope we are. And after a long and exhausting day, we all want to rest in a bedroom that oozes calm and serenity. Today, we look at creating an oasis-style bedroom.

Let us at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture show you the way:

Beds: I have already done a blog on how to pick the perfect mattress, and I am including the link here. But I’m talking headboards and footboards now. If you are looking to create an easy and breezy bedroom, you’ll want to pick a bedroom headboard and footboard that have some natural elements. The headboard may be covered in leather or soft fabric or a light-coloured wood such as bamboo.

Lovely make up table is perfect for an oasis bedroom

For the oasis look, you would want a minimalist style in which the lines are sleek and there is not a great deal of appliqué.

Your bedding should be light-textured to keep the airiness in the room. You’ll want to layer your patterns. Go ahead and mix your stripes with florals, but be sure that they are in complementary hues. Or add a lace bedcover to your rustic-style bed, or use a bed ruffle instead of a bed skirt as an alternative that adds whimsy to the room.

Have you tried bamboo bedsheets? They are fabulous, and there is no softer fabric.

Bedroom Furniture

Oasis Wall Art…set the tone for serene bedroom experience

Walls: For an oasis bedroom, you are going to want to choose a paint colour in soft pastel tones such as sea-foam green, light beige, or even white. Or you are going to want to adopt a navy blue–and-white colour combination. Your wall decor should be beach-inspired in contrasting colours to the walls.

Bedroom Furniture

Island Inspiration

Artwork: I have taken some pictures of some of the artwork in our store that would add to an oasis bedroom.

Floors: If you are going with a light-coloured wall, there is no reason why you can’t go with a darker-coloured floor. If you have hardwood, you may want to choose a deep espresso for contrast. If you have old floors and want to paint them, you can choose a navy blue if your walls are white or near-white to create that ocean feel. If you are a carpet fan, you can look at a darker rug. You are going to need to give the room some drama, and the floor is a great place to start. If you decided to go with the navy wall, you may want to stick with a light-coloured floor.

Bedroom Furniture

Light Coloured Lamps will certainly put the room together

Lamps: Lighting is everything in a bedroom. In keeping with the minimalist theme, I would suggest lamps that have either clear or light colured glass or brushed nickel bases.

Bedroom Furniture

This shell lamp creates the right ambience in oasis bedroom

Little details: You’ll want to pick those pieces that add detail and charm to the room but are still inspired by nature, such as filling candleholders with decorative sand, shells, or leaves.
Accessories can really add to the overall ambience of a room. Don’t forget to add small vases, marine-inspired figurines, and flowers!

Oasis Accessories

Oasis Style Accessories

bedroom furniture

This vase adds just the right amount of colour to any light coloured room

Furniture Store

Spring Cleaning: Simple Tips for Getting Rid of the Clutter in Your Home

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Furniture Store

Spring has Sprung at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture where we give sound advice on home decor tips and furniture selctions

        Whether you’re a pack rat or you’ve just been a bit busy lately, it’s easy to let your home become unorganized.  A pile of junk mail here.  A stash of magazines there.  Before you know it, you’re drowning in a sea of clutter and you’re not sure how to swim out of it.  Fortunately, it is possible to regain control of the chaos with a little organizational know-how and spring is a great time to start anew. Here are some simple tips for getting rid of the clutter in your home:

1.     Take it one step at a time. 

        If the mess has gotten out of hand, you might feel intimidated at the thought of tidying everything up.  You may even feel like abandoning the idea of organization entirely.  Looking at the big picture will probably be seem too daunting.  Instead, try breaking down your overall organization project into smaller tasks.  For example, if your closet looks like a disaster area, you might take a day to sort through your clothes and donate the ones you don’t want to charity.  Another day you could get rid of all the expired food items that are cluttering up your pantry.  By focusing on one chore per day, you’ll prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.  Take things a step at a time and you’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish in only a week or two.
2.     Start with a clean slate. 

        Once you’ve gotten rid of the major clutter culprits in your home, you need to ask yourself an important question: Is your main issue the mess or the dirt?  If it’s the latter, giving your house a good cleaning can go a long way toward giving you a more organized mindset.  Think about it:  Doesn’t your home just feel a bit more orderly when the kitchen counter is sparkly and the carpet is vacuumed?  As a bonus, that clean feeling may encourage you to keep things that way.  After all, it’s hard to wipe tables and mop floors if your stuff is piled everywhere.  Give your house a thorough scrubbing from top to bottom and try to maintain that level of cleanliness.  A clean home is a great way to ensure a fresh start when it comes to organization.

3.     Learn to let go. 

        If you’re trying to keep clutter out of your home, you have to make a conscious decision to let go of unnecessary possessions.  It’s best to follow the “In-and-out” rule.  (No, not the fast-food burger joint.)  This simply means that when you bring a new item into any room, you need to take out another item to keep things in balance.  For example, if you buy a new lamp for your den, then you’ll probably want to remove the old one.  However, it doesn’t always have to be an even exchange.  A pair of new vases for your mantle could be swapped out with those bookends that no longer suit your style.  You’ll also want to watch for duplicate pieces in your rooms.  If you purchase a new candle for your bedroom nightstand, take stock of how many similar ones you already have in that area.  It’s fine to have a few decorative elements here and there, but don’t go overboard.  You should always strive to replace rather than add to a collection.  The same goes for any throws or pillows on your beds and sofas.  Keeping more than a couple in each room can lead to clutter if you’re not careful.  By only bringing in the same number of items you take out, you’ll help keep the mess in check.

        If your home is unorganized, it’s easy to feel like you’re in over your head.  However, organization doesn’t have to be overly complicated.  Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.  Use the simple tips on this list to help you begin your quest to conquer the clutter.  You’ll have a clean and clutter-free home in no time at all!

And don’t forget at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we have great furniture pieces that offer storage to help you declutter. We also carry a line of cleaning products for your furniture. Stop by today at 4735 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor On.


Sweet Dreams: New Rocking Bed

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“Rock A By Baby”

We all know the benefits of gently rocking a baby to sleep. But what about us!

Does rocking help us ADULTS sleep better? Will it induce us into a sound a slumber?

Dr.Michael J. Breus, wrote in the Huffington Post the following: “Researchers at the University of Geneva, Switzerland tested the effects of rocking on sleep in a dozen adult men between the ages of 22 and 38. All the men involved were good sleepers — none were suffering from any sleep or anxiety disorders and they were well-rested at the time of the experiment. Researchers created a special bed that mimicked the rocking of a hammock and had the men take two 45-minute naps. During one nap the bed gently rocked and during the other nap the bed remained still. While their subjects slept, researchers measured brain activity using an electroencephalogram (EEG).

Here’s what they found:

Every one of the participants fell asleep more quickly during their rocking nap.

A majority (eight out of 12) said they found the rocking nap “more pleasant” than the nap on the stationary bed.

During the rocking nap, all of the sleepers moved more quickly from Stage 1 to Stage 2 of their sleep cycle. Stage 2 is where we typically spend half of our sleep time over the course of a night.

While rocking, sleepers showed significant increases in the types of brain-wave activity that are specifically associated with deeper, more restful and more continuous sleep.” (07/06/11)

Why does this matter to a furniture guy?

Well, we available in our store a bed that rocks which is available in the following sizes: king, queen, double or single. The bed gently rocks to provide you with just the right amount sleep inducement to give you that desired relaxation we all need after a long days work.

The other advantage to the bed is that it doesn’t have to rock; it can be converted into a stationary bed when you want it to be stationary. It can also be adjusted for those who have circulation issues where the feet are raised above the head or if you just want to be comfortable watching television it can be adjusted to elevate your head and chest.

Who doesn’t want a great night sleep? Boaters have anecdotally known for years that gentle rocking that the sea provides makes for a restful night sleep. Now, you can have the same experience without the docking fees and the fuel cost.

Further, our bed does not look like one of those therapeutic beds that belong in the hospital. As you can see from the photo, it framed elegantly. The framing can be brushed nickel finish or shiny silver. It is a very stylish piece for the discerning decorator.

Dr.Breus in the same article concluded the following, “ Based on these results, the researchers suggest that a rocking motion has the effect of helping to synchronize the brain for sleep — both to fall asleep more quickly and possibly to achieve longer periods of deep, uninterrupted sleep.”

So drop on by and let us show you how to incorporate this amazing bed into your home fashions.

Sweet Dreams, Richard.

Five Home Decorating Tips To Make Your Small Living Room Liveable

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Sofa Bed

This love seat opens to queen size bed. A great example of hardworking furniture

Decorating for a small living room can be a challenge. In Windsor/Essex county, we know that some of you live in homes that are over 100 years old, and they tended to have been smaller living space. But there is no reason to give up home decor style in any of these homes with all their character. You just need to have a plan, some creativity and follow a few simple decorating tips to make it work. Today, I am going to give to you five tips to make your living room more liveable, efficient, and stylish.

Home Decorating

Colourful accessories is how you can add colour to a small space but keep your wall colour light.

Colour: I love the bold colours that are trendy but in a small space you are needed to limit them to your accessories. In a small space, you want light colours on your walls and sofa. You can add some colour panache with your accessory pillows where they can be contrasting bold colour.

Home Decorating

T.V. consoles are a great way to create a focal point, add storage and be gallery for your treasures

TV Focal Point: In a small space, your living room is also your family room. Your television and entertainment unit should be the focal point of the room. I like televisions that are mounted on the wall where shelving is floated around the television. The shelving can be used for a mixture of things like displaying art work, books or plants. I also love self-contained entertainment units. They are functional with their drawers for storage and open shelving for art work and books. Both options are great at keeping your living room space decluttered.

Home Decorating

This fantastic sectional is perfect to stretch out on and relax. Added bonus, it converts to a queen size bed.

Hardworking furniture: You need a sofa or sectional that not only looks great but works for you. You need to pick a sofa/sectional that is sleek and tailored. Unfortunately, in a small space, you cannot have oversized arm rest and backs. Further, you do have the option of picking pieces that turn into a bed for company or for a husband who snores!! Nesting tables are also great for small spaces. Have you ever thought about flanking your doorways with bookshelves? If you do this, you give yourself a great deal of storage and gallery space. Baskets and small cabinets are great for storage and adding depth and character to the space.

Mirrors: Mirrors are fantastic not only creating the illusion of a big space but for reflecting light. You want to have a large mirror and put it on a wall that has no window. Ideally, it would look amazing if it was directly opposite or adjacent to a window where it would capture light for the room.

Home Decorating tips

This is an example of how lighting can brighten up a corner.

Lighting: My guess is you are starting to see a pattern here about giving a small space light and reflection. And the lighting you pick should be again “light”. You do want heavy chandeliers or pillar lamps. You are looking for lamps that are light in colour and cast soft white light. Your lamps should be placed in a dim lit corner again for creating the illusion of a bigger space.

Remember when decorating a small space, keep your colours light, furniture functional, lots of lighting and be creative when creating storage.

Stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture where one of our design specialist will help you create the perfect room no matter the size of the space. With over 50 years in the fine furniture and home decorating business, there is no challenge that we cannot overcome.

Bedroom Seets

Home Decorating: Six Tips On How To Choose Your Bedroom Suite.

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Spring is a known to be a time of re-birth, renewal and new beginnings. It is often the time of the year that young couples all over the world decide to tie the knot! And what an exciting time that can be for the soon-to-be married husband and wife.

Bedroom Set

From Contemporary to Classic, we have the styles that will suit your needs

Often a newly weds are looking forward to purchasing, and furnishing their first home together. They normally start that journey with their bedroom. Often, they wander into our store,and we have had the pleasure of serving newlyweds and their families for over 40 years. So I think I have some advice to make the experience enjoyable for all:

1)You need to buy furniture that fits your home. All of us would love a king-size bed but for most of us, it is just too large. Before you go shopping, make sure that you take the measurements of your master bedroom and know the square footage. There is a great app called Magic Plan that can be download to your smartphone. It maps your room along with its’ dimensions. It is handy when looking at furniture and trying to envision where each piece will go.

Bedroom Sets

Wood And Metal: A perfect combination

2)Decide on your style: Before you go out, you and your beloved need to decide whether or not, you both like a contemporary or traditional or somewhere in between when it comes to style. Home decorating magazines are great place to discover and begin a conversation on what will be mutually acceptable.

3)Decide on bed size: Bed sizes differ and you should know the dimensions before you start your search. They’re as follows:

King bed: 76 inches wide x 80 inches long
Queen bed: 60 inches wide x 80 inches long
Full bed (or double bed): 54 inches wide x 75 inches long.

A great way to understand the size of the bed and how will relate to the room is to measure out each size and place masking tape on the floor where you envision the bed will go in each of the sizes. It will provide a great visual reference and let you know how much space you have left for other pieces such as dressers, mirrors, armoires, and side tables.

Bedroom sets

Elegance is simple

4) Decide on buying a suite or mix and match pieces: Suites are your best value when purchasing a bedroom set and of course, all the pieces match. However, we know there are those of you that enjoy a more eclectic look and different patterns, designs, woods and fabrics. Put together a vision board that represents what it is that you are looking for, and what pieces that you want.It will make the process much easier on the two of you as couple and for the sales person trying to assist you.

Bedroom Suites

Accessories are important to the overall look of your bedroom. They set the tone of the room; formal or casual.

5) Decide on accessories: Many people forget about things like lamps! It is really important to understanding the lighting in your room. Most people enjoy side table lamps that allow them to read or watch television comfortably. Besides lighting, you will need bedding, art work, throw pillows and possibly area rugs. Again, a vision board can help you with narrowing down the things you like and don’t like.

Bedroom Set

What look are you going for? We can help! Our professional sales staff are here to serve you.

6) Decide if you need extra storage:This is often overlooked in the buying process. Ask yourself where are you going to put your winter sweaters when it is no longer winter or the winter duvet? Footboards can be benches that also double as storage for such things. Furthermore,some bed frames come with additional storage built in.

Bedroom Seets

Classic to Contemporary Sets

7)Decide if your spouse needs a make-up area. Often en-suite bathrooms do not have a great deal of natural light. Thus, your wife may have a preference to do her make up in the bedroom where there tends to have more natural light. You need to know if this is a priority and establish whether or not your spouse has a need to work at a makeup table and chair or if she is content in front of a mirror.

I hope that I have provided you with some helpful tips to make buying your first bedroom set a little easier. Keep in mind that bedroom sets normally last a lifetime and so you want to be wise in your choices.

A Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we are happy to assist you or your beloved find the perfect bedroom pieces. We have a selection of fine furnishings and decor accessories that go from classic, to traditional to contemporary. With over 40 years in the home furnishing business, we are here to help and to make you happy. See you soon. Richard.

Home Decorating: Red For Those Who Dare.

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Home Furnishing

Red is a daring choice, and not for the faint of heart. Hot, bold and effortlessly sexy, this fiery shade adds instant drama to any room. Get your room runway-ready with these high-impact design tips.

Go For It


Red Cabinet

Red Cabinet

If you’re going for scarlet fever, do it full on. You can’t be half-hearted with the latest chili reds. This is not about adding a splash of red as an accent, it’s about finding new ways to dress your walls, floors and furniture. Limiting your jalapeno to a small piece of artwork won’t make enough of a splash. Try red gloss cabinetry, red kitchen splash backs and countertops, or even a funky red floor. If you’re not quite brave enough, try painting a feature wall in spicy tabasco. It will add heat and drama to even the gloomiest room.

White Dining Table with Red Chairs

White Dining Table with Leather Red Chairs

Cool it Down  

You’re not going down the path to angryville, however. Red by itself can feel aggressive, so calm it down with equal amounts of a cool colour, such as white or gray. Set tomato-red dining chairs against a slate gray or glass kitchen table – the colour’s supposed to stimulate the appetite, so it’s a natural here. In the living room, you’re bright-red leather sectional will be a real conversation starter. Keep it pretty by sticking with pure white, soft blue or steel-colored walls and accent pieces.

Home Decorating ideas

A floral arrangement can provide the ideal ‘pop’ of colour.

Don’t Pair It With Black

Black and red screams bad 1980s b-movie. Unless you fancy yourself as Hugh Hefner, don’t do it.

Home Furnishings

Red Couches paired with a traditional wood table.

Harness the Power of Wood

Natural wood in chocolate tones, such as walnut, brings out the warmth and depth of a bright red scheme. Avoid orange-toned woods such as pine, beech and cherry. They’ll clash nastily with the orange undertones in your red.  If your red and walnut scheme looks a little too masculine, try lightening it with sand or taupe- coloured accessories.

Home Furnishing

Red Accent Chair to add drama to any room.

Shock Factor

Do the unexpected and paint your bathroom chili red. The unusual location adds a contemporary feel to an otherwise classic colour, and adds a real element of surprise. If you’re not quite ready for a Moroccan-style powder room, try adding a doorknob, shower curtain or towels in a vibrant shade of red. Sometimes just a little of the unexpected is enough to add zing.

Home Decor Items

A great print in a powder room or full bath can add warmth and excitement.

Clear the Clutter

Fiery red deserves respect. Clear the clutter with good storage to keep the rest of your room as simple as possible. Avoid red-on-red or overly-patterned fabrics, as these can be overwhelming. Pick out a few choice accessories to display against your spicy backdrop. By limiting your contrasts, you make your red the real star of the show.

Those are my home design tips for the day. At Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, you will find an array of red furnishing such as tables, chairs, and couches and love seats. And if that is too much for you, we have great accent pieces such as vases, area rugs, throw pillows and artwork.

Drop by for a visit to our elegant show room, and let one our home design experts assist you in making your house a home!

Enjoy your day, Richard.