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Home Happenings: Quality Sofas for Small Spaces.

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quality sofa

Sectional Sofas are an ideal choice for small spaces

By Richard

Getting the best use of space out of relatively small areas is all about furniture arrangement. And using a sectional sofa can anchor your space and make your living area look larger.
Whether you are furnishing a new home or simply redecorating, sectional sofas are timeless and popular furniture choices that can add character to a room. In addition, they can do a lot to reshape or divide a room. But for best results, you should choose a sectional piece with care to ensure the proper fit and also to reflect your personal design style.

Sectional Sofa

Leather sectionals are stylish and long lasting

Why Use a Sectional Sofa?
It seems counterintuitive to use a rather large piece of furniture in a small space, but designers use sectionals effectively in both large and small areas. Sectionals, like other types of furniture, come in different sizes. You can get very bulky pieces to divide spaces or you can choose minimalist pieces for smaller areas. Room size and architectural layout are the biggest things to take into consideration when deciding what style of sectional to purchase. For example, a larger sectional can be placed in an open floor plan that combines living room and dining room. Or in contrast, a more modern, compact design would be better suited for small, partitioned rooms. Another advantage to using sectional sofas is that many designs can be arranged in a variety of ways. For example, you could go with the standard L-shape, or you could opt to add pieces to form a U-shape or a J-shaped design depending on the available space and shape of your room.

Sectional Sofa

An example of the L-Shape Sofa


Measuring for a Sectional

Sectional Sofa

An example of an U-shape sofa

After you have a particular style and design in mind, it’s important to make sure it fits properly in your room. Here are some great tips for making sure your choice is a good fit for the area that you are furnishing:

  • First, take a cloth measuring tape to the showroom floor and measure width and length of your furnishings.
  • Buy a newspaper on your way home.
  • Lay out the newspaper sections on your floor to the specified measurements.
  • Position your coffee table in front of the newspaper and any end tables or accent furniture that will go in the room.
  • Don’t forget to measure the door that your sectional will have to go through, as well.
  • Small spaces can be hard to furnish, but sectionals offer a solution that creates a comfortable atmosphere and an inviting seating arrangement. And with the different styles and sizes available, sectionals can fit nicely into almost any living space.

    Sectional Sofa

    Don’t forget to add the ottoman for style and functionality

Home Happenings: 4 Tips on How To Choose A Quality Area Rug From Guaranteed A Fine Furniture.

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Area Rug

An area rug in contrasting colour can add a pop of colour to a room

By Richard

If you have just finished redoing a room’s interior design and find that something is missing, odds are what the room needs is an area rug. An area rug is the perfect element to help tie the décor of a room together, helping to bring balance to the space and create a harmonious feel. However, choosing the right area rug is important. Throwing down an area rug that isn’t the right size or style can do more harm than good. The following are four things to keep in mind when choosing an area rug:

. The materials – Where your rug will be placed is a huge factor in what material you should look for. If you plan on putting your area rug in a space that experiences a lot of foot traffic, you’ll want something that is more durable. Materials that will last a long time include high quality wool, which not only wears well but will also look better as it ages, and silk.

Area Rug

Even neutral coloured area rugs can adds life to a room.

. The size of the rug – Size is a huge factor in how well your rug will work in any given room. If its too big, it will swallow up the entire space, whereas if it’s too small, it will look like it was left there by accident. The size of the rug will depend on where and how you use it. Rugs in the dining room should be large enough to accommodate the dining room table as well as the chairs. You won’t want the back legs of your chairs to fall off of the rug. If you need a rug for the hallway, measure it so that none of the furniture in the hallway will rest on it. If you are placing it in the living room, just make sure your coffee table will fit on it properly.


area rug

Area rugs are the perfect accessory to any room.

. The cost of the rug – Obviously, if you have a small budget, then you’ll be somewhat limited to how much you can spend on an area rug. However, this doesn’t mean that if budget is no factor that you should splurge on the most expensive area rug that you can find. A rug that is cheaper than all the furniture in your room is going to look out of place, but so is a rug that is more expensive than all the furniture in your room. A good indicator of how much you should pay for your rug is how much you paid for your couch.

Area Rug

Don’t forget to consider texture when considering an area rug

. The style of the rug – There are tons of styles to choose from, and much of it will depend on your taste as well as the rest of your décor. Generally, neutral styled area rugs work best in contemporary or modern style rooms. Rugs with floral or striped designs work well for a more casual look. Oriental style rugs work better in more traditional style rooms.

An area rug can be a great addition to your interior design, as long as you pick up the right area rug for the space you need it in. Use these four tips to help determine what kind of area rug you need.