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Home Decorating: Red For Those Who Dare.

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Home Furnishing

Red is a daring choice, and not for the faint of heart. Hot, bold and effortlessly sexy, this fiery shade adds instant drama to any room. Get your room runway-ready with these high-impact design tips.

Go For It


Red Cabinet

Red Cabinet

If you’re going for scarlet fever, do it full on. You can’t be half-hearted with the latest chili reds. This is not about adding a splash of red as an accent, it’s about finding new ways to dress your walls, floors and furniture. Limiting your jalapeno to a small piece of artwork won’t make enough of a splash. Try red gloss cabinetry, red kitchen splash backs and countertops, or even a funky red floor. If you’re not quite brave enough, try painting a feature wall in spicy tabasco. It will add heat and drama to even the gloomiest room.

White Dining Table with Red Chairs

White Dining Table with Leather Red Chairs

Cool it Down  

You’re not going down the path to angryville, however. Red by itself can feel aggressive, so calm it down with equal amounts of a cool colour, such as white or gray. Set tomato-red dining chairs against a slate gray or glass kitchen table – the colour’s supposed to stimulate the appetite, so it’s a natural here. In the living room, you’re bright-red leather sectional will be a real conversation starter. Keep it pretty by sticking with pure white, soft blue or steel-colored walls and accent pieces.

Home Decorating ideas

A floral arrangement can provide the ideal ‘pop’ of colour.

Don’t Pair It With Black

Black and red screams bad 1980s b-movie. Unless you fancy yourself as Hugh Hefner, don’t do it.

Home Furnishings

Red Couches paired with a traditional wood table.

Harness the Power of Wood

Natural wood in chocolate tones, such as walnut, brings out the warmth and depth of a bright red scheme. Avoid orange-toned woods such as pine, beech and cherry. They’ll clash nastily with the orange undertones in your red.  If your red and walnut scheme looks a little too masculine, try lightening it with sand or taupe- coloured accessories.

Home Furnishing

Red Accent Chair to add drama to any room.

Shock Factor

Do the unexpected and paint your bathroom chili red. The unusual location adds a contemporary feel to an otherwise classic colour, and adds a real element of surprise. If you’re not quite ready for a Moroccan-style powder room, try adding a doorknob, shower curtain or towels in a vibrant shade of red. Sometimes just a little of the unexpected is enough to add zing.

Home Decor Items

A great print in a powder room or full bath can add warmth and excitement.

Clear the Clutter

Fiery red deserves respect. Clear the clutter with good storage to keep the rest of your room as simple as possible. Avoid red-on-red or overly-patterned fabrics, as these can be overwhelming. Pick out a few choice accessories to display against your spicy backdrop. By limiting your contrasts, you make your red the real star of the show.

Those are my home design tips for the day. At Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, you will find an array of red furnishing such as tables, chairs, and couches and love seats. And if that is too much for you, we have great accent pieces such as vases, area rugs, throw pillows and artwork.

Drop by for a visit to our elegant show room, and let one our home design experts assist you in making your house a home!

Enjoy your day, Richard.

Home Decor Tips: Why Keeping Track Of Time

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Table Clock

Great Table clock for the family room or contemporary living room.

Happy New Year!

Table Clock For Mantel

Mantel Clock that is Suitable In A Formal Living Room.

At beginning of each new year, there is a tradition to reflect on the previous year and then resolve to change behaviours that no longer work for us-the New Year’s resolution. One area of our lives that always challenges us is our work-life balance. There appears to be no time or too little time or too much time on things that take us away from what is important. Often the resolutions we make at this time of the year is to make more time for:

  • working out
  • for our family
  • to relax or
  • spend time on our favourite hobby.
Wall Clock For Office or Kitchen

An Atlas Wall Clock which Perfect For A Home Office or Kitchen

The resolutions are all based in time.

In the home furnishing and decor business, people seek our advice to create spaces that are elegant, comfortable, relaxing, and functional. One decor item that is often not considered is the ‘clock’. I can imagine what you are thinking, we all have smart phones who needs to see the time up on a mantle or wall. Nevertheless, a clock is not only decorative but functions to remind us that time is passing.

Modern Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clocks such as this one are ideal in foyers and living rooms.

How many of you have been on your computers and have totally lost track of time? All of us have if we are to be honest with ourselves. Yet, the time is clearly displayed in the upper or lower right corner of the screen, yet we lose track.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock Designed by Ty Pennington



So to help you be more mindful of your time, here our my decor and furnishing tips to add a clocks to your space along with some pictures of clocks that are available in the store:

  1. Kitchen: This room for most families is the great meeting place. It is often where we start our days together and come together early in the evening to share the days events. Wall clocks are ideal for this space. It should be large enough in size so that you easily see the time to get the kids, spouse and yourself out the door on time.
  2. Dining Room: I love mantle clocks for the dinning room. They are perfect on a hutch or even a china cabinet. Depending on your space, the clock becomes an ideal focal point for the room.
  3. Entrances and Hallways: Grandfather clocks are statement pieces. They are grand with their lovely chimes that let us hear that time is passing. These magnificent pieces of furniture are ideal in hallway or entrance but can also be placed in a living room or dining room.
  4. Home Office: You need a mid-size clock that is not digital that sits on the right of side of your computer. It is a gentle way of reminding you to keep your resolutions.
  5. Family Room: Another great spot for a wall clock but don’t hesitate to do a grouping of clocks such as one wall clock and shelf clock in the opposite corner.
  6. Bedroom: It is a necessity for most of us that work to have a clock in the bedroom. A small clock is suitable for most side-tables. I would avoid a wall clock since it can take away from the relaxing environment you are trying to create.
Grandfather Clock

The Classic Grandfather Clock-Doesn’t it remind you of Alice and Wonderland?

Whatever your resolutions are for 2014, the staff and I at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture would like to wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year. We hope that you can make some TIME to stop in and see us at 4735 Tecumseh Road. East.

Mantle Clock

Wonderful Clock For A Mantle!

Enjoy your day,